Is It Possible to Get Pregnant Through Anal Sex

The question of getting pregnant through anally is one that many women have been asking themselves since they were young. Some girls even got married because they thought that they could get pregnant when having sexual relations with their husbands. But now there are some facts which make us think otherwise. So here are the facts:

1) You Cannot Get Pregnant From Anal Penetration If You Have Not Had Any Sexual Intercourse With A Man Before!

If you have had no sexual contact with a man before then you cannot get pregnant. There is nothing else that can happen. Even if your partner has ejaculated inside you, it will not count as sexual penetration. Also, if your partner has inserted something into your body but did not ejaculate, it would not count either.

2) You Can Get Pregnant When Having Anal Penetration With Someone Who Has Been Previously Sexual With You!

In fact, if you have had previous sexual contact with someone, then you can get pregnant even if he or she has not ejaculated inside you. The only thing that matters is that both of them have come into contact with each other’s genitals at least once. This means that you can get pregnant from anally even if your partner has not had sexual contact with another male who has ejaculated inside him.

3) You Can Get Pregnant When Having Anal Intercourse With Someone Who Has Never Been With Another Man Or Woman Before!

When you have sexual contact with someone for the first time, some bodily fluids are exchanged. This happens even during anally if some amount of ejaculate is released into the other person’s body. If you have sexual contact with someone who has never had any sexual contact with another person before, then you may get pregnant because the only thing that matters is that the person has come into contact with his or her own genitals at least once!

So there you have it, 3 facts about how to get pregnant through anally. This is the last time I am going to discuss this matter and I hope that all of you educated women out there will spread this information so that other women can be as informed as you are.

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