How to Do Wide-Grip Pullups

How To Do Wide Grip Pull Ups – Step By Step Instructions

1) First of all, get into a comfortable position.

You can do it sitting or standing. If you are doing it standing then put your feet shoulder width apart and hold them there while pulling yourself up with both hands (as if you were trying to lift something). Your arms should be straight at your sides. Keep your back straight and don’t let any part of your body fall down.

2) Now keep pulling yourself up until you feel resistance.

At this point you will probably have to stop and rest for a few seconds. Then start again from step one.

3) Once you reach the top of the movement, make sure not to let your head touch the ground.

Make sure your shoulders are pulled back and your chest is pushed out. Don’t allow your neck or chin to droop down at all during this exercise!

4) Repeat the same action on the other side.

This exercise is called “Wide-Grip Pullup” because when you perform it, your fingers are spread wide across your palms. You can also call it “Pullup”.

5) Another variation of this exercise is to place your hands behind your head and pull yourself up while keeping your elbows bent.

That way you can use only one hand for pulling yourself up instead of two hands. This exercise is called “One-Handed Pullup” because you are using only one hand instead of two hands.

6) A wide-grip pull-up is a good strengthening exercise for a lot of upper body muscles.

It really works your upper back, shoulders, and biceps. The wide position also works the inner chest muscles well.

7) You can also try bringing your legs up to your chest while in the top position.

You’ll find that this position is very difficult to hold for any length of time and that it really works your abs a lot. Hold that position for as long as you can before going back down to the starting position. Try to increase the length of time you can hold that position with each repetition.

8) Remember: NEVER bounce at the bottom or the top of any exercise.

You should pause for a second at the bottom to ensure that you are ready for the next repetition. But you should never bounce or jerk at any time during any exercise. This will only serve to injure your muscles and tendons, not strengthen them. Also, do not use any type of lifting belt or similar device during this exercise. This is because your muscles need to be strengthened from the bottom up and a lifting belt will only serve to take away from the natural strength of your core muscles.

9) Always make sure to perform at least three warmup sets before starting your first working set.

For the Wide-Grip Pullup, you should begin with a set of no more than 10 repetitions. If, for example, you determine that your first working set is going to be 20 repetitions, you will do two more warmup sets of no more than 10 repetitions before you attempt your first working set of 20 repetitions.

10) For the Wide-Grip Pullup, you should work with a weight that is sufficient to allow you to reach failure somewhere in the range of 12 to 15 repetitions. The warmup sets will allow you to determine the exact poundage you will use for your first working set.

11) Once you can perform 15 repetitions in your first set without assistance, increase the weight you are using by 5 pounds the next time you work out. If, on the other hand, you can only perform 12 repetitions in your first set, decrease the weight you are using by 5 pounds the next time you work out.

12) As with any exercise, you should not increase the weight you are using for a particular exercise by more than 5 pounds each time you work out. Once you can perform 15 repetitions in your first set without difficulty, then you may increase the weight by another 5 pounds. And once you can perform 12 repetitions in your first set, it’s time to drop the weight back down again.

13) Always remember to take your time when doing any exercise. This will not only serve to eliminate swinging but it will also help to reduce the possibility of injury.

14) Never allow yourself to be so pumped that you can’t grab a hold of the bar and get your first rep started.

15) Always remember to stretch thoroughly before AND after your workout. Also, lightly stretch the muscle(s) that you have trained before beginning any other exercise.

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