How Does Liquid Sugar Harm Your Body

Liquid Sugar: What Is It?

Sugar is a natural sweetener that occurs naturally in certain plants such as cane or beet. When it comes to sugar, there are two types of sugar; crystalline and granular. Granular sugar consists of small crystals which have been separated from other substances by heat and pressure. These crystals may be white, yellowish, brownish or any color. They are solid at room temperature but dissolve easily into water when heated.

Granular sugar is used in many foods and beverages. It is usually found in the form of table sugar (table salt), honey, molasses, fruit juice concentrate and some other syrups. Because they are so small, granular sugars do not cause tooth decay since they dissolve quickly into liquids. However, these small crystals can irritate the lining of the mouth causing bleeding gums and tooth pain.

Crystal Sugar: What Are Its Effects On Your Body?

The most common type of sugar is crystalline sugar. Crystal sugar is made up of large crystals that are larger than those found in granular sugar. While crystal sugar is commonly found in soft drinks, candy bars and candies, it contains no nutritional value and can cause tooth decay if consumed regularly.

How Does Liquid Sugar Harm Your Body?

If you consume too much liquid sugar, it will affect your blood stream because it causes a drop in sodium levels.

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