Is It Safe to Use Baby Oil as Lube

Baby oil is one of the most popular products used by women around the world. It’s easy to obtain, cheap and widely available everywhere. There are many benefits associated with using it as a personal lubricant:

It doesn’t smell bad (and may even attract some men)

It lasts longer than other types of lubes because it contains no preservatives or additives that could break down over time. You can use it for years without any problems.

It’s very effective at preventing pregnancy since it does not contain any chemicals that might interfere with fertility drugs like condoms.

It’s inexpensive compared to other types of lubricants. It costs less than $1 per bottle.

That means you can buy enough for several months!

You don’t need to worry about getting sick from using it since there are no harmful ingredients in it.

It’s safe to use on your genitals, vulva, labia and clitoris.

There are some disadvantages:

Some people have allergic reactions when they come into contact with the stuff. If you’re sensitive to anything else, then it won’t work for you.

So if you do get an allergy reaction, just stop using it immediately and see a doctor.

There are reports that some women experience yeast infections after using baby oil as their personal lubricant. This may be due to the ingredients in the stuff such as mineral oil, fragrance and other chemicals.

It’s not enough oil to cause any problems, but if you’re prone to yeast infections then this might trigger one.

The ingredients in baby oil may make your private parts smell unusual. It’s not a bad odor and it’s fine for your partner to smell, but it may be very noticeable to you.

Some people consider baby oil to be too “cold” for their taste. It can sometimes cause a tingling or burning sensation.

If you have a low pain tolerance then this might not be the best lube for you.

Can I Use Olive Oil As Lube?

Olive oil is a healthy food that also has many benefits for your skin. It is rich in antioxidants and nutrients that can hydrate your skin and prevent dryness. It’s one of natures best moisturizers. In fact, it’s so safe that people have been using it for centuries as a beauty product! Some cultures even use it as a hair conditioner or as a food! Talk about multi-purpose! There are other oils that act as lubes such as almond oil, sunflower oil and coconut oil. But it is olive oil that is considered to be the best for this purpose. Olive oil can be used in the bath or shower and even when having sexual encounters:

Olive oil is the safest type of oil for use as a personal lubricant. This means that there is little risk of getting an allergic reaction from it since it’s unlikely to irritate your skin or genitals.

It’s also safe to ingest in case you decide to try it as a sexual activity. There are no dangerous chemicals or additives.

Olive oil is one of the most gentle oils so it’s unlikely to cause any damage to delicate tissues such as your vaginal walls. Other oils may be too harsh and cause tiny tears in these areas which could lead to pain and infection.

It’s also thick enough to prevent too much friction which could also cause damage.

Unlike other oils, olive oil does not evaporate like water would. This means that you don’t have to keep reapplying it.

Also, it is absorbed into your skin rather than just sitting on top of it. This prevents any irritating residues from being left behind which can cause allergic reactions or just be uncomfortable.

Olive oil is not going to break the bank. A small bottle can last a long time and it’s fairly inexpensive.

There are some drawbacks to using oils as personal lubricants:

Olive oil, being an oil, is messy. You’re going to get oily and you’re going to get dirty.

The stuff doesn’t wash off easily and certainly not with just soap and water. You’re going to have to spend more time in the shower or bath to make sure that you’ve removed all of it. This isn’t too big of a drawback since it’s not like you’re going to be doing this every day.

If you happen to get it in your eyes then you’re going to experience some serious discomfort until you get it under control. Your eye is very sensitive to oil and will not appreciate the intrusion!

Be careful when applying and make sure that the bottle has a pointy nozzle so that it doesn’t slip out of your fingers. Keep the top on tight when not in use.

Even though it’s natural, olive oil is still oil and may cause problems for some women. If you happen to be one of the unlucky ones then no amount of lube is going to help with your situation.

The taste is considered to be quite strong but many people don’t seem to mind it. It is an acquired taste however, so make sure that you try it first before having your partner’s genitals in your mouth.

There is always the chance of a bad reaction which could lead to serious problems.

Make sure that you read the ingredients before buying or using anything. Olive oil is only safe in small quantities so if there are a lot of ingredients then it isn’t as natural as it claims to be.

If you have allergies to any types of oil then it’s probably best to avoid using it.

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