How Long Tans Last, and How to Make Them Last Longer

How Long Does a Tan Last?

A tan lasts from 3-5 days depending upon your age, physical condition and other factors. A young man with fair skin will have a darker color than one with dark skin. If you are older or younger, the time may vary greatly. One thing is certain though; if you are not careful when applying sunscreen, you could end up looking like a clown!

Tanned Skin: What Is It Good For?

If you are tanning, then it is good for you because it helps protect your body from the sun’s harmful rays. You might think that a tan would only benefit someone who spends most of their time outside, but the truth is that even those who spend most of their time indoors need protection from the sun. Even people in warm climates such as Florida need to wear protective clothing when they go out into the sun.

The Benefits of Tanning Are Not Just Physical

Another reason why people get tanned is to enhance their appearance. People often want to look more attractive and this is where the tan comes in handy. There are many celebrities who use tanning beds for various reasons. Some just enjoy getting tanned while others do it for health purposes.

Either way, the benefits of being tanned outweigh any drawbacks.

What about Sunburns and Tanning Lotions?

Sunburns are very common among people who go swimming or spend a lot of time in the sun without protection. We are not saying you shouldn’t enjoy the sun, but you need to protect yourself as well. Applying lotions that have sunscreen in them can help prevent sunburns while you enjoy the outdoors. If you have a job that requires you to be in the sun most of the day, then it might be best to apply lotion on a regular basis. The best kind of lotion to use is one that has an SPF rating of at least 15. Once you have applied the sunscreen, you will need to wait about 20 minutes before you go into the sun so it has time to soak into your skin.

Tips to Get the Perfect Tan

You can get a perfect tan without wrecking your skin. Most people make the mistake of not using any protective lotion at all, but this is a really bad idea. There are a number of ways for you to get that perfect suntan while keeping your skin healthy at the same time.

1. Exfoliate Your Skin

Before you go tanning, you are going to need to exfoliate your skin. This is something that a lot of people forget to do, but it is very important if you want to get the perfect tan.

2. Moisturize Your Skin

After you have exfoliated your skin, you need to make sure that you moisturize it as well. This will ensure that your skin does not get parched or dried out while you are tanning.

3. Moisturize Before You Go Outdoors

After you have exfoliated and moisturized your skin, you need to make sure that you do it one more time before you go outdoors. This is because the sunlight can dry out your skin and if it is already moisturized, then it won’t be as susceptible to this happening.

4. Location, Location, Location

The best place to tan is going to be in a bed or a booth because you get the maximum benefit with minimal exposure. Most people think that they have to stand around in the sun in order to get a good suntan, but this is not true at all.

5. Time

The time that it takes for you to get a good tan is going to vary depending on your skin type and how dark you want to get. Most people can achieve a nice golden brown in about two hours or so.

6. Monitor Your Progress

You should always have someone with you when you are tanning because your skin can burn before you even realize it. Also, you will need someone to apply the lotion to your back and other hard to reach places. This is especially important if you are using a tanning bed.


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