How to Deal with a Tattoo Blowout

Tattoo Blowout Causes:

1) Tattoo Ink Blisters – Tattoo ink blisters are caused due to improper tattooing technique.

These tattoos are not properly sealed off from the skin. Therefore, when the skin gets wet, it dries out and creates a blister.

A tattooed area will become red and raw due to excessive bleeding. When these areas bleed excessively they cause severe pain and swelling which may even result in death if left untreated.

2) Tattoo Bleeding – Tattoo bleeding is another type of tattoo blisters.

This occurs due to the excess blood loss. The excess blood is usually from a cut or injury.

There are several types of tattoo bleeding such as:

a) Blood coming out of the wound.

b) Blood leaking through the skin. (this happens when there is no seal around your body).

c) Blood oozing out of the tattoo.

d) Blood leaking into the surrounding area.

3) Tattoo Burn – Tattoo burn is a very painful condition that occurs due to tattoo ink getting burned during tattooing.

This burning can occur anywhere on your body but mostly occurs at the site where the tattoo was applied. If you have been having problems with any of these three conditions then you need to seek medical attention immediately!

4) Blood poisoning/ Infection – Blood poisoning and infection are one of the most common tattoo blowout causes.

These two conditions are caused due to poor tattooing techniques or equipment. If you do not go to a proper medical center then these conditions can lead to your death.

When you are flowing out blood from your wound, the tattoo artist might not be using sterilized equipment. There might also be dust and dirt in the area where they are doing the tattooing. These are few of the many types of infection and blood poisoning.

2. Tattoo Fix with White Ink

If you just got a tattoo blowout fix with white ink then you have a lot of freedom in the way you want it to turn out. It is definitely going to be a more expensive process and it all depends on how much you want to spend to make it look exactly like you want it to.

White ink is going to cover up the tattoo blowout fix. The artist is going to have to put more white ink in the area where the tattoo blowout was.

If you want the white ink to be more prominent then you are going to have to get it done several times. The reason why it is going to be more expensive because your skin is not just one solid color. Your skin has layers of different colors and tones. To make the white ink look like your natural skin the artist is going to have to do it several times to make sure that all of the white ink is not just on the top layer.

You can also get a cover up with a completely different design if you do not want to spend the money to get it fixed. It all depends on how much you value your tattoo and how much you want it gone.

If you do not mind spending the money then this is a great way to go. Otherwise, if you just do not want to spend the money then you can always get a cover up with a different design.

3. Tattoo Blowout Fix with Black Light Tattoos

If you do not want to get your tattoo fixed or covered up then you can always get black light tattoos. A black light tattoo is when the artist puts white ink under the top layer of your skin.

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