How to Cope with Ommetaphobia, or a Fear of Eyes

How to Cope with Ommetaphobia, or a Fear of Eyes?

Fear of eyes watching you is a common phobias. There are various reasons why someone might have such fear. Some people may have it because they were born with them and others may develop it later in life due to trauma or even just stress.

There are several types of eye disorders. One type of eye disorder is called myopia (short-sightedness). Myopia affects only one side of the eyeball. If your right eye is shorter than your left then you will see objects clearly from the right perspective while if your left eye is longer than your right, you’ll see things clearly from the left perspective.

Myopia is very rare but it does occur. Other types of eye disorders include astigmatism, presbyopia and hyperopia.

Myopic people tend to get lost easily in dark places like night clubs or other crowded places where there’s no way out unless you’re walking around at a normal distance from the light source. They often struggle to read large print books without squinting their eyes. Myopic people tend to be older than astigmatic people but younger than presbyopic people.

There is a condition called ophthalmia (inflammation of the eye) where your eyes turn red and itches. It is normally caused by bacteria or viruses entering your eyes. Other symptoms include redness, watering (excess of tears), pain, blurred vision, sensitivity to light (photophobia) and discharge (mucous and pus). This condition is very painful and only lasts for a few days.

An ophthalmologist (doctors who specialize in eyes) or an optometrist can treat this condition with eye drops like atropine, buffered aspirin or steroid drops.

What Are the Treatments Available for People who Have Ommetaphobia?

People who have ommetaphobia (fear of eyes) have several options available to them. Depending on your situation, any combination of these treatments can be used:

Cognitive-behavioral therapy

Systematic desensitization


Eye massage



Some people can overcome their fear of eyes without the help of any professionals.

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