Is Coke Zero Bad for You

Is Coca Cola Bad For You?

Coca Cola is one of the most popular soft drinks on earth.

But what does it do to your body? What are its effects on your heart, liver, kidneys and other organs? And how much is too much?

These questions have been debated for decades. Some experts say that soda consumption may increase the risk of certain diseases such as cancer, stroke and diabetes. Others claim that there is no evidence that sugary beverages cause these problems. Still others believe that they don’t have any negative effect at all. In fact, some studies show that drinking soda may help prevent obesity and even lower the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

So which side is right? Are sugar substitutes bad or good for us?

The Facts About Sugar Substitutes:

Sugar substitutes are artificial sugars derived from corn, rice, potatoes or other plants. They are used in place of natural sugars in foods and beverages.

There are many different types of sugar substitutes including: high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), sucralose, maltitol, mannitol, lactulose, trehalose and xylitol.

What Does Sugar Substitute Do To Your Body?

Sugar substitutes are absorbed by the body, distributed through the bloodstream and metabolized by the liver. Over time, continued use of sugar substitutes may cause the liver to become more efficient at metabolizing them, a process that may lead to liver damage in some people. In addition, a diet high in sugar substitutes may cause diarrhea in some people.

Also, diet soft drinks may be associated with weight gain. Aspartame, for example, may lead to a reduction in appetite and fewer calories consumed.

Which Sweeteners Are Good And Which Are Bad?

The safety of many artificial sweeteners is still being debated, but it seems that some are safer than others. For example, acesulfame potassium (ACE-K) seems to be the best one. This is a calorie-free sweetener marketed under the brand name Sunett. Some studies indicate that it’s completely safe and others show that it may even help prevent diabetes.

What is wrong with aspartame?

This sugar substitute, found in beverages like Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi, has been linked to an increased incidence of cancer in some studies. Also, some studies suggest that it causes adverse side effects such as headaches, diarrhea and abdominal pain.

Sucralose is another controversial sweetener. It is marketed under the name of Splenda and is up to 600 times sweeter than regular sugar.

Most animal studies indicate that this artificial sweetener is safe, but smaller studies on humans report dizziness, diarrhea and headaches.

The jury is still out on a newly developed sugar substitute known as neotame. This sweetener, found in Neotame brand beverages such as Diet 7-Up, is between 7,000 and 13,000 times sweeter than regular sugar.

Although there are no published studies on the health effects of this new sweetener, it has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Which one is good for you?

If you’re trying to lose weight, it’s best to avoid sweeteners altogether, as they tend to encourage cravings for sweets. If you absolutely must have something sweet, then try using fructose or honey in moderation.

The ability to taste sweetness appears to be a learned behavior.

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