Maternal Instinct: Does It Really Exist

Maternal Instinct: Does it really exist?

Yes, there are times when a mother will act in ways which may seem strange or even irrational. However, these actions are not necessarily due to any sort of mental illness. They could just be the result of her being overwhelmed with emotions at the time.

In some cases, a woman might appear to show no maternal instinct at all. These women would display behaviors such as indifference, apathy, or even hostility towards their offspring.

The reason why she doesn’t care for her child is because she lacks the ability to love him. She simply cannot feel anything for him; therefore, she does not want to give him away to someone else.

Her inability to bond with her children is probably due to her own emotional problems rather than a lack of maternal instinct.

On the other hand, there are many cases where a woman exhibits maternal behavior. These include those who have lost their children or those whose children have died.

In these cases, the mother’s attachment to her offspring is strong enough to override her feelings of grief and loss.

These situations are called “maternal instinct” because they demonstrate how much a person cares for another human life. A mother’s love for her child is so great that it can transcend time and space.

It is a powerful force which cannot be explained, but simply felt.

A mother’s desire to protect her offspring from harm is strong. When her child is in danger, she will do whatever it takes to keep him safe.

Overwhelming Joy

One of the greatest joys a mother feels is when she holds her baby for the very first time. It is a moment of pure bliss and happiness for most mothers.

Experiencing maternal instinct for the first time is a very exciting and overwhelming experience. A woman will feel so much love for her child that it is almost indescribable.

She will feel like never leaving his side and protecting him no matter what.

While the love she feels may be a bit confusing for her initially, it becomes very clear and it takes over. The baby boy or girl is now her entire world and nothing else matters.

She will do whatever it takes to keep him happy and safe.

Instinctively Caring For Her Child

A mother will naturally start caring for her child almost immediately after birth. She instinctively knows what to do in order to take care of him.

For example, right after she gives birth, her body starts producing milk for the baby. If she is bottle-feeding, her milk may come in sooner than expected.

Without any training or practice, a mother will be able to change a dirty diaper, settle the baby when he cries and rock him to sleep. She can also tell when he is sick or unwell.

Taking Care Of Her Child Comes Naturally

Taking care of a newborn doesn’t have to be stressful or overwhelming. Knowing what to do and how to do it comes naturally to most mothers.

All that is required of her is to make sure the baby stays happy and healthy. She will instinctively know if something is wrong so there is no need to worry.

A mother will always know how to take of her child when he is little.

Keeping Her Child Safe

A mother’s instinct also encompasses keeping her child safe from danger. Even before she holds him for the first time, a mother will want to keep her baby safe.

She may become anxious if the hospital room door is left open or if someone she does not know is standing too close. Her protective nature will intensify as he grows older.

As a toddler starts to explore his surroundings, a mother’s “alarm bells” will go off. She will become increasingly concerned if he is heading toward the street or if a pool is in his view.

She will know when something is wrong even if it seems minor to others.

As her child gets older, she may worry about his safety at school or if he is headed down the wrong path as a teenager. She will always be looking out for him and making sure he is safe.

A Mother’s Instincts Are Always There

Even after her children are grown up and on their own, a mother’s instincts do not disappear. She will always want them to stay safe and make good decisions.

If something is troubling her about one of her children, she will do everything in her power to look out for them. An underlying fear of “what if” will always be there.

While a mother’s instinct is an incredible thing, it can also be a curse at times. The worry and anxiety that goes along with it can be just as overwhelming as the love and joy she feels.

Fortunately, most of the time the love and joy will overcome any fears that she has. This is especially true when it comes to her children.

A mother’s instinct is a beautiful thing. It helps her to love and care for her children in a way that few others can.

A mother will always love her children and her instinct is what makes that love so strong.