Health and Nutrition Benefits of Zucchini

Zucchini Benefits for Weight Loss:

1) Zucchini is rich in Vitamins A, C and K.

These vitamins are very helpful in preventing diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and many others. They play a major role in keeping your body healthy.

You may not think so but it’s true!

2) Zucchini contains fiber which helps keep your digestive system functioning properly.

Fiber helps prevent constipation and promotes regularity.

3) Zucchini contains potassium which is essential for maintaining proper blood pressure levels.

Potassium plays a vital role in regulating heartbeat, muscle contraction, nerve transmission and other functions. It is necessary for proper brain function too.

4) Zucchini contains magnesium which helps regulate blood sugar levels, prevents high cholesterol level and regulates the nervous system.

Magnesium plays a crucial role in energy production and metabolism of cells throughout the body.

5) Zucchini contains manganese which helps maintain normal blood sugar levels and regulates the nervous system.

Manganese plays a key role in energy production and metabolism of cells throughout the body.

6) Zucchini contains calcium which helps regulate blood sugar levels, maintains bone density and aids in preventing osteoporosis.

Calcium plays a critical role in maintaining healthy bones, teeth and muscles. It is necessary for growth and development of children as well as adults.

7) Zucchini contains copper which helps your immune system fight off foreign invaders such as viruses, bacteria and other harmful microorganisms.

Copper is a vital mineral that helps your blood vessels function properly.

8) Zucchini contains phosphorus which helps build strong bones and teeth.

It also helps cells divide and reproduce.

9) Zucchini contains vitamin C which increases your body’s ability to absorb iron.

This is very helpful in preventing anemia.

10) Zucchini contains Folate which is also known as Vitamin B. Folate is necessary during fetal development and necessary for DNA synthesis.

Zucchini Side Effects:

1) Zucchini may exacerbate symptoms of water retention, bloating or swollen joints in those suffering from conditions such as arthritis.

2) Zucchini may cause allergic reactions in people who are allergic to flowers.

3) Uncooked zucchini may contain harmful bacteria.

4) Zucchini may increase the risk of water intoxication in women who are exceeding the recommended amount.

5) Zucchini may increase the risk of overdose or allergic reaction to certain medications such as Warfarin or Coumadin.

Zucchini During Pregnancy:

1) Zucchini is safe for pregnant women in moderation.

It contains a moderate amount of folic acid which can help prevent birth defects such as cleft palate.

2) Zucchini is safe for pregnant women in excess.

It contains a high amount of folic acid which can help prevent birth defects such as cleft palate.

3) Zucchini is unsafe for pregnant women.

It contains a large amount of folic acid which may lead to harmful over supplementation.

Zucchini and Skin Problems:

1) Zucchini is helpful for skin problems such as acne, dry skin, wrinkles, etc.

It may help to prevent or reduce severity of these problems.

2) Zucchini is harmful for skin problems such as acne, dry skin, wrinkles, etc.

It may worsen these problems.

Zucchini and Pesticides:

1) If you are buying organic zucchini that has a wax-like coating on the skin then it is most likely that the wax was applied to the skin to prevent pesticides from penetrating into the edible portion.

If you are not buying organic zucchini then it is likely that conventional zucchini may have pesticides on the skin that could be absorbed into the edible portion when cooked.

2) Zucchinis that are waxed are most likely organic.

3) Zucchini harvested from your own garden or purchased from a local farmer are most likely free of wax and pesticides.

Zucchini and Allergens:

1) Zucchini contains no allergens.

2) People who are allergic to carrots or celery may also be allergic to zucchini because it is in the same plant family: Umbelliferae.

Zucchini with other Foods:

1) Zucchini makes a great addition to any diet.

It compliments most foods and can be added during preparation of most dishes.

2) Avoid eating zucchini with pork.

Zucchini and Physical Activity:

1) Zucchinis are low in calories so eating one before exercise may increase stamina during physical activity.

2) Zucchinis are low in fat and carbohydrates so eating one before exercise will not cause an insulin spike and subsequent drop in blood sugar.

3) Consuming zucchini immediately before, during or after exercise will not affect your mental state in any way.

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