How to Hit Puberty Faster

How To Hit Puberty Faster:

The most common question which comes up from girls is “how do I hit puberty faster?”

The answer is simple. You don’t need to go through the whole process again. There are many methods available to you now. All these methods have their advantages and disadvantages so choose one that suits your needs best.

1) Diet:

It’s not necessary to eat junk food or anything else unhealthy. You just need to make sure you get enough calories and protein. If you want to lose weight then it would be better if you follow a diet plan with high calorie foods like pizza, chips, cookies etc.

But if you’re looking for quick results then following a healthy diet is all that’s required.

2) Exercise:

Exercise is very important for hitting puberty faster. Exercising helps in burning fat and increasing testosterone levels. Exercise is also good for boosting energy level and improving concentration.

So exercise regularly! Don’t worry though, it’s not too hard to do either! Just go out and walk around or play some sports games such as basketball, volleyball, badminton etc.

3) Alcohol:

Alcohol increases libido and sexual desire. It also helps in reducing anxiety and stress. Alcohol is a depressant so you should be careful about how much you consume.

Drinking more than 3 cups of coffee can have adverse effects on your body so be careful!

When Will I Hit Puberty:

The general age for boys to hit puberty is 14-15. The first sign of puberty is a little growth spurt. Then your testicles will grow and begin producing testosterone.

After a few months your scrotum will begin to darken and wrinkles will appear. After this you’ll start growing body hair in the privates area and all over your body. You’ll grow taller, stronger, deeper voice, facial hair, more oily skin etc. If you haven’t hit puberty by 14 then you’ll definitely go through it before 15 but if its 16 then there are possibilities that you might take longer to develop. If you haven’t hit puberty by the age of 20 then you might have some medical issues which need to be looked into.

When Will I Stop Puberty:

The average age for boys to stop puberty is 21. However, puberty doesn’t end when you reach 21 as it never ends completely; it just slows down a lot. Some older men still grow bits of facial hair and they still grow a little bit taller and their voice deepens occasionally even in their 50’s!

Note: The above information is for knowledge purposes only. Please consult a doctor before attempting any self diagnosis or treatment.

When Will I Get a Beard:

Most boys get facial hair after they hit puberty. The average age for this is around 16. However, some boys do get facial hair in their teens and some don’t get facial hair until their 20’s and beyond.

Facial hair is often linked to genetics so if your father didn’t get a beard until he was 30 then you might not get a beard until you’re the same age.

When Will I Get Pubic Hair:

Most boys get pubic hair around the same time as facial hair or shortly after. The average age is around 13-14. However, some boys do get pubic hair in their teens and some don’t get pubic hair until their 20’s and beyond.

Should I Shave:

Whether or not you should shave is completely up to you. Most boys shave their faces when they’re teenagers because it makes them look older and more mature. However, some choose to grow a beard and never shave.

It’s completely up to you. Just don’t use mom’s hair removal cream!

When Will I Grow Taller:

The average age for growing the last time is around 15-16 but you can continue growing into your twenties. However, after 25 most people don’t grow anymore regardless of exercise and diet. Some people might continue to grow until the age of 21 but not very much.

This means that even if you’re very short then there’s no guarantee that you’ll become tall by the time you’re an adult.

When Will I Stop Growing Arms and Legs:

This occurs around the same time as your last growth spurt. This usually happens at 15-16 but some people grow a little longer and some are shorter than this average age.

Should I stretch:

The short answer is yes, the long answer is quite a long lecture so if you want to know more please see your school nurse about your skeletal system, muscular system, cardiovascular system and lymphatic system.

When Will I Stop Growing:

Most people don’t grow after they become an adult with a few exceptions. The average growth stops at 21 but some people will continue to grow slowly until they are 23. The only problem with this is that most men often stop growing by the time they finish puberty.

If you’re short then there’s nothing you can do. You’ll just have to learn to deal with it.

When Will My Voice Break:

The average age for a boy to break his voice is around 15 but it can happen any time from 13 to 17 and beyond. There’s no way to tell when this is going to happen except if you already hit puberty then it’s likely to happen soon.

Will I Get Acne:

Most people get acne at some point. This usually happens during puberty but can happen any time from age 10-30. There’s no way to prevent this and treatment varies depending on the severity of the acne.

Please see a doctor if you develop acne as spots can lead to scars if not treated properly.

Should I Pick at My Acne:

No. Picking can lead to scars and infection. Please see a doctor or visit the school nurse.

When Will I Lose My Baby Teeth:

Most people lose their baby teeth around the time of their voice breaking but this isn’t true for everyone. The average age for losing a tooth is around 12 but it can happen any time from age 6-16. There’s no way to tell when a baby tooth will fall out except if it starts to hurt.

Will My Gums Always Be Red:

The average age for this to happen is around 21 but it can happen any time from age 16-30. If your gums stay red for any longer than a year then you should visit the dentist.

Will I Have Acne:

The average age for acne to start is around 12 but it can happen at any age from 10-30. If you develop pimples then you should visit the school nurse. Please see a doctor if the acne doesn’t clear up within a month.

When Will I Grow Body Hair:

Most girls grow some body hair during puberty but exactly where and when it grows varies a lot between people. If you notice hairs anywhere other than your head please tell your parents as soon as possible. If you’re old enough to read this then you need to make sure you tell someone if you notice any changes, even if you don’t think it’s important.

Please don’t waste time making a fuss about things that aren’t important and delaying treatment for things that are.

When Will My Period Start:

The average age for a girl to get her first period is 13 but it can happen any time between the ages of 9-16. There’s no way to know in advance when it’s going to happen except if you start to notice some blood on your underwear. This could also be a false alarm so don’t jump to conclusions.

If you start to notice blood on your underwear you should report this to your mother or father as soon as possible.

When Will I Get Off My Tummy:

There’s no way to tell when this will happen but most people get off their tummy at around two years old. It could happen before or after this age. Please don’t try to force your child to get off their front if they don’t want to as this could result in a serious injury.

It’s better to wait it out.

When Will I Start Walking:

There’s no way to know when a child will start walking except if they show an interest in standing up and walking around. Some children start walking as soon as they are able to pull themselves up, which is around 6 months old but usually they don’t walk alone until they are a little older than a year. Please remember to always be around a pool that your child is playing in, even if they can swim.

When Will I Start Talking:

There’s no way to know when a child will talk except if they show an interest in the things around them and are trying to copy what you’re doing with your mouth. Most people say their first word around age 1 but they don’t start saying sentences until a little bit later. Please talk to your child as much as possible.

The more you talk to them now, the better they will be at talking later on.

When Will I Be Able To Read:

Most people are able to read when they start school but this can vary depending on how quickly a person learns compared to the other children in their class. Please don’t push your child to read before they are ready or get frustrated with them if they have trouble, it’s a difficult skill to learn and they will pick it up when they’re ready.

When Will I Be Able To Ride My Bike:

Most children learn how to ride a bike when they’re around 6 years old but it can happen any time between 4-7 years. There’s no way to know for sure if your child will learn before or after these ages. Don’t buy them a bike before they learn as they might get frustrated and you’ll end up with a useless present.

When Will I Grow Tall:

Most girls grow the rest of the way when they’re between the ages of 15-19. Most boys grow the rest of the way when they’re between the ages of 17-21. Some people grow later than this but it’s unusual for it to happen past the age of 25.

Please don’t tease your child if they are one of the last to grow up, everyone grows at a different time and they will grow in their own time.

When Will I Start My Menstrual Period:

This is usually between the ages of 9-15 but it can happen earlier or later than this. Please make sure you explain to your daughter what her period means and how to handle it. It can be very scary the first time it happens but it’s a very natural thing for a woman’s body to do and doesn’t make her a grown-up.

When Will I Get My First Job:

Most people get their first job when they’re in their late teens or early twenties. There’s no real way to know exactly when this will happen as it could happen any time between the ages of 15-25. Please make sure you encourage your child and help them practice job interviews as it’s very important in life to know how to do these.

When Will I Be A Grown-Up:

Everyone is different but most people agree that being a grown-up is being able to make it in the real world without needing help anymore. Having a good job, living on your own and not relying on your parents for money is the usual definition. Please don’t put pressure on your child by telling them to grow up too fast, there’s no rush and they will grow up soon enough.

I hope this letter has helped you. If you have any other questions please ask your doctor or a teacher at school.

Good luck.

Jennifer Thompson.

P.S. Just because you learn to do something on this list, doesn’t mean you have to do it.

Some things are more fun than others and that’s okay.


“That’s so sweet,” Mel says, looking over your shoulder.

You shrug, smiling. “Nah, it’s just something I thought of when I was a kid.”


You look at the next card, titled “Greatest Fears”.


As you look at this next fear, you feel cold air on your back. This happens every so often, no matter where theAir is leaking from. It’s chilling to the bone.

This is a fear that you are deathly afraid of.

Talking in front of crowds, public speaking and anything of that sort terrifies you. Having everyone’s eyes on you causes your throat to close up and your legs to turn to jelly. Just thinking about it gives you the chills.

You’re not the only one, either. There are plenty of people out there who suffer from this. Johnathan has it pretty bad, too.

He’s not fond of it, though he deals with it much better than you do. Most people deal with it pretty well, sadly. Some become really good at public speaking and learn to love it, which just makes it even worse for you.

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