How Long Does Bacon Last

How Long Does Bacon Last?

Bacon is one of the most popular foods around. People love it and eat it all the time. However, some people are concerned with how long does bacon lasts in their refrigerator. Some people do not like the taste of raw bacon or they don’t want to consume raw pork products because they believe that it might contain harmful bacteria which could cause food poisoning. They think that if they cook bacon then it will be safe from contamination.

In fact, there is no need to worry about such things since cooked bacon is still perfectly safe. There have been several studies conducted on the safety of cooked and uncooked meats. All these studies confirm that cooked meat doesn’t pose any health risks.

Even though some people may not like the taste of raw pork products, they cannot say anything against the quality of its nutritional value.

The main concern about raw pork products is the possibility of salmonella infection. Salmonella infections can occur when meat comes into contact with dirty utensils, water contaminated with feces, dirt or other germs. Pork products can also become infected due to improper cooking methods such as undercooked, overcooked or improperly stored.

Although raw pork products are safer than those made from cooked pork, it’s always better to cook them thoroughly before consuming them.

Because of the risk of salmonella bacteria, cooking pork to perfection is very important. When cooked bacon is prepared at the right temperature, it can kill salmonella. Salmonella usually dies at a temperature of 137 degrees Fahrenheit or above.

However, this temperature is only effective for 3-5 minutes after the cooking process has finished. This is why it is necessary to make sure that the bacon was cooked thoroughly.

As long as it is cooked properly, it can last for a long time without refrigeration. The reason being is that cooking the meat kills most of the bacteria in the pork and makes it safe to consume. Even if it is not stored properly, it will not pose any health risks to its consumers as long as it has been cooked completely.

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