Is Bleeding After Tonsillectomy Normal

Bleeding After Tonsillectomy Day 14: Causes and Treatment

What are the causes of Post Tonsillectomy Hemorrhage (PTH)? What are the treatment options? How long does it take to recover from PTH?

These questions have been asked many times in various forums and blogs. Some experts say that PTH is normal while others say that it’s not normal at all. Here we will try to answer these questions in this blog post.

The causes of PTH are still unknown. There is no cure for PTH. However, there are some things that can be done to reduce the chances of getting PTH in the future. The most common cause of PTH is surgery or other medical procedures performed on your tonsils. Other possible causes include infection, trauma, radiation therapy, and even eating too much sugar before going to sleep!

There are two main types of treatments for PTH. One type involves medication which helps in reducing the amount of blood that gets into your body. The second type involves surgery where a small hole is made in your throat so that less blood can get into your body. Both methods are effective but they both carry risks and complications. You should choose one method over another according to what works best for you and your situation.

Preventing PTH is always better than treating it. There are a few things that the medical community recommends in order to prevent PTH. They include:

Don’t eat too much sugar before you go to sleep.

Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol as much as possible.

Go for regular medical check-ups to screen for potential problems.

Keep your vaccinations up to date.

See a doctor immediately if you experience any bleeding from your throat or mouth.

Treatments are always available but it is always better to prevent the problem altogether so that’s why there are tonsillectomy prevention methods that you should take into consideration. Always keep in mind that prevention is better than the cure!

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