Is It Safe to Mix Aspirin and Alcohol

The following information was compiled from various sources and is not meant to replace medical advice or judgment. Always consult your doctor before changing any medications prescribed for you.

Aspirin and Alcohol: What You Need To Know


Does Taking Aspirin Cause My Body To Turn Into A Fat Burning Machine?

No! Aspirin does NOT cause fat loss, it simply helps prevent heart disease and cancer. If you are concerned about getting fat, then stop taking aspirin and eat healthy foods instead.


Do I Really Have To Take Aspirin After Drinking Beer?

Yes! Alcohol interferes with the absorption of many drugs (including aspirin). So if you have taken aspirin, do not take alcohol. Also keep in mind that alcohol may increase your risk of stomach bleeding so don’t drink while pregnant or breastfeeding.


Can I Drink With Aspirin?

It depends on what kind of alcohol you’re drinking. Some types of alcoholic beverages contain higher levels of ethanol than others. For example, wine contains much less alcohol than beer or hard liquor. While some studies show that moderate amounts of alcohol (one to two drinks per day) may reduce the chance of developing certain cancers, there’s no evidence that drinking one to two beers per week reduces the risk for most other kinds of cancer. But it doesn’t hurt to try!


Can I Take Extra Aspirin For My Muscle Pain?

Yes, you can but only one or two pills every 6-8 hours (no more than 3,000mg or 3 grams a day).


If I’m Not Taking Aspirin For Pain, Then Does It Help Prevent Skin Cancer?

No. But it does prevent heart disease, colon cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. Also, the use of aspirin in the underarm area has been shown to prevent the development of “brisoma”, a common form of skin cancer.

6) I Have A Herniated Disc In My Low Back.

Can I Take Aspirin?

Yes. Taking regular (325mg) aspirin can help relieve pain and decrease your need for opiates. But talk to your doctor before you take aspirin or any other medication. Also, keep in mind that aspirin can cause stomach bleeding so don’t overdo it.


Does Aspirin Show Up In A Drug Test?

No. Aspirin does not show up on standard drug tests because it’s not a synthetic substance. However, the pill itself does contain small amounts of two ingredients: sodium and sulfur.


Does Aspirin Work For Other Types Of Pain?

Yes. Aspirin is the original “non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug” (NSAID), which means it’s a general pain reliever. It’s also used to decrease fever and stop blood clots. It’s especially useful for reducing swelling and reducing inflammation. In theory, it could also be useful in the treatment of Alzheimers and Parkinsons disease. But more research is needed.

9) I Have A Headache.

Can I Take Two Aspirin?

No! Taking too much aspirin can make your stomach bleed or even cause death. Follow the instructions on the packaging and do not exceed recommended dosages. Too much aspirin is dangerous.


What If I Take Tylenol With Aspirin?

Tylenol is an acetaminophen which is very different to aspirin. If you take too much of either of these drugs, you can hurt your liver and possibly die. The FDA has recently warned against people taking more than the recommended dosage of acetaminophen based drugs (like Tylenol).

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