How to Sober Up

How to Sober Up Fast:

1) Drink less alcohol – You need to drink less than usual if you want to get drunk faster.

Drinking more than normal amounts of alcohol will make it harder for your body to metabolize the alcohol so you won’t feel any effects from drinking it. If you are already intoxicated, then even small amount of alcohol may cause a hangover effect which makes you feel worse the next day.

2) Avoid alcohol altogether – Alcohol causes many negative side effects such as: impaired judgment, loss of coordination, increased heart rate and blood pressure, anxiety, depression and other mental disorders.

It can lead to accidents resulting in injury or death. Also alcohol increases the risk of developing cancer.

3) Take a break every now and then – When you have been drinking alcohol, you tend to not take care of yourself.

You don’t exercise enough, eat right or sleep properly. Your body needs time off to recover from all these factors. Taking a short break once in awhile helps your body recover from the damage caused by excessive drinking.

4) Eat nutritious foods – Drinking on an empty stomach will cause you to feel more drunk than usual.

When you are intoxicated, eat something high in carbohydrates such as bread, pasta or rice. It will help prevent you from blacking out and passing out. Eating while drinking helps prevent a hangover too.

5) Exercising – Go for a run, lift some weights or do some cardio.

Exercising will help your body metabolize the alcohol quicker. It also helps with blood circulation which is important to prevent a hangover. Drinking before exercising is not a good idea because it could cause you to injure yourself.

Myths about sobering up:

1) Coffee – Drinking coffee or taking a multivitamin will not sober you up.

These drinks and supplements do have their own health benefits but they are not what most people think they are. Taking a nap while drinking is not a good idea because when you wake up you will still have a high blood alcohol content.

2) Cold shower – A cold shower will not help get you sober.

In fact it could cause your blood pressure to drop and affect your heart rate causing you to possibly pass out or even die. This is especially dangerous for people with a history of heart problems.

3) Exercise – It won’t sober you up but it is good for your health.

4) Fresh Air – It won’t sober you up and the fresh air will make you feel worse.

5) Time – Sadly, the only way to sober up is time.

As you sleep your liver continues to break down the alcohol. Depending on your weight, gender, age and amount of food eaten while drinking will determine how long it takes to get sober. It usually takes an average person about 7 hours to get sober from a full blown state of intoxication.


1) Legal drinking age – The legal drinking age in the United States is 21.

If you are under the age of 21, it is illegal for you to drink. People under the age of 21 are also more sensitive to alcohol and their bodies are still developing too. Alcohol can have a more damaging effect on their still growing bodies.

2) BAC Limits – The legal limit for blood alcohol content (BAC) in the United States is 0.

08%. This means that no one can drive or be in actual physical control of a vehicle with a BAC of 0.08% or higher. If you are caught driving at any BAC level you can be arrested, have your license taken away and be forced to pay fines.

It doesn’t matter if it’s your first offense or not.

3) Other drugs – Most of the time, other drugs are used in combination with alcohol causing a more dangerous situation.

It doesn’t matter if you are using the drug(s) or someone else gives it to you, it is against the law. If you are caught using any other drugs in combination with alcohol, you can be arrested. You can be arrested for driving under the influence of drugs (DUID) even if your BAC is under the legal limit.

4) Age and Drug/Alcohol Limits – There is no law that states a specific age when it comes to using alcohol or drugs.

However, if you are caught using any other drugs in combination with alcohol, you can be arrested for DUID regardless of your age.

Common Myths:

1) Beer before liquor, never been sicker.

Liquor before beer, you’re in the clear – FALSE – This is a saying that has been going around for years. The only way this saying is true is if you are attempting to get as drunk as quickly as possible. This saying has no bearing on how sick you will get from drinking.

2) Eating food before or while drinking prevents a hangover – PARTLY TRUE – Eating food before or while drinking can help slow the absorption of alcohol into your body, which in turn can help you from getting sick as quickly.

This is only part true because no matter what you do, if you drink heavily enough you are going to feel pretty awful the next day.

3) Lying in the sun can help you feel better if you have a hangover – FALSE – The main thing that you feel right now is regret.

Lying in the sun doesn’t change this and trying to escape the pain by sleeping all day can actually make it worse since your body hasn’t fully recovered from the alcohol or whichever other drug(s) you may have used.

I will drink to your health, and to the health of our favorite alcoholic beverage. In a perfect world, everyone would know their limits and never overdo it. In a perfect world, everyone would be accounted for when making decisions that can affect their life or the lives of others. This isn’t a perfect world, so let’s take steps to make sure we are as safe as possible.

Here are some steps you can take to make sure you or someone else isn’t driving while under the influence:

1) Arrange a ride home before the fun begins – The most surefire way to prevent yourself from getting a DWI is to not drive home.

Have a designated driver set aside before you go out, or have someone you know follow you home after the festivities. If neither of these are viable options, there are alternatives. Many people make use of taxis or public transportation to get home, but depending on your location, this might not be available. In those cases, there are mobile apps you can download to call a cab or to catch a ride with someone who is driving home.

If you do have access to any of these and choose not to use them, then you are only hurting yourself in the long run.

2) Make sure you have a way to get home – Even if you are planning on having a designated driver, you still have to make sure that they are able to drive you home when the night is over.

This means you need to let them know when you start to feel sick from drinking, and when it’s time for you go home. Pushing someone to drink more, or convincing them to stay when they are ready to leave is only going to get them a DUI.

3) Eat when you can and drink water in between – Drinking on an empty stomach is a fast track to a hangover or worse.

Your body needs nutrients to help process the alcohol, and while you shouldn’t fill up on heavy food, having some light snacks every once in while can help slow the rate which the alcohol enters your blood stream.Also, water is critical. Your body is dehydrating much quicker than normal due to the diuretic aspect of alcohol, so make sure you have a refillable bottle with you and take a few sips every once in while.

4) Know when to stop – This is perhaps the simplest yet hardest concept to grasp.

You should absolutely know your limits and stop long before you reach them, but even if you don’t feel drunk, your body probably is. The alcohol in your system is interfering with proper decision making, so it is up to you to take control. If you think you’ve had too much – YOU HAVE.

5) Law enforcement take DWIs very seriously – This might be stating the obvious, but if you are stopped by law enforcement when you are under the influence, the consequences can be extreme.

There are times where bail, lawyers fees, and court costs can pile up to more than the cost of your fine. Not to mention the increase in insurance rates and potential employment issues. Don’t take the chance of making things worse by driving home, call a cab, call a friend, but whatever you do – DON’T DRIVE!

6) If all else fails, use the buddy system – If you are still with your friends, regardless of how hammered you think you are, stay with them.

The worst thing you can do is wander off by yourself, get lost, and end up getting yourself in trouble.

The sad fact is that impaired driving is still a major issue in America. In fact, every day twenty-eight people die from an alcohol related crash. If you find yourself needing a ride after a night out, please use the resources listed below.

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