Is There a Difference Between Being Transgender and Transsexual

What is Transgender?

Transgender refers to someone whose gender identity does not match their biological one. For example, a person may identify as female but have male genitalia or vice versa. A transgender individual may also experience dysphoria (a feeling of unease) over their assigned gender. Some individuals with Gender Identity Disorder (GID), which are considered mental illnesses, suffer from both conditions at the same time. Other terms used to refer to transgender individuals include: crossdresser, drag queen, genderfucker, shemale or tranny.

What is Transvestism?

Transvestic refers to any behavior that involves dressing up in clothing associated with the opposite gender. For example, a man wearing women’s clothes would be called a transvestite. Transvestites engage in such behaviors as dressing up in women’s clothing, acting like women, performing sexual acts and even using make-up. They often dress in sexually suggestive ways to attract men.

Why Do People Identify as Transgender?

People may identify as transgender because they feel uncomfortable with their birth gender. Others may do so due to social pressure or religious beliefs. Some may have fluid gender identities, meaning they move between genders. For example, a person may identify as male for thirty years and female for another thirty years. In other cases, a person may choose to identify as transgender due to social views on the subject.

Is There a Difference Between Being Transgender and Transsexual?

Yes, there is a difference between being transgender and transsexual. A transgender person feels uncomfortable with their gender identity due to social or cultural reasons. For example, a boy may feel like he wants to be a girl because he prefers the social and even physical aspects of being female. A transsexual, on the other hand, is defined by having a gender identity that does not match their biological one. In other words, someone who is a transsexual was born one gender (usually male) but identifies as another (usually female).

What is a Transman?

A transman is a woman who identifies as a man. In other words, transman is an abbreviation for transgender man or transgender male.

What is a Transwoman?

A transwoman is a man who identifies as a woman. In other words, transwoman is an abbreviation for transgender woman or transgender female.

What is a Transsexual?

A transsexual is a person who strongly identifies as a gender that does not match their biological one. In other words, a male may identify as female or vice versa. Transsexual people usually alter their bodies with hormones and surgery in order to match their internal gender identity.

What is a Tomgirl?

A tomboy is a female who engages in masculine activities and has masculine interests or tastes. Tomboys may be lesbians.

What is a Female Impersonator?

A female impersonator is someone who dresses and acts like a woman in order to entertain. Female impersonators are most often men who dress up as women, but not always.

What is an A-Gender?

An A-gender is a person who identifies with a gender that is non-binary, meaning it is neither male nor female.

What is Gender Fluid?

Gender fluid individuals have a gender identity that changes depending on various factors.

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