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Is Gargling Hydrogen Peroxide Effective and Safe?

Does gargling with hydrogen peroxide work? Does it actually kill germs in your mouth?

Yes. But just like anything that is beneficial to you in one way, too much of it is not good either.

First of all, you need to know that hydrogen peroxide is not only available in 3%, 5%, and 35%. There are higher concentrations of it as well up to 90%. Just in case you are wondering, the higher the concentration, the higher the price.

The big question is: can it be dangerous?

Well, yes, it can be. In fact, there have been a few reported cases of people who have died after gargling with a few ounces of hydrogen peroxide. These cases occurred back in the 40’s and 50’s when there was no regulation of medications as there is today. Just keep this in mind, it can be dangerous if too much is applied internally.

Can It Kill Germs In Your Mouth?

The answer is yes. It has benefits as a disinfectant just like alcohol. (

Remember the old 70% alcohol they used to put on our tongues when we were little because we had a cold?

) The only difference is that it is less drying to the tissues. It is because of the bubbling action that it is able to kill germs but it does not discriminate. It will kill the good and the bad which is why it is not suggested to gargle with it daily. Use it only when you feel like you are getting sick or before and after visiting a sick person.

How To Gargle With Hydrogen Peroxide:

You may either buy 3% or 35% at your local drug store. Using the 3% is like drinking a shot of scotch when you have a cold. It will clean and disinfect but not kill everything in its path.

If you have the 35%, then do not swallow it. It is too strong to put in your mouth and swallow even a little bit. For this reason, you are only using it externally.

Put on some latex gloves. Using a tablespoon, put a half of teaspoon of the 35% peroxide in your mouth. Add a little bit of warm water to it to dissolve it.

Now swish it in all areas where there are teeth (especially where fillings are). Leave it for about 1 minute and do not swallow! Spit it in the sink. After you have finished spitting, rinse your mouth out with regular water to remove everything.

Do this 2 or 3 times a day. It is okay to do it more than that but it will start to kill the good bacteria in your mouth that is needed to fight off infections and germs.

My personal suggestion is to do this right before going to bed. That way, you sleep through most of the night while it does its work on your teeth.

You can also do this before and after a dental visit. Just to make sure that no bad stuff gets in your mouth.

Other Things You Can Do To Prevent Getting Sick

Besides just gargling with the peroxide, there are other things you can do to help prevent getting sick. These include:

1. Stop eating so many carbs (sugar and starch).

They feed the germ army in your mouth. This includes popcorn and candy.

2. Stop eating on the go.

Eating while driving, in the car, or standing up can cause you to miss places that you normally clean. This allows more time for food infecting germs to breed in your mouth.

3. Stop smoking.

There is a whole list of reasons why this is bad for you but I don’t need to write them all out for you do I?


4. Chew some xylitol gum after eating.

(It has less carbs! 🙂 This will decrease the amount of bacterial growth because it can’t use the carbs for energy. (Thank you Wikipedia!)

5. Stay away from other sick people!

I know, easier said than done. I am not telling you to stay away from your husband, wife, kids, or parent if they are sick but common sense should tell you to stay away from shopping centers, public transportation systems, and large groups of people if you are sick as a dog.

6. Get 8 hours of sleep a night.

Your body needs time to rest and fight off the evil bugs that are always trying to get you sick.

7. Get some sunshine or take a vitamin D3 supplement everyday.

(Even if it is just 10 minutes) The sun gives you free Vitamin D which helps your immune system fight off sickness. Don’t go overboard and burn yourself, but a few minutes a day should do the trick.

8. Take a Zinc supplement each day.

(Again, I am not a doctor so follow the instructions on the bottle) Zinc helps your immune system fight off infection.

9. Drink Clean, filtered water.

(Or even better, drink water that has it’s own filter.) Don’t let the water sit for a long time in a plastic bottle in the hot car. Bacteria grows much faster in liquids than we think it does.

It is also a breeding ground for many other types of bugs that can make you sick.

10. Get some exercise but don’t over do it. If you are a big couch potato, then by all means start slow and work your way up.

You don’t want to overdo it and get sick yourself because you did too much, to soon. Start with just walking around the block a few times a day and work your way up.

Those are my suggestions for now. The main rule of thumb I have is that you should start doing most, if not all, of these things after you have had no symptoms for at least one whole day after getting sick.

If You Are Still Getting Sick…

After trying some or all of these suggestions and you are still getting sick, then it may be due to something else going on. If this is the case, then you will need to see a medical professional about it. They can run some tests and figure out what the problem is specifically.

If you think that there may be something else going on, then you should also visit a medical professional right away. Don’t wait to see if the sickness goes away on it’s own. The longer you wait, the higher chance you have of getting really sick or getting something that can be permanent.

I hope you find this list helpful! Please let me know about your experiences and what has worked best for you. I would be glad to add anything on to the list if it will help others in some way.


You are also welcome to add this infographic to your website or publication if you like. I just ask that you link it back here so people can find other useful information.

If you would like to read more in-depth about how this list was created, go here.

Happy reading and happy staying healthy.

Tommy Jordan

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