Neurobion Forte: Decoding the Ingredients

Neurobion Forte: Decoding the Ingredients (NFFE) is a brand name of Neurochem Laboratories Inc., which was founded in 2009. They are based out of San Diego, California. NFFE’s website says they have been developing products for over 20 years. Their product line includes Neurohormones, Neurotransmitters, Brain Stimulants and other related drugs. The company claims their goal is to “help people live longer, happier lives.” [1]

The company is one of the few companies producing Neurochem products, but it isn’t the only one. There are many others including Bio-Tech Pharmaceuticals, NeuroScience Corp., and Neurotech Corporation.

All these companies produce similar products with different names. Some of them are listed below:

Neurochem Laboratories Inc.

Neurochem Laboratories Inc. is a private pharmaceutical company based in San Diego, CA.

They claim to be the world leader in neuropharmaceutical research and development. Their products include Neurohormone compounds, Neurotransmitter compounds, Brain Stimulant compounds and other related drugs.[2][3]

They also make several non-drugs that promote longevity such as their “Life Extension” drink and supplement line. The non-drugs fall under the category of life extension and focus on increasing human longevity.

They also offer other general health and wellness related products.

These are just some of the products offered by NCLI. They also produce other drugs and supplements that range from Fighting Obesity, to Anti-Aging, to even Male Libido Enhancement.

Neuroscience Labs

Neuroscience labs is another important company in the area of brain supplements. Their website says they specialize in drugs that affect mood, memory and behavior.

Much like NCLI, they offer several products related to anti-aging, enhancing concentration, sleep aids and much more. They also offer a line of “energy shots” under the name of Prolab.[4]

Bio-Tech Pharma

Bio-Tech Pharma, Inc. has been set-up to commercialize research projects and to manufacture API and Drug Products developed by Bio-Tech.

They also provide contract manufacturing services to other companies. The company works with a wide range of pharmaceutical products and medical devices in all stages of development from early development to validation and commercialization. In addition to their work with Prolab, the company has worked with other big name pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer and Bayer. The company is based in Dubai, UAE.

Neuroscience Corporation of Maryland

The Neuroscience Corporation of Maryland, Inc. is a privately held, Maryland corporation that specializes in developing drugs and supplements for mental disorders such as Alzheimers disease and depression.

NCA works closely with the FDA to perform the necessary tests and experiments needed before moving drugs through the clinical trials process. They offer research grants for scientists working in the areas of Alzheimers disease, depression, Demyelinating diseases, Schizophrenia and more.

Labs & Scientific Advisory Board

These are just a few of the companies that back up what Neurotech Corp claims, that their products are the top of the line. These companies seem to have credible reputations and offer services or products that can’t just be bought off the shelf.

They don’t only offer drugs and supplements, but also provide equipment needed for the clinical trials and research studies they participate in.

They also offer scientific advisory board services for other pharmaceutical companies.

Stakeholders, Employees and Security

Neurotech owns and operates many facilities within the US and in other parts of the world. These facilities range from manufacturing plants to top-secret research and development labs.

The company has thousands of employees including scientists, doctors, security personnel and more.

Neurotech also owns a large stake in several security corporations that offer private military and security services to US government agencies such as the Department of Defense or the Department of Homeland Security.

While Neurotech is a very large company, it keeps a relatively low profile in terms of publicity. It’s known within the pharmaceutical and medical industries, as well as the scientific community.

Outside of that, it isn’t a household name. This is by design as the company wants to keep the attention on their products and not on themselves. They’ve been able to do this for quite some time and have never had issues with security or safety until now.

The Facility

The facility itself is a sprawling 400 acre campus located on the outskirts of the city of Kelso. While it’s located far enough away from any neighboring towns to avoid noise complaints from neighbors and other issues, the campus is close enough that supplies and workers can get to the site easily.

The buildings themselves are all single story and laid out in such a way so that in the event of a fire, the rest of the facilities could be saved. While most of the facility is well maintained, the security building and the main tower are constantly monitored and upkept.

While the whole facility is under constant video surveillance, these two buildings are also equipped with sensory devices that can detect heat, movement, sound, etc. The security building is also staffed around the clock.

The Main Tower also contains a state of the art command center.

The 200 Building

This is the main manufacturing building on campus and as such is filled with all sorts of equipment necessary to mix chemicals, distill liquids, fill capsules, print labels and all that other fun stuff that comes with manufacturing pharmaceuticals.

It’s located towards the center of the campus and for the most part away from other buildings. so if there is a major accident it shouldn’t cause to much damage to the rest of the campus.

The primary entrance to the building is accessible by card key only and is monitored by security cameras. However, there are also several other ways to get into the building that don’t involve going through the front door.

The the janitorial staff have their own separate entrances as do the delivery trucks.

The compound itself is a fenced in area that is lined by an electric fence with signs warning of high voltage. The fence is charged about halfway up and is fairly effective at keeping vagrants, homeless people and other riff raff out.

Beyond that there are motion sensors that go off if anything gets to close to the facility and if its a person, they aren’t afraid to shoot.

The compound has one main gate which is usually left open during the day for deliveries and pickups but closed at night. The gate has a guard booth on the inside with two guards.

These guards are armed with assault rifles and riot shields.

The guards can communicate with the rest of the facility through their radios as well as directly through a built in intercom system.

Most of the employees drive into the parking lot in the front of the building and enter through there. There is also a bus stop that lines up with a door on the south side of the building for the night shift workers.

The Building has a security office on the inside and they can view all camera feeds via security monitors. Most of the important areas in the building are under surveillance.

They also have a switch in the office that can shut off all the cameras instantly as well as override doors if there is a true emergency and someone becomes trapped in a room. This is a very rare occurrence however.

The office itself is manned at all times, with two shifts working opposite schedules. The night shift is from 6PM to 6AM and the day shift is from 6AM to 6PM.

The night shift is notorious for pulling some pranks on the day crew, and the day shift does likewise to the night.

The 400 Building

This building contains a gymnasium as well as a cafeteria and several banks of apartments on the upper floors. In addition to providing living quarters for upper level employees, it provides temporary housing for visitors as well.

The gym is filled with various types of exercise equipment, and also has a small indoor swimming pool. It’s a nice place to workout, but isn’t too large to attract the attention of thugs or gangs in the area.

The cafeteria is large enough to provide meals for all the employees as well as visitors if necessary and has a full kitchen and dining area. In addition, it provides boxes of snacks and drinks that can be taken back to the employee’s work area.

The building has a security office on the inside, which contains controls for the cameras as well as a back up generator in case of city power failure.

The Apartment areas contain multiple apartments for upper level employees. They include kitchens with stoves, refrigerators and microwaves, living rooms, and multiple bedrooms.

There are also bathrooms on every floor.

The 400 Building also has a helipad on the roof in case executive types need to be airlifted in or out of the facility.

Night City streets

As you make your way through the streets, you hear the sound of sirens approaching. You look over your shoulder, but don’t see any police yet.

You’re guessing they’re not for you. You continue on, trying to get to your destination as quick as possible.

Unfortunately, quick isn’t something you are. You haven’t jogged more than a few blocks before you hear the sound of sirens approaching once again.

As you look over your shoulder, you can see flashing lights as the police begin to seal off the roads behind you.

You have no choice but to keep moving forward. The police have completely sealed off the area around you and there are no side streets or alleys to duck into.

You can only hope to run and hide somewhere in the complex ahead of you. You’ve managed to elude the police several times already, you can do it once again. You start to move a little faster as you leave the closed off streets of the city behind and enter into the open roads of the suburbs.

You’re out in the open now, there’s no doubt about that. You can clearly see everything around you as you run down the street.

You reach an intersection where another road meets it at a 90 degree angle. You’re about to cross it when suddenly you see the headlights of several vehicles coming to a stop at the edge of the city’s border.

They’re at least a half mile away, but there’s no mistaking what they are. They’re here.

The police have finally caught up to you. They obviously planned to close off the border of the city and herd you back in, away from civilization.

Once again, your instincts have let you down.

You spy a narrow alley between two buildings and decide to take it. Maybe, just MAYBE, you can sneak through and lose them in the winding streets of the city.

It’s worth a shot at this point.

You turn down the alley and quickly make your way to the other end. As you come out the other side, you’re presented with yet another intersection.

The blocks in this part of the city are much larger and spread out. You can see street lights further down the streets, but they look far away. There isn’t going to be anyone around to help you if the police catch you.

At the intersection in front of you is a subway entrance. The gates are pulled part to prevent anyone from falling down the stairs and breaking their neck, but it wouldn’t take long to get through.

If you can make it, that is.

You also see a police car parked at the edge of the street, its occupants watching for you. You’re about to run when they seeing you and quickly drive towards you.

You have no where to go.

You make a run for the subway entrance, but you’re not quite fast enough. The car is nearly on you as you reach the bottom of the stairs.

As you duck through the bars of the gate, a bolt of lightning strikes you in the back. You are sent tumbling down the stairs, smacking into each one as you yell in pain. By the time you reach the bottom, you are a bloody mass of broken bones and torn flesh.

The policemen quickly exit their vehicle and walk over to where you lie dying on the ground.

“It looks like we got here just in time,” one of them says, smiling. “

Are you the devil I’ve heard so much about?”

You open your mouth to reply, but all that comes out is a death rattle as your lungs fill with blood. The pain of your broken body overwhelms you and you lose consciousness.

The last thing you hear before dying are the sounds of hellfire, which have finally arrived to claim your soul…