Is Sperm Actually Good for Skin? And 10 Other FAQs

Is Sperm Really Good For Your Skin?

And 10 Other FAQs

What Does Sperm Do To Your Skin?

Semen contains proteins, fats, carbohydrates and minerals. These are all essential nutrients that your body needs to function properly. If these nutrients aren’t available or if they’re not absorbed correctly, then your health will suffer. Many people believe that the presence of these vital substances make their skin healthy and glowing.

The main thing that makes your skin healthy is the amount of melanin pigment (the color of your skin). Melanin is a molecule made up of three subunits: carotene, which gives red; pheomelanine, which gives purple; and eumelanine, which gives blue. The more melanin there is in the skin cells, the darker it appears.

The less melanin there is, the lighter it appears. When there’s too little melanin, your skin becomes pale and pallid. On the other hand, when there’s too much melanin, your skin turns yellowish white. Melanin protects your skin from ultraviolet rays and helps protect against sunburns.

Another important substance that contributes to the appearance of healthy skin is sebum (a mixture of oil and water). Sebum is secreted by sebaceous glands in your skin and is primarily made up of triglycerides (a type of lipid). Sebum prevents your skin from drying out and helps protect your skin from pathogens (microorganisms that can cause diseases).

So, does this mean if you have a lot of sebum and melanin in your skin, then your skin is healthy?

No. Other things play a role in it too, including your diet, gender, stress levels, and genetics. People with dry skin will have less sebum and more likely to develop wrinkles. While people with oily skin will have more sebum and are more prone to acne.

Does Semen Have Any Antioxidants In It?

The word “antioxidant” is defined as a “chemical that slows or stops the oxidative process in a cell, and thus slows or stops the aging process of the cell.” Although human seminal fluid doesn’t contain antioxidants in it, some animals’ seminal fluid does contain them. For instance, the Bull Ant’s seminal fluid contains superoxide dismutase and catalase, which are both types of antioxidants.

Does Semen Have Any Acne-Fighting Properties?

Back in the day, some people swore by the statement “a little dab’ll do ya.” Unfortunately, that wasn’t a reference to keeping your skin looking fresh and clean. Rather, it was in relation to putting small amounts of various substances on your face. Some of these people claimed that this method kept their skin looking young and vibrant. Unfortunately, there is no evidence from scientific studies to support this claim.

One substance that has been claimed to be good for the skin is human seminal fluid. Some people have claimed that this can cure acne and keep your skin looking young. There are no published scientific studies to support this claim.

Seminal fluid does contain zinc, which has been shown in some studies to improve acne. But there’s not a high concentration of it in there.

Does Semen Have Any Anti-Aging Properties?

Human seminal fluid doesn’t have any published studies showing that it has any anti-aging properties. If anything, the zinc content in it may have the opposite effect. Zinc, while helpful in some ways, can also interfere with other elements in the body and cause a wide range of side effects.

Does Semen Have Any Anti-Depressant Properties?

There are no studies that have been published regarding the effects of human seminal fluid and depression. Seminal fluid does contain various hormones and neurotransmitters, such as estrogen, testosterone, luteinizing hormone, and many others. Any of these could possibly affect our emotions in some way. But this area needs to be researched more.

Does Semen Have Any Anti-Inflammatory Properties?

The topic of inflammation is a very hot one right now. There are many studies being done to determine the effects of inflammation in the body and how it can be combated. Seminal fluid doesn’t have any anti-inflammatory drugs in it, but it does contain various hormones and neurotransmitters, such as estrogen, testosterone, luteinizing hormone, and many others. Any of these could possibly have an effect on inflammation in some way. More research needs to be done in this area.

Does Semen Have Any Anti-Bacterial Properties?

Some people believe that various secretions in the body have anti-bacterial effects. Seminal fluid does contain various anti-bacterial chemicals, such as H2O2, which is hydrogen peroxide, and DEF, which is the same stuff that our white blood cells use to kill bacteria. It is possible that the reason why seminal fluid kills certain types of bacteria has to do with it’s high acidity content.

Does Semen Have Any Anti-Viral Properties?

As far as we know, human seminal fluid doesn’t have any anti-viral effects on viruses. One of the reasons why it does kill some bacteria is due to its high acidity content. Seminal fluid measures a 10 on the pH scale, which is very acidic. Most viruses do not survive in an acidic environment. So it’s possible that some types of viruses can’t survive due to the nature of seminal fluid.

Does Semen Have Any Anti-Fungal Properties?

Human seminal fluid doesn’t have any anti-fungal effects on fungi. It may have some effect on toenail fungus, but this hasn’t been studied yet.

Does Semen Have Any Anti-Parasitic Properties?

Human seminal fluid does have some anti-parasitic effects. Seminal fluid has been reported to kill the parasitic worms that cause schistosomiasis in humans and also kill some of the types of worms that cause swimmer’s itch. We aren’t exactly sure how it kills these types of parasites, but it does.

Does Semen Have Any Anti-Mutagenic Properties?

The word “mutagenic” refers to something that causes changes in DNA. There are some studies that suggest that human seminal fluid has some anti-mutagenic effects. Seminal fluid contains a lot of antioxidants, which can counteract the free radicals in our body that can cause changes in our DNA.

Does Semen Have Any Anti-Cancer Properties?

The word “cancer” refers to many diseases that are different forms of a uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells. Anti-cancer drugs are usually poisonous chemicals that kill rapidly dividing cells. Seminal fluid doesn’t contain any anti-cancer drugs, but it does have various anti-oxidants in it, which can counteract the free radical damage in our bodies that can cause cancerous changes in our cells. It also contains IGF-1, which seems to promote the growth of cancer cells.

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