How to Cuddle Like You Mean It (And Why You Should)

Cuddling means to hold someone close to your body, but not so tight that it hurts or causes any discomfort.

In some cultures, hugging is considered as a form of cuddling. However, most cultures consider such behavior inappropriate for children under certain circumstances. For example, touching another person’s private parts without their consent is frowned upon in many societies.

The word “cuddle” comes from the French word couche which means to squeeze. So, it’s kind of like squeezing a balloon. The word “cuddle” was originally used by couples in the 1950s when they were trying to make babies through artificial insemination techniques. They would hug each other during those times to stimulate ovulation.

Some people think that cuddling is just a way to get closer to someone else. However, there are many benefits associated with this type of behavior. If you’re looking for ways to improve your relationship, then cuddling might be one of them.

When two people touch each other intimately, they release endorphins into the bloodstreams of both parties. Endorphins are chemicals produced naturally in our bodies that act as natural painkillers and relaxants. The release of these chemicals promotes a feeling of well-being in the two individuals, which can lead to greater happiness in their lives.

There are many reasons why people cuddle:

It’s a form of intimacy between couples. It helps partners to feel connected to one another.

It can remind people that they are still desired by others. This can help them when they feel insecure about themselves or their relationships.

It gives people a chance to feel “cherished.” People that cuddle often do so because they feel secure in their relationship. They enjoy the closeness that it brings and don’t have to worry about whether the other person is cheating on them or not.

Cuddling allows couples feel like they are still “in love,” even after many years of marriage. It can remind people of the honeymoon phase of their relationship when everything was exciting and new.

These are just some of the many reasons why people like to cuddle. If you do it with the right person in the right setting, it is sure to produce positive effects on your life. However, it’s very important to choose the best cuddling position so you can get all the benefits associated with this activity.

Best Cuddling Positions

There are many cuddling positions that you can try with your partner. Most of them involve lying down next to one another in bed. There are even websites that provide details about how you can perform different types of cuddles with your partner in different areas of the house.

Since we are focusing on improving your relationship with your boyfriend, we’ll only be covering the best cuddling positions for two people that are lying down. Later on, we’ll show you a few other positions as well.

The Spooning Position:

Probably the most common position used during cuddling, the “Spooning” position is a very intimate one for couples. It’s best for long periods of cuddling and can help partners to feel safe and secure when they do it.

The positions is named after the way the two people look from the side: The man’s body forms the shape of a “Spoon” while holding his partner. Men can get a good grasp around their partner by wrapping one of their arms around her, thus giving them control over the tightness or looseness of the grip.

The “Egg Tray” position:

This is an especially comfortable position that allows the man to relax without having a limb fall asleep. It’s somewhat similar to the way people sit on an egg tray in the refrigerator, hence the name. Both partners lie on their side facing each other with one partner’s back against the other. One person’s legs are positioned between the other partner’s legs.

The “Ball” position:

This position is similar to the “Egg Tray” position except the person with the least amount of flexibility lies down first. Both partners lie on their side and face each other. The person doing most of the cuddling is the one who lies down. The other partner sits between the person’s legs and wraps theirs around the other person’s waist.

These are three of the best cuddling positions for couples. If you or your boyfriend have any others that you would like to share, don’t be afraid to mention them in the comment section. We can always use more ideas!

The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Cuddling

There are many benefits to cuddling, and you should try to make it a habit as often as you can. Here are some of the main advantages of cuddling with your boyfriend:

It strengthens the intimacy of your relationship.

You will feel more intimate with your boyfriend if you’re both cuddling together on a regular basis. As you both share the cuddle position, you will start to feel closer and more connected with one another. You will also want to engage in other intimacy activities as well (such as kissing or petting). If you’re single, sharing a few moments of cuddling with someone could help you decide if they are worth pursuing in a more intimate way.

It helps relieve the stress of your day.

Who doesn’t like to have someone rub your hair or back when you’re feeling tired?

Cuddling is a great way to release some of the built up stress you feel each day. Even if you don’t have a lot going on, it feels good to have someone touch you in an affectionate way.

It’s intimate, but not sexual.

If you or your boyfriend are not in the mood for a more intimate encounter, then cuddling can be just what the doctor ordered. It’s a great way to get physically close to one another without having to engage in more intense physical activity. This can help tide you over until “later” without leaving you both feeling frustrated.

On the other hand, cuddling can sometimes lead to sexual desire. If you or your boyfriend start feeling frisky while in the cuddle position, you’ll know exactly what to do next! Just make sure that the intimacy is something that you’re both okay with. If you’re not, then make sure that you end the cuddle session before things get too intense.

The major drawback of cuddling is, of course, that it can cause unwanted arousal. If you’re not in the mood to be intimate with your boyfriend, then cuddling can lead to sexual frustration. This can cause problems in your relationship if one of you really wants to be intimate and the other doesn’t. Make sure you communicate well when it comes to intimacy, otherwise one of you is bound to feel rejected or ignored.

How To Cuddle With Your Boyfriend

Cuddling with your boyfriend is a very straightforward activity. There’s no need to over-analyze it or to put too much thought into it. Just lie with one another and help each other feel good. Here are some tips on how to do that:

Find a comfortable setting.

The key to cuddling is finding a comfortable setting in which you and your boyfriend can both lie down together. If you’re watching a movie, then pick a seat in the middle of a row. If you’re at a party, find a chair that you can both sit in. You can also just lie down on a bed or a couch together. As long as you’re comfortable, then you’ll both enjoy it more.

Use pillows to prop yourselves up.

If you want to watch a movie together, then use pillows to create a makeshift “chair”. This will allow you to sit up a little bit without having to slump over or strain your neck. You can also use pillows to support your head while lying down. This ensures that you both get the perfect position for cuddling.

Hug and hold each other closely.

When you’re ready, get close to your boyfriend and give him a big hug. Cuddle up next to him by wrapping one arm and one leg around him. Use additional pillows to prop yourself up so that you’re both in the perfect position for embracing. Let him know that you’re ready to cuddle by giving him a gentle squeeze or by stroking his hair or back.

Enjoy your time together.

Now that you’re in the perfect position, there’s nothing left to do but enjoy one another’s company and have a good time. Snuggle up next to your boyfriend, watch a movie together, kiss him, or whatever it is that you like to do. Don’t forget to express your gratitude for having him in your life. The more you openly say “I love you”, the stronger your relationship will become.

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