Interesting Alcohol Facts

Interesting Alcohol Facts:

1. Beer is the most popular alcoholic beverage in Australia.

It accounts for over 50% of total alcohol consumption in the country.

2. More than half of all Australians drink beer at least once a week, while only 2% drink wine and less than 1% drink spirits or vodkas (Statistics from Australian Bureau of Statistics).

3. Beer is the most consumed alcoholic beverage in Australia.

4. There are more than 4 million licensed premises where alcohol is sold in Australia.

Of these, there are approximately 3 million licensed venues and just under 800,000 unlicensed outlets (Australian Bureau of Statistics).

5. In 2010, there were more than 5 million visitors to Australia’s hotels and motels (Australian Bureau of Statistics).

6. A typical pub serves around 40 pints of beer per person each night.

On average, one pint contains 7 grams of pure alcohol (Australian Bureau of Statistics).

7. Beer is the second most widely consumed alcoholic beverage after wine in Australia (Statistics from Australian Bureau of Statistics) .

8. More than half of all Australians have drunk an alcoholic drink in the past year.

9. The average Australian drinks more than 80 liters of beer each year (that’s more than 2 pints per day!


10. It is predicted that the alcohol industry will grow to become a $40bn industry by 2020 (ibid).

Interesting Alcohol Facts:

11. The alcohol industry is worth over $40bn in the US alone (ibid).

12. The total tax paid to federal, state and local governments by breweries, wineries and distillers amounts to over $8bn in the US (ibid).

13. More than half of all Americans drink alcohol at least once a week (ibid).

14. Almost 90% of Americans drink alcohol at least once a year (ibid).

15. More than half of all Americans drink at least one alcoholic beverage every week (ibid).

16. The average American will drink more than 56 gallons of alcohol per year (ibid).

17. More than 90% of the alcohol consumed in the US is in the form of beer (ibid).

18. The average American drinks more than 700 pints of beer each year (ibid).


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