Is Hip Replacement Covered By Medicare

What Is A Total Hip Replacement Surgery?

A total hip replacement (THR) is a surgical procedure which replaces all or part of your hips. Your doctor will usually perform the operation when it’s determined that you have no other options available to you. If your condition isn’t too bad, but if you’re not ready to walk around without assistance, then your doctor may recommend an outpatient procedure called a “lift and roll” (L&R). Lift and roll involves taking out some of your existing bones and putting them back together again. You could experience pain during the L&R procedure, but you’ll probably be able to walk away from it relatively unscathed.

If you need a total hip replacement surgery, then your doctor will likely tell you what type of procedures are covered under your health insurance plan. Your surgeon will determine whether or not you qualify for one of these types of surgeries.

Is Hip Replacement Covered By Medicare?

If you’re getting a hip replacement, then you might be wondering if it comes with any sort of coverage or not. If you have a plan through Medicare, then you’ll most likely be able to get hip replacement surgery. This is usually true regardless of whether you get the procedure done at a hospital or an outpatient facility. However, there’s more than just having the procedure covered that you’ll have to worry about.

Is Medicare Advantage Covers Hip Replacement?

One of the problems that you may run into when it comes to Medicare is that an Advantage plan may or may not cover your hip replacement. In fact, they can be very picky about what they will and won’t cover. That being said, if you do have an operation coming up you can visit Medicare’s official website and use their “Find a doctor” tool.

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