maneras para sacarte el agua de los oídos

The manera para sacarte el agua de los oídos (sacrificing the soil) is one of the most popular ways to make money in Nicaragua. Maneras are small plots of land that farmers give away to other farmers or landowners so they may grow crops on their own property. The farmer receives a certain amount of money from each crop grown on these maneras. They are usually planted with corn, beans, tomatoes, lettuce or any other type of vegetables.

Maneras are not just used for growing food; they’re also used to build houses and roads. Some farmers will even plant trees on them so they can sell the fruit from those trees at a profit. However, there’s no way to know how much money you’ll make until after you’ve already started planting your maneras!

How do I get started?

There are many different methods to start getting into maneras para sacarte el agua de los oídos. Here are some of the best ways:

1. You can go out and buy a plot of land and plant it yourself.

This is probably the easiest method because you don’t have to worry about anything else than starting the planting process. However, this can be rather expensive and you won’t know how much money you’re going to make until after the harvest.

2. You can approach a farmer and ask if they’ll let you plant on some of their land.

You can come to an agreement on what you’ll do in exchange for using their property. Some farmers will just ask for a portion of your crop when it is ready to be harvested. Other farmers may ask for a one-time payment instead of receiving portions of your profit.

3. You can ask the government if they own any unused lands that they’re willing to give up to people looking for maneras.

Many governments are trying to increase how much land is being used so they’ll more than likely be willing to help you out, as long as you’re not doing anything illegal. In exchange for the land they will usually require you to plant specific crops.

4. You can just plant on someone’s private property without their knowledge or consent.

This is one of the less recommended methods since it tends to cause conflict and you could get in trouble. However, there are some instances where people have gotten away with doing this.

Whether you’re planting on your own property, someone else’s or land that you don’t have permission to be on, it’s important that you choose the right type of crop to plant. The government usually requires you to plant specific crops so they know you’re going to be using the land for more than just personal use.

This is a list of some of the most popular crops used for maneras:

1. Corn is one of the most popular crops used for maneras because it makes a lot of profit and it’s very easy to grow.

It can also be harvested multiple times which means you’ll get money from it more than once.

2. Beans are another crop that can bring in a lot of money because it’s in high demand and it’s very easy to grow as well.

3. Wheat is yet another popular crop that’s in high demand and is very easy to grow, but it doesn’t make quite as much money as the previous two crops.

4. Melons are a very profitable crop that grows on vines.

They’re much more difficult to grow than the previous three crops but the profit you make from them is substantially higher.

5. Most uncommon crops can be profitable if you know what you’re doing, however, most of them are very difficult to grow.

What’s next?

Now that you know how to get your hands on some land and plant your crops, it’s time to learn about the next steps in growing your business!

Edible Weeds:

While most people would pay a lot of money for common crops such as corn and wheat, there are some weeds that you can eat just as easily. The best part is that these weeds are FREE! The only issue is knowing which ones are ok to eat and which ones will kill you.

There’s a long list of edible weeds so I’ve made a separate section explaining them all in more detail. You can view it here.

Note: While these weeds are completely free they aren’t very nutritious so you’ll need to supplement your diet somehow.

Selling Your Crop:

Once your crop is ready to be harvested, there are a few different ways you can go about selling it.

1. You can sell it fresh.

This method usually only works with crops such as watermelons and other perishables.

2. You can can it so it lasts longer and doesn’t spoil.

This is the most common method and probably the easiest. All you need are some jars and something to properly seal them with. You’ll have to learn how to do this yourself, but after that it’s fairly simple.

3. You can turn it into preservable products such as jelly, jam, syrup,etc.

This is the most time consuming method and requires a lot of extra work, but depending on what you grow it can be very profitable. (Mostly works with berries and other fruit crops)

Tips and Tricks:

1. Consider selling not just your crop but also the equipment you used to grow it once you get your money.

Once you start making a name for yourself people will want to buy your equipment since they know it’s of good quality.

2. Team up with other farmers.

You won’t just be competing with other farms for customers, but you’ll also be competing with them for the limited amount of farmland that’s available. If you team up with one or several others you can prevent others from getting it while also increasing your odds of getting a good piece of land.

3. Specialize!

There are many types of specialization you can go in this game, you don’t just have to focus on farming. The 3 main ones are farming, brewing, and hunting. You can view the sub-sections for these by clicking on the links.

4. Make friends with the locals and don’t be afraid to help them out.

Once you’ve become well known in a town, most people won’t even try to compete with you because they know that if they do you’ll easily crush them since you’ve already built up a reputation.

With all this in mind, I hope you do well in your future endeavors!

To Be Continued. . .

You now have everything you need to start your new life in the American Frontier! Remember that this is only the beginning and that the American Frontier has vast areas still unexplored by many.

Who knows what else is out there waiting to be found?

Go explore and find out!

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modern: You are currently at a stalemate with the government forces at your current location, and a quick scan of the area doesn’t offer you much hope for an escape route. To the left is a long, snaking road that leads through a destroyed village before eventually reaching the distant city. The road is within sight of the government’s front line, and you can see movement there. To the right, the trees and underbrush grow thick, but if you get to the other side, there is a patch of flat land that will be an easy run to the Wall.

Which way do you go?

modern: You’ll take the long route to the city, hopefully slipping past the hold-outs and surprising the folks at the wall. You begin creeping through the trees, keeping an eye on the soldiers ahead. They seem busy talking to each other, not paying attention to their surroundings. You slowly work your way towards them, ducking under branches and crouching below sightlines. Eventually, you get to a point where you can see most of the soldiers. There are six of them in total. You slowly make your way to the back of the group, then suddenly break into a sprint towards them. They finally notice you, but by then it’s too late. Three of them go down with shots to the head, and the other three are running for cover. You quickly take those out as well, before any of them can get off a shot.

You crouch-walk over to the tree where one of them was hiding, and see if you can find any information. You find a map of the area, with several key areas circled in blue pen. There’s a series of what looks like coordinates, and a set of radio frequencies at the bottom. You slip it into your pocket, there might be something useful on it.

All that remains now is to reach the wall.

modern: You stand up, and take a look around to get your bearings. You’re close enough to the city center that you can probably see the wall from here. All you have to do is get high enough up where you can get a view of it. There’s got to be a building somewhere close that will have that vantage point.

You walk along the street for a few minutes, keeping an eye on the buildings around you for any signs of life. So far it looks like you’re quite alone here. Given what happened at the stadium, that’s not too much of a surprise. You try to think if there were any tall buildings near the center of the city from before, but nothing jumps out at you. In any case, you need to find a building to climb up before something does show up.

Just as you round a corner and head down another street, a gunshot rings out and hits you in the shoulder blade. It’s enough to knock you down, but fortunately it loses most of its force within your body. Still, it hurts like hell and you’re out in the open so you scramble for whatever cover you can find. Another shot flies true and hits your thigh, going straight through the leg. You scream as the impact combined with your momentum sends you head first into a crumbling wall.

You push yourself up from the ground and lean against a window. You can see the blood pouring down your back and front, soaking your clothes. You almost wonder if this is how you’re going to die: dying in a pitiful attempt to escape while bleeding out in the middle of some rubble.

No. You are not dying here.

You tear off what remains of your pants leg and wrap it tightly around your wounded thigh. Then you tear off the sleeves of your shirt and tie them around your shoulder to stem the bleeding there. It’s not perfect, but it should at least keep you going for a while.

You look down the street and spy another crumbling structure that might once have been an apartment building. It looks high enough to give you a good view of the surrounding area, and it’s close enough that you could make it there before anything else attacks you. If you’re quiet enough, that is.

You immediately get down on all fours and begin crawl away from the direction you were headed. You try your best to pay attention and suppress any sounds you make, but it’s hard with a wounded leg and a throbbing shoulder. Your hands and knees push across the rubble, kicking up small puffs of dust that obscure your vision. You suppress the urge to cough as you draw in dirty, contaminated air.

After what feels like an eternity, you slowly peek up over the pile of rubble you’re hiding behind. You don’t see anything else moving, and no one else taking aim at you, so you start to backpedal slowly towards the apartment building. You move in bursts, pausing to ensure that nothing has your target lined up before moving again.

When you finally get back up, you almost laugh. A four story apartment building stood here once. Now, it’s little more than a stack of bricks with most of the stacks missing a few bricks here and there. There’s no way you’d be able to climb to the top, let alone inside where it’s safe.

Just as you’re about to give up, you spot something. A metal ladder, propped up on the side of the building and leading up to a hatch just above head height. Whoever put it there must’ve used it to get inside long ago, but you’d be able to use it now.

You see something move out of the corner of your eye while you’re looking at the ladder, and turn just in time to see the racer coming straight for you. It lets out a wail, more of a shriek than a howl, as it leaps through the air.

You move to run, but it’s too late. It knocks you back as you stumble and fall. You try to scramble out of the way, but it gets a mouthful of your jacket before you can escape. You scream as its teeth tear through the fabric and into your flesh. It shakes its head from side to side like a terrier with a rat, and you feel your arm start to come out of its socket.

Slowly, the rest of the pack approaches as you attempt to hang on to the creature. You try to push it away with your one good arm, but the beast is firmly entrenched. You turn your face away as a second mutant leaps at you. It lands on your wounded arm and bites down hard on your cheek before you can react.

You begin to yell, which turns into a high-pitched scream. The sound finally draws the attention of the others. The one latched onto your cheek flies into the air, torn loose by one of the larger, albino mutants. The one currently in possession of your arm looks up for a moment, but seems unperturbed by your attempts to get it to let go.

It’s at this point you remember the gun in your pocket.

Clinging desperately to the hope of survival, you fumble as quickly as you can with only your one functioning arm. Your hand wraps around the revolver’s handle, and you yank it from your pocket. You aim it at the mutant dog currently trying to eat you, and fire.

The bullet tears through its skull, and it lets out a short bark before slumping over. Finally free of the beasts grip, you roll onto your back and blast the final mutant in the face at close range. It falls back with a bullet wound to its eye.

Through the tears and sweat, you can see there’s only one left. The large, albino one that saved you from the other two. It stands at the ready, staring at you in silence. Despite its place of intervention, you find your intimidated by its very presence. Its white fur makes it hard to make out its features, but its eyes seem to be fairly piercing as they stare through you.

You lay there on the ground, waiting for something to happen. The silence is broken by a sudden movement, as the mutant begins to walk forward. It approaches you slowly and deliberately, but with every step it takes you feel more and more afraid.

It pauses, just out of reach of your arm, and looks down on you from its great height. You’re not entirely sure, but you think it might be trying to communicate with you. There’s a faint glimmer of hope that maybe this creature could be trusted. Then, its head snaps to the side as Ed’s bullet tears through its skull. The beast collapses on top of you, sending you into a fit of coughing as your lungs expand again.

Fucking hell, are you okay?”

Ed stands over you, pistol still in hand. He doesn’t seem to have any care for the dead mutants around you. “Man, I was sure I was gonna be too late. You got lucky those things didn’t desecrate your corpse.”

You take Ed’s hand as he helps you up. The pain is immense, and you’re struggling to keep from vomiting.

“You look pale. Let’s get inside.”

Ed leads you inside the gas station, and allows you to lean against a wall. You bring your wounded arm close to your chest to try and limit the range of movement. Blood soaks your shirt, and your heart continues to beat rapidly. You’re still shaken up, and you don’t really know what Ed has planned next.


You good?”

You’re silent for a moment. You’re not sure if you should reveal concern over your wound or not.

“I’ll live.”

“Glad to hear it.” Ed grins. “Now, let’s get down to buisness.

You see any other mutants outside?

I didn’t notice any on my way here, but I wasn’t exactly looking.”

“No, I didn’t see any. I think we’re clear.

“Perfect. Let’s get goin’, then.”

You pause for a moment. You’re not sure where Ed is intending to take you. He hasn’t asked you anything about the condition of the city, or revealed his own thoughts on the state of the place.

Where are we going?”

“The airstrip. There’s a military plane I want under my control.”

What about the vaccine?”

you ask.

“Don’t care.” Ed shrugs. “I’m not gonna roll over and die because of a little virus. I’m going to work on reversing it once I’m in charge.”

The arrogance of the man is astounding. He leads you out the door, then motions towards the mutants hanging around near the entrance. They begin to follow, slowly at first, then faster. Before long, they’ve surrounded you in a ghoulish entourage.

“I’ll take them all. It’ll be good training for me.”

You continue down the road, surrounded by mutants. You’re not sure where you’re going to go from here.Your home is gone, your family all dead or disappeared. The world has gone to hell around you, and all you can do is keep moving forward and struggle to stay alive.

The future is uncertain, but at least you have a chance.


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