Here’s What You Need to Know About Vegan Collagen

What Is Vegan Collagen?

Vegan collagen is a product made from animal skin, bones, hair or other body parts. It contains no animal products whatsoever. Although it may contain small amounts of plant proteins, it does not have any significant amount of plant matter at all. It is also known as “vegetarian” or “plant based” collagen because its main ingredient is animal tissue rather than plants. There are two types of vegan collagen: vegetable and meat based. Vegetable type collagen is usually used in supplements and creams. Meat based type collagen is often used in foods such as hamburgers, hot dogs, bacon, sausages and cheese curds.

How Does Vegan Collagen Work?

Vegans believe that animal products cause health problems like cancer, heart disease and diabetes. They claim that animals are sentient beings with feelings just like humans do. Therefore they believe that their flesh and blood should not be eaten. Vegans use collagen to build up strong bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons. Collagen is essential for healthy joints and bones.

Is Vegan Collagen Safe?

The FDA (Food & Drug Administration) regulates food additives. They determine if these ingredients are safe for human consumption or not. If a product is unnatural or harmful in any way, the manufacturer will not be allowed to use it. This is why vegetable based collagen is safe for human use, but there are health concerns linked with animal based collagen.

How Do You Get Vegan Collagen?

You can get vegan collagen from many common foods such as beans, peas, fruits and vegetables. These food types are high in plant protein and fiber. They also contain nutrients like vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Animal based collagen is a by-product of the meat and leather industry. These animals are often subjected to cruel and inhumane practices like extreme crowding and branding without any pain killers.

Is There Evidence that Vegan Collagen Helps With Muscle Growth?

There is no evidence that animal based collagen helps with muscle growth. The only evidence we have is from manufacturers who are biased. They obviously want to sell their products. Some studies have shown that collagens are ineffective when it comes to joint pain and osteoarthritis. Furthermore, these studies show that these products can actually cause stomach ulcers and other digestive issues.

Is Vegan Collagen a Good Alternative to Animal Based Collagen?

Some vegans avoid taking in animal-based collagen because they don’t want to support the meat and leather industry. They would rather eat a plant-based diet because they support vegan ethics. The good news is, there are several plant based collagens on the market now. These include wheat, soy and pea based collagen supplements.

Vegan Collagen vs Animal-based Collagen

There are many differences between animal-based and plant-based collagens. One of the major differences is that animal-based collagens are processed with chemicals or solvents. The FDA does not have as many regulations over these types of collagens, so they are often contaminated with heavy metals and toxins.

These types of collagens can also cause stomach ulcers and other digestive issues. On the other hand, plant-based collagens do not cause any side effects.

Is It Possible to Switch From Animal-based Collagen to Plant-based Collagen?

Yes. If you are an avid user of animal-based collagen products, you may be able to substitute them for plant-based collagens. However, this substitution may take some time to get used to. Many people who have made the switch state that the products have a different consistency than animal based ones. They also state that it is much more watery than animal-based products. This change in consistency and texture can take some getting used to.

Is It Possible to Combine Animal-based Collagen and Plant-based Collagen?

It may be possible to use animal based collagens and plant based collagens together. For example, if you were to use an animal-based collagen supplement for joints, you can take a plant-based collagen supplement for your hair, skin and nails afterwards. This would help prevent any digestive issues that may come with taking only animal-based collagens.

Is There a Difference Between Branded Vegan Collagen and Store Brands?

Yes. There are several big name vegan collagen supplements that you can find in most drugstores, groceries stores and on Amazon. These types of collagens are often just as effective as branded collagens, but they can be much cheaper. The price is often determined by the quality of the ingredients used and the brand name. Store brands are often just as good as major brands, but are much cheaper.

What is the Best Brand of Vegan Collagen?

There are several different top brands of vegan collagens available for purchase. These include:

Vivi Flex—This brand is less than $20 and comes in different bottle sizes. It is used for joint pain, nail fungus, hair loss and more.

Vita Craft—This brand is made from marine ingredients and provides antioxidant protection. It is less than $30 and comes in capsule or powder form.

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