How Rare Is It to Have Red Hair and Green Eyes

Red Hair: A Common Coloration Type

The majority of humans have some amount of red hair. However, it is not uncommon to see individuals with very little or no red hair at all.

There are many reasons why someone might have no red hair, but there are other factors that can cause a person’s skin tone to appear lighter than average.

One common reason for having no red hair is due to genetic causes. Another possibility is that the individual was born with light brown or even blond hair.

If so, then they will likely never develop any noticeable signs of red hair.

There are several genes which determine whether a person will have red hair or not. These include: MC1R, TYRP1, SLC24A5 and OCA2 gene variants.

Some of these genes can be inherited from both parents. Other genes can only be passed down through one parent.

Some people may also inherit red hair from their mother, father or both parents. Although this does not guarantee that a child will have red hair, it does increase the chances considerably.

Another possible factor is sun exposure during pregnancy and/or birth. These factors can trigger the onset of red hair during infancy in both males and females.

If you were born with a full head of red hair, then it is more likely that other members on either side of your family had red hair as well. There is always a chance that you might have children with red hair, although it is not a guarantee.

Why Do You Have Green Eyes?

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