Is It Safe to Give Kids Miralax for Constipation

Miralax Dosage Chart For Toddlers

The dosage of miralax for children is different from that of adults. Adults take 1ml per kg body weight every 4 hours, while children need less than half that amount (1/4 ml).

If your child takes a lot of water or milk with their meals, it would be better if they took less than one teaspoon each time. If your child does not drink much, then they will probably need less than two teaspoons per day.

If you are concerned about your child’s safety when taking miralax for constipation, then consult a doctor first before using it. However, there is no reason why you cannot use it yourself without any concern.

Miralax Dosage Chart For Children:

How To Use Miralax For Constipation?

1) Take 1/2 tsp of miralax twice daily.

You can mix it with water, milk or juice. Do not take too much because you may get stomach upset.

If you do not feel well after taking the medicine, stop immediately and consult a doctor.

2) If your child is younger than 7 years old, take only 1/4 of the adult dosage.

If your child is over 12 years old and weighs over 120 lbs, they should take the adult dosage of 2 teaspoons per day.

Miralax For Kids With Constipation: The Proper Way To Administer The Medicine

As we mentioned before, you should not use too much of the laxative for your own good. Do not take more than 2 teaspoons a day.

Do not exceed the amount even if your child does not experience immediate bowel movement because you will get stomach aches. You can experience serious dehydration if you do this!

If you feel nauseated after taking miralax, lie down and drink as much sports drinks as possible. If you still experience nausea, it is best to see a doctor immediately because it may also lead to vomiting.

Is It Safe To Give Kids Miralax For Constipation?

As we mentioned before, you should always have your child checked by a medical doctor first before administering the laxative. If you are suffering from constipation and your doctor has approved the use of miralax for your child, then it is perfectly safe to use it. However, you need to make sure that your child will comply with the dosing instructions. If your child is too young to understand the concept of taking medicine, you may need to hide the taste of miralax by mixing it with juice or chocolate milk.

It is perfectly safe to take miralax for the short term (a few days). If you are going to be constipated for a long period of time, it may lead to more complications.

So, make sure you keep track of how much you have been using the laxative.

If you are suffering from constipation, you will need to fix the problem that causes it. Constipation can be the result of hard stools, not eating enough fiber or not drinking enough water.

Too much fiber also can cause constipation. So make sure you talk to your doctor about the right dosage of fiber and water intake for you.

Miralax For Kids With Diarrhea: Is It Safe?

Do not give your child the laxative if you are suffering from diarrhea. You may already be losing too much water, and the laxative can make you lose more. It is very dangerous to become severely dehydrated.

How Long Does It Take For Miralax To Work?

You can expect to see a bowel movement within 12-72 hours after taking the laxative. If your child still doesn’t experience a bowel movement after using the laxative, you need to see a doctor immediately.

What Else Should I Know About Miralax For Kids?

It is not safe to use this laxative if you have appendicitis, a blockage in your colon or a bowel obstruction. If you are experiencing these symptoms, you should see a doctor immediately.

You should not use the laxative if you have inflammatory bowel disease or a history of it. It is also not recommended to use if you have liver failure or severe constipation with blood in your stool.

Can I Buy Miralax OTC?

You can buy miralax over-the-counter (OTC).

This medication is available in the laxative aisle of your local pharmacy or supermarket. It is typically located near the fiber supplements.

Do not buy this medication if it has been past its expiration date. Also, make sure it is kept out of reach of children.

How Do I Store Miralax?

Do not store this medication in the bathroom or near the kitchen sink. Also, make sure it is kept away from extreme heat or cold. The medication can only be stored at room temperature.

What If I Take Too Much Miralax?

If you take too much, and it is not immediate, seek medical attention. However, if symptoms do occur seek medical attention immediately because this may cause fatal blockage of the intestinal tract.

If you experience any of the following after taking the laxative, seek immediate medical attention:

Severe stomach pain.

You see black or bloody stool.

Difficulty swallowing.

Vomiting blood or what looks like coffee grounds.

What If I Miss A Dose?

If you miss a dose, it is not a big deal. Just take the missed dose as soon as you remember. However, do not take more than what is recommended.

What Happens If I Overdose?

Seek immediate emergency medical attention if you believe that you have overdosed.

Symptoms of an overdose may include:

Difficulty breathing.

Trouble sleeping.

Feeling tired.

Severe muscle weakness.

What Other Drugs Will Affect Miralax?

Do not take this medication if you have already had an allergic reaction to it.

Before taking this laxative, tell your doctor if you are taking any of the following:

Any medications, supplements or herbs.

Proton pump inhibitors, a class of medications used to treat ulcers. These include: Prilosec, Dexilant, Nexium and Prevacid.

Theophyline, an asthma medication.

Acetaminophen, a pain reliever.

Ibuprofen, a pain reliever used to relieve inflammation and pain.

If you are taking any of these drugs listed above, you may not be able to take this medication or you may require a dosage adjustment.

Ask your doctor before taking any other over-the-counter (OTC) or prescription medications.

Avoid driving or operating machinery until you know how this medication affects you.

Miralax Vs. Psyllium

Miralax is a type of bulk-forming laxative. Psyllium is another type of bulk-forming laxative.

Both work to provide a stool with a larger size and texture, which makes it easier to pass. Both are also primarily fiber supplements.

However, the methods by which they work are slightly different. Psyllium absorbs water to produce the bulkier stool.

This may lead to a softer, but larger bowel movement. It usually takes around 6 to 10 hours before you are able to have a bowel movement after taking psyllium.

Miralax works more quickly and is less likely to lead to unwanted side-effects. It absorbs water and fat in the digestive tract to produce a bowel movement.

It usually takes around 4 to 8 hours before you are able to have a bowel movement after taking it.

Miralax VS Colace Vs. Senokot

These are all types of laxatives that can be used for exactly the same purpose. This means that you need to take them before you need to have a bowel movement.

The main difference between these drugs is how quickly they act and the side-effects they produce.

Miralax acts the quickest, and is not associated with many side-effects.

Colace also acts quickly, but may lead to some minor cramps or abdominal pain.

Senokot acts slightly more slowly than colace but usually produces a softer, larger stool.

The choice of which one to use is up to you and your doctor.

When Do I Take It?

Miralax is usually taken once a day at the same time every day before going to bed. Be sure to take it before you go to bed so that it has enough time to work.

Only take the recommended dosage. Overdosing on this drug may cause diarrhea, cramps or abdominal pain and other serious side effects.

If you believe you have overdosed, seek immediate medical attention.

Only take this medication for as long as your doctor instructs you to. If you stop taking this medication suddenly, you may experience adverse effects such as stomach cramps and diarrhea or even a relapse of constipation.

If you stop taking this, consult with your doctor first.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask them below.

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