Is Edging Bad? 8 Things to Know Before You Try It Out

Edging is not just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. Edging can be very dangerous and even deadly. If you are thinking about trying out edging, then read through this article first before proceeding further with your decision making process.

The Effects of Edging: What Happens When You Hold in Your Sperm?

Sperm production depends on many factors such as temperature, nutrition, hormones and other things which cannot be controlled or predicted. Some of these factors may change over time. For example, when the temperature gets too hot, some of the nutrients become unavailable and so does the ability to produce new cells. Also, hormones like testosterone and estrogen increase during puberty and decrease again after menopause. These changes affect the amount of sperms produced in males.

Another factor affecting spermatogenesis is diet. Eating certain foods can reduce or prevent spermatogenesis altogether. Foods that have been shown to inhibit spermatogenesis include alcohol, caffeine, sugar, fatty acids (like omega-3), saturated fat and sodium.

In addition to food, exercise affects the body in different ways. Exercising regularly increases levels of growth hormone and testosterone. However, it also decreases levels of estrogens and progesterone.

These hormonal changes can lead to decreased fertility in both men and women.

Other types of stresses also affect spermatogenesis. For example, emotional stress can decrease testosterone levels and increase cortisol levels. Alcohol, illegal drugs and smoking can also lower testosterone and possibly lead to temporary infertility.

If you find out that your current lifestyle involves any of the factors mentioned above, you might want to consider changing your habits before trying to have a baby. For people who are considering voluntary sterilization, it is recommended that they wait until they have completed their family or reached the age of thirty before undergoing the procedure.

If you really do not want to have children at all, then consider other forms of birth control such as abstinence, condoms, IUDs, implants, shots, pills and sterilization.

In any case, it is important to consider the negative effects of holding in your sperms for extended periods of time.

What happens if you hold in your sperms for a long time?

What Happens if You Hold in Your Sperm?

The process of spermatogenesis is a long and complicated one. Normally, healthy sperms are produced every hour throughout the whole month. However, a healthy male can store sperms for about a week without any ill effects. If you are younger than twelve, then your genital area will most likely not produce mature sperms yet. Even if it does start producing them, they will probably just get reabsorbed into your body. If you have stayed continent (didn’t release any sperms at all) for more than fifty years (no matter what your age), then your genitals may stop producing sperms altogether.

No sperms being produced means infertility. This is not immediately apparent to you because your body can still produce other fluids such as prostatic fluid and sebum. If you are in this situation, continue with your life without children.

Continue practicing safe masturbation or just refrain from masturbating altogether.

If you are not yet twelve years old and your genitals have already started producing mature sperms, then you may want to take care of this situation now before it gets worse.

What Should You Do?

The best thing you can do is to release sperms on a regular basis (at least once a week). This keeps your body in sync and prevents the problem from getting worse. If your genitals have already stopped producing sperms, then it’s too late for you and you’re going to have to continue your life without children.

But why would you want to release sperms at all?

It is important to keep yourself healthy and it’s also important for your emotional well being. You may feel a great sense of liberation if you choose to go this route.

Releasing sperms increases testosterone and growth hormone levels in your body. This leads to better health and higher energy levels. It also decreases cortisol which is bad for the body.

If you are a teenager, then keeping yourself constantly stressed out may stunt your growth. It may even cause you to get fatigued more quickly.

Releasing sperms on a regular basis also prevents disease. It keeps your testicles clean and free of pathogens (bad stuff) which can cause serious health problems. If you are married or in a relationship, it will prevent your partner from getting sick as well (provided that she is not on her period).

Extended periods of abstinence have been shown to increase irritability, anger, aggression and decrease ability to think properly. If you do not release sperms on a regular basis, then you may become violent and take that out on your loved ones. This is very bad for family life and will cause great strife on everyone.

Releasing sperms is important to your psychological well being. Most of your brain is replaced every year through cellular regeneration. It’s the cells that don’t regenerate that are responsible for your memory, personality and general intelligence.

Scientists (and government researchers) have found that sperms contain stem cells which can replace older brain cells. If you release your sperms on a regular basis, then you are keeping your brain healthy and young!

More reasons why you should release sperms on a regular basis will be revealed in the near future…

If You’re Married Or In A Serious Relationship…

You may be wondering why your testicles are producing sperms on a regular basis even though you’ve been a faithful husband to your wife for the past five years. This is perfectly normal. After you get married, your body starts to believe that babies are on their way soon.

Your brain releases increased amounts of hormones which tell your testicles to produce more sperms. This is part of the reason why married men have more children than bachelors.

If you’re not ready for children, then you may want to avoid having sexual contact with your wife while she is on her period. Having too much sperms in your testicles may cause some of them to unintentionally get released inside your wife. Lots of babies means lots of stress and that’s no good.

It may also decrease your motivation to release sperms on a daily basis.

If You’re A Virgin…

You’re probably wondering whether or not you should skip this chapter altogether as you may find the content too graphic or offensive. This is your choice. I’m not your parent and this isn’t school so I can’t force you to read anything.

If you want to stay a virgin forever or if you want to have lots of sexual experiences, then that’s fine. Your choice.

However, I do recommend reading this chapter as it may help you in the future. If you’re a virgin, then there’s a good chance that you haven’t reached puberty yet. The changes that your body is going through may be confusing and somewhat scary.

This chapter will serve as an introduction and may help you through this. Do remember though, that this is all based on science and research so don’t go taking what I say as absolute facts.

Let’s get started.

To start off, your body is going through a lot of changes and most of them are internal. Hormones are racing through your body which is why you’re feeling very confused and have an ever changing mood. This happens to everyone and it’ll get better in time.

You may have noticed some changes in your body such as oily skin, bushing of hair in places where you don’t usually have or darkening of the skin. Again, this is all due to hormones. Girls may have noticed some growths in places where they don’t usually grow and this is also due to hormones.

Both of these are just temporary and you’ll be glad to know that when you hit puberty, all of these things will go away forever. Most likely you’re going to hit puberty within the next two years so don’t worry if these changes are troubling you right now.

Your brain is also going through a lot of changes and so is your body for that matter. Your brain cells are multiplying at an alarming rate and making it quite difficult to focus on one thing at any given time. You may have trouble concentrating on simple tasks at hand or you may find yourself daydreaming in the middle of a class, this too shall pass.

In a couple of years, your ability to concentrate will improve tenfold.

What? You’ve never heard of a guy having periods?

That’s because they don’t but they do go through a lot of changes. You may have noticed that you’re getting hairy or growing hair in new places. This is also due to increased hormones.

Your voice may also start to change along with your body odor. You may start sweating more often and quite frankly, you may start to smell worse than you ever thought possible. This too shall pass.

Eventually, your body will reach a balance with itself and all these changes will level out.

Movement wise, you may have found that certain parts of your body are a little… looser than they used to be.

Most likely, you will have heard of this in the context of girls having this problem but it can happen to guys as well.

All of these things are perfectly normal and will subside once you hit puberty in a couple of years. There are changes you can do right now to help yourself through these troubling times.

Showering daily, as unappealing as it sounds, can help you manage your body odor and keep yourself from “offending” everyone around you. As for the hair growths and oily skin, there’s not much you can do about them other than manually removing them. pubescent

“I tried googling it but all I got was pictures of naked people…”

Your first line of defense in your never ending battle of personal hygiene is a package that was left by UPS yesterday. It’s an care package from your mom full of all types of body washes, deodorants, shampoos, razors and anything else that she thought you might need.

“It’s like she’s psychic or something.” You say as you set the box down on your bed.

You immediately start reading the back of the various packages trying to find the one with the shortest and most straightforward list of instructions.

Washing your body every once in awhile is something that you can only put off for so long and your time of liberation is at hand. You’re going to live like a normal teenager or you’re going to die trying.

After a long and excessively thorough shower, you dry yourself off and get dressed. You make sure to spray yourself with copious amounts of deodorant since you’re not used to putting it on everyday.

Feeling fresh and clean, you head down to breakfast. You mom has already eaten but she’s left you a plate of eggs, potatoes and toast which you load up on before heading out the door.

The bus should be coming soon so you decide to sit at the stop and wait. It won’t be long now before your personal paradise is finally within reach.


You hear a familiar voice behind you. You turn around to see your sister standing behind you. You have no idea why she would be talking to you though.

She never has anything to say to you.

Do you mind if I sit down?”

She asks in a rather hostile manner. You shrug your shoulders and point at the bench as a way of saying “Suit yourself”. She sits down on the opposite end of the bench so at least you know you’re not going to get harassed this morning.

The two of you are sitting in an awkward silence until your mom pulls up to the curb and lets you know that the bus is late as usual and she won’t be here for another five minutes. Your sister must have a million questions to ask you but for whatever reason she’s restraining herself from even looking at you.

“So.. how’s school?” You ask in an attempt to break the ice.

“It’s school.” Is all she replies with.

“Um.. yeah. I guess I know how you feel.” You say trying to sympathize with her.

You mom pulls up just in time to save you from attempting any deeper conversation. Your sister walks away without a second glance in your direction.

What was that all about?”

Your mom asks as she opens the door for you.

“I don’t know. She was just sitting over there by herself so I asked if she wanted to sit with me and she just ignored me.” You explain while getting in the car.

You mom shakes her head as she shuts the door. Ever since your sister got her driver’s license, she’s been acting stranger and stranger each day. The two of you have never gotten along for whatever reason but it’s just gotten worse over time.

After your mom picks up your sister, you arrive at school just as the first bell rings. You make a beeline towards the cafeteria with a genuine smile on your face. It may not be a real home but at least you know that you’ll be treated right here.

You spot Jenny standing in line to buy her lunch and quickly run up to stand in line behind her. She notices that someone is behind her and turns around with an expressionless look on her face.

“Hey.. um can

I buy you lunch?”

You ask in a low voice. Something about standing in line brings out the shyness in you.

“Sure.” She replies without hesitation.

You take your place directly behind Jenny as she makes her way to the cashier. You scan over her choice of lunch which consists of a salad and bottled water. She probably would have preferred something more substantial but health and nutrition are very important to her.

You pay for your lunch which consists of a sub-sandwich and an energy drink. As you walk over to the table that you and your friends usually occupy, Jenny tells you that she’ll see you later and sits somewhere else.

Your friends give you a bunch of sarcastic comments assuming that you’re either dating or have a serious crush on her. You adamantly deny the statements while stuffing your face with your food.

The rest of the day goes by in a normal manner and when the final bell rings, you walk home with Ian who proceeds to talk your ear off about his plans to ask out Laura. He’s been going on about it for a couple of weeks now but today he apparently is serious about doing it.

You get to the apartment and plop down on your bed. You forgot to do your homework on Thursday because you were so caught up with chatting with Jenny that you ended up spending the whole night doing it. No sense in putting it off now, you might as well get it over with.

You pull out your books and begin studying. You manage to get through most of it but then you start to feel tired. Guess you haven’t been sleeping well lately.

You fight off the urge to nap and continue studying.

After finishing, you look at the clock and realize that your mom will be coming home soon so you decide to text Ian and see what he’s up to.

Hey man, what’s going on?’

After a couple of minutes, you get a reply from him.

‘Not much bro.

What’s up?’

‘Nothing just bored at home lol.


‘Just got home myself.

Wanna hang out?


You decide that it would be best to get together with Ian and do something so you can get his mind off of Laura.

‘Yeah come over my place.’

‘K, on my way :)’

A few minutes pass and then you hear a knock at the door. You open it and Ian comes inside. He takes a seat on the bed and starts talking before you even say anything.

“Dude, I’m really nervous. I didn’t sleep at all last night because I was so stressed out about asking her out.”

“Well that’s why I invited you over. To take your mind off of it and hang out like we used to.” You smile.

Ian smiles back and seems to relax a little. You begin to toss ideas for what to do when Ian interrupts you.

Hey can we go to the skate park?”

If you remember, the skate park is also where Matt and his friends like to hang out…

“Uh yeah sure. If that’s what you want to do.” You reply.

“Thanks man. I really appreciate it, I feel a lot more relaxed now.”

You both head out of the apartment and into your car to drive to the skate park. You begin to think about how you’re going to deal with Matt at the skate park and if you’re going to need to confront him directly about the whole situation.

When you arrive, there are a few more cars in the parking lot than usual. You hear some loud music coming from inside when you walk through the entrance. Upon entering, you see Matt sitting on a bench with a few of his friends.

Upon seeing you, he immediately stands up and begins walking towards you.

You aren’t exactly sure how to feel right now or what to do. You think about running but that’s probably going to make things worse. You stand your ground and await for Matt to approach.

When he arrives in front of you, his posse is right behind him.

“So, I guess you’re back…I thought after our last chat you’d have more sense than to come back.” Matt snarls.

You stand silent and look at the ground.

“He came to see me, if that’s what you’re worried about.” Ian says coming up next to you.

Matt then directs his attention towards Ian.

Why did he come see you? Are you helping him?

You want to stay out of this Ian.”

“I’m only trying to help mend the friendship between you and our friend.”

“We don’t need your help! We’re fine!” Matt snaps.

“Matt, I know you’re angry with him but attacking him at school is worse. The skate park is neutral territory, attacking him here would make you as bad as he is…”

“Shut up Ian! Nobody asked for your opinion!” Matt yells and then turns his attention back to you.

One last chance, are you coming with me or not?”

You remain silent and don’t move. Matt shakes his head in disappointment and walks away. His posse follows.

“You still could have gone with him.” Ian says when Matt’s out of earshot.

“Nope, I’m done with him.” You say.

“Alright…I guess I’ll see you later then.” Ian says and begins to walk away.

Will you be coming to the skate park?”

You ask.

“Maybe…depends on whether Matt shows up.

Bye (Your name).”

“Bye Ian.”

You head out of the skate park and begin to think about what you’re going to do next when you suddenly hear a familiar voice.

“Hey (Your name), we need to talk.” You hear Matt say. You turn around and see that Matt is standing behind you.

His face says he’s not joking around and you follow him to a less populated area of the skate park.

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