How to Use Coconut Oil for Chapped, Dry Lips

Coconut Oil for Chapped, Dry Lips: What Is Coconut Oil Good For?

The reason why coconut oil is good for chapped, dry lips is because it moisturizes them. It helps prevent moisture loss due to drying. You may think that it’s not good for your lips if you have been using other lip products or creams which are made with petroleum based ingredients such as petrolatum or mineral oils. However, these types of lip products are not suitable for those suffering from dryness. They may cause irritation or even break down the natural lipid barrier.

You might think that coconut oil is bad for your lips if you suffer from dryness. But there are many people who don’t experience any problems when they use coconut oil on their lips.

Some people say that it’s better than some other lip balms and lotions which contain alcohol or parabens. Alcohol can irritate the skin and cause inflammation. Paraben causes allergic reactions and irritation.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Coconut Oil On Your Lips?

It is believed that coconut oil is good for your lips because it contains fatty acids which nourish the surface of the lips. These fatty acids are able to keep your lips hydrated and soft. They also make your lips smooth, supple, pliable, flexible, pliant and resilient. It can prevent cracks and chapping.

Coconut oil is also known to be able to kill certain types of bacteria, such as Staphylococcus aureus, which can cause skin infections. It can also combat fungi and yeast that can infect or cause infection in the skin.

It doesn’t matter whether the infection or problem is internal or external, coconut oil can still help fight or prevent these problems from occurring.

Coconut oil is also readily absorbed into the skin and connect to the lipid layer. This allows it to help fight aging and wrinkles by keeping you youthful looking.

It is able to fight free radicals and other harmful compounds. This helps to prevent the skin from looking old and dry. It can help keep your skin hydrated and smooth, as well as plump and flexible. With regular use, it can also make your skin look radiant and healthy.

How Much Coconut Oil Should You Apply To Your Lips?

If you want to apply a specific amount of the coconut oil to your lips, it is going to be difficult because the oil is in a liquid state at temperatures which are above 75 degrees. If the temperature is lower than this, then the oil will be solid. This means that you won’t be able to measure out an exact quantity each time that you apply it. If you have a small bottle of the oil, then you will find it is easier to measure out the amount that you need.

You should put a pea-sized amount of the oil on your finger and rub it around your lips. If you use too much, then it can leave your lips feeling greasy.

You will also develop a very strong scent of coconut which can be unpleasant for other people. It can even become overpowering to yourself. If the smell is too strong for you, you may only want to use it before going to bed. You can also choose to use the oil on a napkin and wipe off the extra when you have applied it to your lips.

What Are Some Of The Precautions To Be Aware Of?

If the coconut oil is solid, then it is possible for you to get frostbite if you apply it directly on your skin. This can burn your lips and leave them red, swollen and very tender to the touch. It can also cause blisters. If too much of the oil is used, then it will not be absorbed into the skin and it will appear as if you have applied a thick layer of lip gloss to your lips.

What Are The Potential Side Effects Of Coconut Oil On Your Lips?

Coconut oil is known to be safe for external use, such as on the skin. It is an edible oil that can provide nutrients and health benefits to the body when ingested. There are no known negative side effects when it is applied topically. It can be a powerful moisturizer as well as an antibacterial agent.

Some testimonials have suggested that people who suffer from acne may notice that it gets worse when they begin to use it. In these cases, people recommend that you dilute the oil with another oil, such as olive oil.

What Should You Do If You Want To Use Coconut Oil For Your Lips?

Coconut oil is easy to find at most grocery stores these days. It can be found in bins with other cooking oils. You can also find it in the pharmacy aisle or the health and beauty aisle of your local store. You can buy it organically or you can buy it plain. It is even sold in liquid form, such as in a small vial that you can easily dispense from.

You can use the coconut oil in a number of ways. You can rub a small amount on your lips before you go to bed at night.

The healing and moisturizing properties will work while you sleep. You may want to put on lipstick or lip balm over the top of it so that the oil is not noticeable to other people.

Some people like to use a q-tip or their finger to apply a small amount directly to their lips as needed throughout the day. This can help to add moisture back into your lips so that they do not get dried out and cracked.

It is best to apply it at least once per day. In many cases, you will see a decrease in cracked, dry lips after a couple of days of using it.

You can also apply it as a preventative measure. If you are prone to dryness, use it twice daily or before participating in an event that may cause your lips to become chapped.

Does The Oil Have A Taste?

The coconut oil has no flavor of its own. You may find that it has a slight scent which can remind you of the beach or summer. It is a very subtle smell.

You can choose to apply it plain, although many people recommend that you mix it with another oil such as sweet almond or olive oil, since plain coconut oil can be a bit greasy when used on the lips.

How Much Does It Cost?

Coconut oil is readily available and can be found for sale in most grocery stores. It is not overly expensive and can be as cheap as $5 for a very large container of it. The price may be higher if you buy it at a health food store or online.

What Are Some Of The Best Brands Of Coconut Oil?

There are many manufacturers that produce coconut oil. Some of the better known and readily available are:

• Nutiva Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

This is one of the most popular brands of coconut oil. It comes in a 16 ounce jar and has a very subtle coconut scent.

It is made from fresh coconuts that have been cold-pressed. It can be used for cooking as well as skin and hair care. It is USDA certified organic and is available online and in grocery stores.

• Coconut Oil by Nature’s Way

This comes in a 32 ounce plastic jar. It is great for cooking, baking and body care.

It is 100% pure and natural and is USDA and Fair Trade certified. It can be found at specialty stores as well as online.

There are many other manufacturers of coconut oil. It is a very popular product and can be found at most health food stores and some grocery stores.

Tips For Using Coconut Oil For Your Lips

Coconut oil for your lips can help to moisturize as well as soothe chapped or cracked lips. It can also help protect your lips so that they do not become dry, chapped or cracked in the first place.

Since there are many manufacturers of coconut oil, the texture and “feel” of the oil may vary from one brand to another.

The coconut oil may have a solid form, like a stick of butter. If this is the case, then you will want to warm some of the solid oil between your fingers before applying it to your lips.

Rubbing your fingers together will help to warm it. Do not apply heat directly to the jar, as this could change the chemical composition and integrity of the oil.

Other Ways To Prevent Lips From Becoming Chapped Or Cracked

Other than using coconut oil, there are other ways that you can prevent your lips from becoming chapped or cracked. These include:

• Using a lip balm or moisturizer designed to hydrate and condition your lips. You may want to experiment with a few different ones and find the one that works the best for you.

• Drink plenty of water. This should prevent your lips from becoming dry and chapped in the first place.

Water not only keeps the rest of your body well hydrated and working properly, but it also washes away bacteria, which can cause bad breath, stomach pain, skin conditions such as acne and mouth sores and chapped lips. Adults need to drink around eight glasses of water every day.

• Eat a healthy diet. The same diet that helps prevent your skin from becoming dry and wrinkled can also help prevent your lips from drying out.

Fruits, vegetables and other healthy foods not only keep your body hydrated and functioning properly, but they also help to ward off infection and disease.

You can also use other oils such as olive oil, almond oil or sunflower oil to help keep your lips from becoming dry and chapped. However, these types of oils may be more expensive than coconut oil and may not offer the same benefits to the lips.

A number of ingredient oils are also edible, so you can use them on your lips as well.

Are There Any Coconut Oil Side Effects?

There are no known side effects when using coconut oil on your lips. It is a natural product and contains no harmful chemicals. The only possible side effect is that it may make your lips softer or more moisturized than they were before, which may be considered a benefit rather than a side effect.

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