Hypertrophy Training vs. Strength Training: Pros and Cons

Hypertrophy Training vs Strength Training: Pros and Cons

Pros of Hypertrophy Training

1) You will get bigger faster than if you were doing strength training.

(Strength training takes time to build muscle mass)

2) You will get stronger quicker than if you were doing strength training.

3) You can do it all day long without getting tired!

4) You can train with less equipment.

5) You don’t need to spend money on expensive supplements 6) You can still perform your other exercises while doing hypertrophy training 7) You have the option to change up your routine every now and then 8) If you want to lose weight, you won’t feel like crap when you’re done 9) Your muscles are always ready for more work after a workout 10) Hypertrophy Training is a great way to keep fit!

11) You can even use it to gain more confidence 12) You can do it at home 13) You don’t need any special equipment 14) It’s easy to learn 15) There are no rules to follow 16) It doesn’t require a gym 17) It’s not too complicated 18) The only thing you’ll have trouble with is concentration 19) Hypertrophy Training isn’t boring 20).

Cons of Hypertrophy Training


Doesn’t produce as much gains in muscle mass as strength training 2). Takes up time you could spend doing strength training 3). If you’re not careful, you might not even gain any muscle at all!

4). It’s really easy to over train (if you are not taking rest days!) 5). There is a greater risk of injury (e.g. over training and doing too much weight) 6). It’s not as effective as strength training to gain strength! 7). Your endurance will suffer if you do it for too long 8). It requires more time and effort than just strength training

Pros of Strength Training

1) If you are looking to gain muscle mass quickly, then this is the way to go!

2) You can do it at any time!

3) All you need to do it is a little bit of equipment and your body weight!

4) Strength training can help prevent injury in many ways!

5) Strength Training will help reduce your recovery time a lot!

6) You can save time and still get great results if you do the right exercises 7).

You will get stronger a lot quicker than with hypertrophy training 8) You don’t need to think about it as much 8). It requires less equipment than you would need for hypertrophy training

Cons of Strength Training

1). If you are looking to lose weight, then this is NOT the way to go! 2) You need to think about what you’re doing a lot more than with hypertrophy training 3) It can be boring if you’re not careful 4) Not every one can do it 5) Not everyone will gain strength 6).

You have to be consistent with your training and diet

What’s the conclusion?

So overall your best option is going to be strength training. It’s a lot easier to gain muscle mass if you’re also trying to gain strength. It’s also a lot easier if you’re trying to lose weight. The biggest reason is that it takes a lot less time and effort! It’s just a win win all round.

If you are looking to gain muscle mass, then stick with strength training but mix in some hypertrophy training every now and then. The best way to do this is to follow a plan from one of the many reputable strength training websites out there. The key to gaining muscle mass quickly is to get strong in the big compound movements, add some isolation exercises in for your weak areas and follow an eating plan (like the muscle gaining menu I have provided).

If you are looking to gain strength, then stick with strength training as it’s really the only way to go.

When you get really strong, you might be interested in Powerlifting or Weightlifting. Both of these sports are great for making consistent gains in strength. There is a bit more technique involved, but this will come with practice.

All the best!

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