How to Identify and Manage Phubbing

Phubbing refers to the act of someone sharing their personal information online without permission. Phubbing can happen when:

The person does not have control over what they share with others (e.g., they are drunk) or it is something embarrassing such as a sexual nature (e.g., explicit photos).

What is Phubbing?

Phubbing can happen when someone shares private information with a third party, such as a stranger or even another person. Phubbing may include:

Emailing your bank account details to get money from it.

Tweeting out your home address to strangers.

Linking to websites containing child abuse images.

Sharing your credit card number and expiration date with unknown parties, so that they can charge you for unauthorized charges.

When someone shares private information online, it is called phubbing. Phubbing can be done without any intention of harming anyone else. However, if the person does harm others through phubbing, then they are considered to be a cyberstalker.

Cyberstalking is illegal and can result in criminal prosecution.

How do I Know If Someone Is Phoning Me?

The first question that you may be asking is how do you know if someone is phubbing you?

There are different ways that someone can phub you:

They can send messages to your friends or family members. They might share private information about you with others online. They might even try to hack into your social media accounts and post private information there.

They could be a cyberstalker.

Is someone trying to get personal information about you? Or are they trying to find out more about your friends or family members?

Now that you have an idea of what phubbing is, you might be wondering why someone would do this. There are a few different reasons why someone would phub you:

Someone might be phubbing you because they want to share private information about you online. They may share this information with other people for fun or profit.