How to Prevent Fine Lines Under Your Eyes

How to Prevent Fine Lines Under Your Eyes?

The lines under your eyes are one of the most common concerns among women. They may appear when you wake up or go to sleep, during the day or night, even while sleeping. The lines under your eyes are usually caused by aging and stress. You might have had them since childhood, but they were not visible until you got older and started working full time.

The lines under your eyes are commonly known as fine lines. They are very common among women of all ages.

However, the problem gets worse with age because it becomes harder to control them. There is no cure for the condition, but there are some things you can do to minimize their appearance:

1) Get regular checkups from your doctor.

Regular eye exams will help detect any underlying conditions that could cause the lines to appear.

2) Wear glasses.

If you wear contact lenses, make sure they fit properly so that they don’t irritate your eyes.

3) Avoid sun exposure.

Sunlight can cause damage to the cornea and lead to permanent changes in its shape. (Source: Eye Care Center)

4) Use sunscreen regularly.

Sunscreen helps protect against UV rays which can cause skin cancer and other diseases such as premature aging and cataracts.

5) Stop smoking.

Nicotine can cause blood vessels to tighten which affects the blood flow throughout your body. It can also cause your skin to have a grayish color and make the underlying tissues look weak.

6) Be conscious of your stress levels.

When you are stressed, your body releases a hormone called cortisol which can affect blood vessels and cause them to break.

7) Avoid untreated water and dirty environments.

Certain bacteria and other water-born diseases can cause skin cells to die which can lead to permanent discoloration under the eyes. (Source: Skin Care Center)

8) Eat a healthy diet.

Certain foods are great for your eye health because they contain skin-vitamin such as carrots and sweet potatoes.

9) Moisturize your face using natural oils.

Your skin loses moisture every day. The natural oils will trap the moisture in your skin and prevent it from drying out.

10) Get enough sleep every night. Sleep deprivation is linked to skin aging because it affects your immune system.

Your body requires sleep to produce skin-vitamins and remove dead skin cells.

Other tips:

11) Exfoliate your face once a week using a natural facial scrub.

12) Always wash your make-up off before you go to bed. Sleeping with make-up on can clog pores and cause long-term damage.

The lines under your eyes can be a big concern among women, but getting rid of them is not always necessary because there are some things that cause them. It’s very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle to prevent the lines from getting worse.

Make sure you drink plenty of water every day and get enough sleep at night. Following the tips listed above will help you maintain a good lifestyle.

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This article was written by our health expert Bianca Coleman.

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