Is Naked Juice Healthy

Is Naked Juice Healthy?

Benefits and Downsides

Naked juice is a popular alternative to soda pop. There are many reasons why it may be appealing:

It tastes good! (I mean really good) It’s not just water with sugar added, but actually real fruit juices. (And no artificial sweeteners!) You get all the vitamins and minerals from the natural fruits and vegetables.

(No need to drink them in liquid form. They’re already in your food.) It’s convenient! (You don’t have to go out and buy sodas or other drinks. You can just grab a glass of juice when you want one!) It saves money! (Soda pop is expensive, so you save on buying a bunch of stuff every time you want a drink.)

But what if I told you there was something else? Something even better than all those things combined? A product that contains the best of both worlds?

! That would be Naked Juice!

What Is Nudist Juice?

Naked Juice is a brand of juice sold in bottles. It’s made up of 100% fruit juice concentrate. The company claims that their products contain only the “best” ingredients, including:

Organic Fruit Juices – No Preservatives or Artificial Colors or Flavors!

Pretty cool, huh?

Now let’s take a look at some of the different varieties of Naked Juice and what they contain.

Naked Green Machine

Is Naked Green Machine Healthy?

Naked Green Machine is one of the many varieties of Naked Juice. It is a mixture of green vegetables, green fruits, and green plants in general. The most abundant ingredient in this drink is spinach. There are 60 calories and 5 grams of sugar in each bottle.

Is it healthy?

You bet! In addition to the benefits of fruits and vegetables, spinach is packed with even more nutrients and vitamins. It’s great for your eyes, your bones, and much more. There’s really no reason not to drink this stuff. Unless you just don’t like the taste, but hey, that’s why God created juice mixes.

Naked Juices vs. Regular Juices

There are many differences between naked and regular juices. While some of them are only in the name, others have actual effects on your body and mind.

Organic vs. Un-Organic: Most naked juices are organic. In fact, all of the naked juices that I’ve researched are organic. That means no harmful pesticides or chemicals were used in the growing process.

This is good for you because there won’t be any “additives” in your juice. The naked juices are pure and natural.

Most regular, non-juice drinks (and food in general) contain chemicals to preserve the product. For example, most types of soda contain an ingredient called “Caramel Color IV”

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