Is Peeing After Sex Really Necessary? And 9 Other FAQs

Is Peeing After Sexual Activity Really Necessary?

And 9 Other FAQs

Why Do Guys Have To Pee After They Come?

The answer to the question “why do guys have to pee after sexual activity?”

depends on your personal preference. Some men don’t like having to go to the bathroom at all during their sexual encounters. Others enjoy going often enough that they feel no need for a separate facility (or so they think). Still others are okay with taking a break from the act once or twice in order to clean up. Regardless of how much you want to avoid using the restroom, there’s no denying that when it comes time to go, you’ll need one.

If you’re one of those guys who doesn’t mind not needing to use the bathroom during your sexual encounters, then you might find some comfort in knowing that it isn’t necessary for most women either. While many women may not always be able to resist the urge to go, they usually aren’t bothered by it. A few women will even go as far as saying that they actually prefer being without a toilet seat in bed since it makes them feel more relaxed and less tense during the act.

On the other hand, if you’re one of those guys who finds going to the bathroom during your sexual encounters very inconvenient, then you probably won’t want to hear any more about it! For your sake and the sake of those you’re going to bed with, we strongly suggest that you try to get over it or try going before and after if you’re really worried about it.

Why Is It Hard To Pee After You Come?

The simple answer is because all of the blood in your body goes to one particular place whenever you’re aroused. This isn’t really a complex answer or anything, but it does happen to be the entire truth. When a man gets an erection, everything that can possibly divert itself from non-essential organs and parts goes directly to said organ for obvious reasons. This explains why men can’t walk around with an erection at all times, since all of the necessary equipment would be in working order.

But seriously speaking, when a man’s arousal reaches its peak and he releases, this is when he would most likely go to the bathroom if he had to. As mentioned above, the blood that’s reserved for non-sexual organs gets pushed away so everything can go to the genitals. This temporary state (for most men) is a result of the body’s way of ensuring successful reproduction, since it’s very unlikely that any man would want to have an erection while running from a pack of hungry wolves or fighting off another tribe.

When a man has an ejaculation, his entire body releases a pleasurable feeling. This feeling is so intense that many men have actually died while reaching their climax (this doesn’t happen with women for obvious reasons).

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