Jessner Peel: What You Should Know

What Is Jessner Peeling?

Jessner peels are used to treat hyperpigmentation (dark spots) such as melasma, age spots, and dark circles. They have been widely available since the 1980’s. However, they were not popular until recently due to their high cost and the fact that it was difficult to get them done properly. Nowadays, there are many companies offering these treatments at low prices.

The main ingredient in Jessner peels is salicylic acid. Salicylic acid works by exfoliating dead skin cells and improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also helps reduce pigmentation, which makes it very effective for treating hyperpigmentation.

How Does Jessner Peel Work?

Jessner peels work by exfoliating the surface layer of your skin, thereby removing dead skin cells from your face. These dead cells clog pores and cause the formation of blackheads, white heads, and other types of acne-like pimples.

In addition to exfoliation, Jessner peels also contain ingredients that improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. These include retinoids like tretinoin or isotretinoin. Retinoids are topical medications that increase cell turnover in your skin to improve its elasticity and firmness.

As we age, cell growth slows down, causing wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin. Retinoids increase cell growth so that your face can “bounce back” to a younger state.

Due to its effects on acne-like pimples, dark spots, and wrinkles, Jessner peels are a popular treatment option for people with various types of blackheads and white heads, age spots, and melasma.

Jessner Peels vs. Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion and Jessner peels are both popular treatment options for individuals with blackheads, white heads, age spots, and dark circles. Some aestheticians claim that these treatments are not the same thing. Dermatologists, on the other hand, generally agree that they achieve very similar results despite a few minor differences.

The main difference between the two comes down to their origins. Jessner peels were originally intended for medical use. However, they have become increasingly common in spas and salons in recent years, as aestheticians have learned to harness their exfoliating and skin-lightening powers.

Microdermabrasion, on the other hand, is more of a spa treatment. It was originally used by dermatologists to remove dead skin cells from very severely damaged or diseased skin. It has become increasingly popular for improving the look of one’s complexion in recent years.

The main thing to keep in mind when deciding whether to get a Jessner peel or a microdermabrasion treatment is that both are effective at treating blackheads, white heads, age spots, and dark circles. Choose the one that fits your needs and preferences.

Is A Jessner Peel Right For You?

A Jessner peel is a great option for treating blackheads, white heads, age spots, and dark circles. If you’re not sure if this is the right treatment for you, make an appointment with your dermatologist or try to schedule a consultation with an aesthetician who offers this treatment.

With constantly evolving technology and techniques, there has never been a better time to consider non-invasive skin treatments to reverse the signs of aging. If you’re looking to turn back the clock or get rid of stubborn blackheads, white heads, age spots, and dark circles around your eyes and forehead, schedule a visit with a licensed professional near you.

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