How to Perform Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic Drainage Massage Benefits:

1) You will feel better immediately after lymphatic drainage massage.

2) Your body temperature will increase naturally within minutes of lymphatic draining massage.

3) Lymph nodes will become smaller and your skin tone becomes lighter.

4) Your immune system function improves.

5) You may experience a slight decrease in pain levels due to the lymphatic drainages.

6) You will be able to perform lymphatic drainage massage with less discomfort.

How To Perform Lymphatic Drainage Massage:

1) First, you need to have a clean washcloth or cotton pad.

You can use a tissue or even just your hand if it’s comfortable for you.

2) Next, you need to take a deep breath into your mouth and then exhale slowly through your nose.

Hold this position for at least 5 seconds. Then inhale deeply again through your nostrils and hold for another five seconds. Repeat this cycle three times. After doing so, you can continue performing lymphatic drainage massage until you are finished with the procedure.

3) After your deep breathing, you can start to position the area of the body where you will be performing the massage.

Before and after lymphatic drainage massage, it is recommended to turn on some calm music in order to make you feel more relaxed. It will also make the atmosphere more serene for your loved one or friend.

4) To perform a proper lymphatic drainage massage, start from the feet and work your way up slowly towards the chest.

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