How to Care for a Temporary Crown

How to Care for a Temporary Crown:

The following are some tips and tricks which will help you care for your temporary crown.

1) You need to take it off before sleeping or going to bed.

If you put it on while you sleep, then when you wake up, it may cause irritation or even infection if not taken off immediately.

2) When you go out, do not wear it around your neck.

Wear it at least two inches above your collarbone area. Do not wear it around your wrist area unless you have a medical reason to do so.

3) After showering, use cold water only to wash off any soap residue from the crown.

Cold water will help remove the dirt and grime that build up on the crown during the day time.

4) Never leave the crown on overnight.

Leave it off until morning.

5) Always keep the crown away from sunlight.

Keep it in a dark place such as a cabinet or closet where it cannot get damaged or dirty.

6) If you feel uncomfortable with wearing your temporary crown, then don’t wear it at all!

Just let it sit there and look pretty!

This is an example of how to care for a temporary crown.

How Long After Temporary Crown Can I Eat?

Some people are worried that they cannot enjoy a meal if they have a temporary crown on. It is important to know that with a temporary crown you can eat whatever you want. There are no restrictions at all. Just make sure not to eat anything very hard such as meat because it may damage the crown.

Temporary crown feels weird.

Some people say that after they get a temporary crown, they feel weird about it. They feel like the temporary crown is not a part of their body and it does not belong there.

If you start to feel that way, then there are a few things you can do in order to overcome this psychological feeling.

One thing you can do is try to focus on something else rather than your temporary crown. Think about something else and do not focus on your temporary crown at all.

If you think about it too much then you may develop a phobia about it and not want to wear it at all.

A second thing you can do is wear a cotton swab on your tongue. This will allow you to feel something on the roof of your mouth which will distract you from feeling the temporary crown.

A third thing you can do is try to bite lightly on the temporary crown. This will encourage a slight amount of pressure on your teeth and it will distract you from feeling the temporary crown at all.

In any case, do not focus too much on your temporary crown because if you do have a psychological response then it can lead to complications. The better you feel about your temporary crown, the better you will be!

Caring for a Temporary Crown:

1) You should not eat with your temporary crown on.

It may be safer if you wait an hour after eating or drinking before putting it in.

2) You can brush your teeth normally as long as you are gentle.

3) You may have to floss a little more often since food can get stuck in between the crown and your gums.

4) When you eat, do not bite down with your back teeth.

This can cause the temporary crown to pop out.

5) Be careful when you yawn or open your mouth too wide.

Always be sure to support your jaw with one hand when you do this for the first few days.

6) Avoid activities that may damage or dislodge the temporary crown such as contact sports or roughhousing with your kids or pets.

Checking your temporary crown:

After your temporary crown is placed you should have it checked by your dentist within 3 to 7 days. This will allow them to make any adjustments in the temporary crown if needed.

You should also clean it at this time.

How to Care for a Temporary Crown:

1) You may brush your teeth normally as long as you are gentle.

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