Headache Hacks: 9 Simple Tricks for Fast Relief

Headache Hacks: 9 Simple Tricks for Fast Relief

1) Headaches are caused by tension headaches.

If you have a headache, it’s because your brain is overworked due to stress or other things. You need to relax yourself so that the tension doesn’t build up anymore. To do this, try these simple tricks:

a) Relaxation exercises – Try taking deep breaths and relaxing your body completely before starting any exercise program.

b) Breathing exercises – Take a few deep breaths every time you feel a headache coming on. For example, if you get the worst headache after eating something spicy, take two slow inhales and exhale through your nose while trying not to tense up. Repeat this several times until the pain goes away.

c) Yoga poses – Try yoga poses like Downward Facing Dog (DDF), Warrior I Pose (WIP), and Cobra Pose (COP). These pose will release tension in your head and neck area.

d) Stress relieving activities – Do some relaxation activities such as reading a book, listening to music, meditating, etc.

e) Sleep – Get enough sleep so that you don’t get headaches during the day.

2) Try these natural cures for headaches:

a) Ginger – Snack on some ginger or drink ginger tea to quickly get rid of that pain.

b) Aspirin – Take two aspirins (Not recommended if you are allergic to ASPIRIN).

c) Turmeric – Make a paste by mixing one teaspoon of turmeric powder with enough water to make it into a paste. Apply the paste to your forehead and the back of your neck.

d) Peppermint – Smelling peppermint has been known to stop headaches in their tracks.

e) Basil – Make a basil tincture and use it like perfume or cologne. Also, chew on some fresh basil leaves if you can get your hands on them.

f) Rosemary – Put a few drops of rosemary essential oil on your hands and sniff them before you go to bed at night.

g) Catnip – Make yourself a cup of catnip tea and drink it to relieve your headache.

h) Lemon Balm – Get yourself some lemon balm essential oil and rub a few drops on the sides of your temples and the back of your neck.

i) Peppermint – Put a few drops of peppermint oil under your nose to instantly relieve headache pain.

j) Lavender – Rub some lavender oil under your nose to quickly eliminate that pain.

k) Clove – Put a few drops of clove essential oil under your tongue if you are against putting it on your skin.

l) Caraway – Make a decoction by boiling some caraway seeds in water for ten minutes. Strain and let the tea cool before drinking it.

m) Tobacco – Make yourself some tobacco tea by steeping the leaves in hot water. Let it cool and drink.

3) Home remedies for curing the root cause of headaches

a) Watch your diet – Eating too much salt and fat can cause headaches, so try to eat healthy and limit your intake of: Alcohol, Dairy Products, Junk/Processed Foods, Refined Sugar.

b) Eye strain – Don’t sit in front of a screen for too long. If you do, take regular breaks and give your eyes a rest. Get an eye exam if needed.

c) Get your blood pressure checked – If it’s high, your doctor can help lower it with medication.

d) Try acupuncture – Acupuncture has been shown to help some people who suffer from headaches.

e) Massage – Get a massage to help your body perform at maximum efficiency.

f) Stimulate acupuncture points PS-4 and SP-6 – Stimulating these points helps get the blood flowing and the body functioning normally again.

g) Put one hand on your upper back while laying on the opposite side of it. You should feel a muscle there. Apply pressure until you can feel the tension start to go away.

h) Place a hot water bottle or damp wash cloth on your forehead.

i) Get some rest – If all else fails, take a nap and try to relax.

Kit: “You slept for almost a full twenty-four hours.

You’re not feeling well?”

You: “I feel like sh*t.”

Kit: “Do you want to go to the hospital?”

You: “Nah. I’ve been through worse.”

While Kit is getting dressed, you dry your hair and get dressed as well. Then you turn your attention to Kit and can’t help but stare at her.

You: “Kit, you’re beautiful.”

Kit: “I’m not sure if I should be flattered or creeped out right now.”

You laugh as you put on your socks and shoes. Then you stand up and head to the door.

You: “Well, it’s time to meet with Edmond and hopefully get the truth out of him.”

Kit nods as she grabs her purse and heads out the door with you. After a short walk, you’re both in the subway heading towards the business district. After a long ride, you get off at the last stop.

The area is filled with skyscrapers and people rushing back and forth. It’s like everyone here is focused on making money and being successful. You never liked it here, it feels cold and lonely. Suddenly, you spot Edmond talking with a police officer near one of the subway entrances. He seems to be arguing with him.

You: “That’s him, over there.”

Kit: “Oh, great another police officer.”

The two of you walk over to where they are as Kit gets a disapproving look from the cop. Apparently he doesn’t like how she’s dressed. As you get closer, you can hear what they’re saying.

Edmond: “I’m sorry sir, but I can’t just take Kit off the streets and hand her over to you.”

Cop: “And why the hell not?

I’ve been tracking this girl for weeks and I finally find her.

You know what happens to girls like her in jail?”

Kit: “Hey, I don’t have any diseases if that’s what you’re so worried about. At least not the kind you’re thinking about.”

Kit gives him a cold look and he just stares back without saying anything.

Edmond: “Look, maybe we should talk about this somewhere else.

Why don’t I walk back to your office and we can sort this all out?

Plea bargains are a part of the justice system and I’m sure we can come to some sort of agreement.”

Cop: “I’m listening.”

Edmond leads the police officer away and Kit starts to follow, but you grab her by the arm. Her reaction is to break your arm, but she stops once she sees it’s you.

You: “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

Kit: “What does it look like?

I’m going back to the city with Edmond.”

You: “You’re not going anywhere. We need to stay together so we can catch this killer.”

Kit: “Oh, like I haven’t dealt with creeps like that before. I can handle it myself, and I’m sure Edmond can to.”

You: “Yeah, Edmond seems pretty useless to me.”

Kit: “I thought you said you weren’t following me.

Were you stalking me?”

You: “You’re my partner, of course I was going to follow you. Look, we need to stay together if we want to get through this.

There’s safety in numbers, remember?”

Kit: “I don’t know…”

You: “Come on Kit, just trust me on this one. We’re going to get through this.”

Kit: “Fine, I guess you have a point. We are better off together. Alright then, let’s go get this over with.

I just hope you have a good lawyer.”

You: “I think I can handle it. Come on, let’s go. By the way, nice bluff with the police officer.

Did you really give him an STD?”

Kit: “Ha ha, you’re funny. Let’s just go. I really hope this works out, I’m not fond of jails.”

The two of you walk off to the courthouse.

5 Hours Later

You: “And…done.

Finally done.

Now how long do you think this is going to take to process?”

“A few days, perhaps even a week. But it shouldn’t be longer than that.”

“Good, I want to get this over with as soon as possible.

What do we need to do now?”

“Nothing for now. We just have to wait.”

“Oh, well in that case let’s go do something fun. Like play mini-golf or something.”

Mini-golf? Have you forgotten what we’re dealing with here?”

“I sure haven’t. But I think we could all use some time to unwind, so please, just come have some fun with us. I really want to spend more time with you all.”

You don’t get tired of spending time with us?”

Why would I?

You’re all interesting in your own ways. Even you, Crasnick, you love to watch game shows, that’s pretty funny in my opinion.”

Funny ha-ha or funny strange?”

“Ha-ha of course.”

Crasnick shrugs and gives in.

Crasnick: “Fine, I’ll go. But only because you asked so nicely.”

“Great! Thank you Crasnick.”

“I do have one question though.”


How did you know I was going to ask you if you were a boy or a girl?”

“I didn’t.”

Then why would you apologize if you weren’t sure?”

“It was a 50-50 chance that I wouldn’t get caught, and even if I did, I could always say it was a joke. Which it kind of was.”

“You’re an interesting one, that’s for sure.”

You smile. This awkwardness between the two of you has made for quite an amusing conversation.

You: “Alright then, who’s ready to go have some fun?”

Jacob and Crasnick both raise their hands.

Crasnick: “I’ll drive.”

The three of you pile into Crasnick’s car and drive off to who knows where. As long as it’s not the courthouse, you’re happy.

7 hours later…

You wake up and realize that you’re in your bed, and completely naked. You don’t even remember how you got here. The last thing you remember is going to play mini-golf with Jacob and Crasnick…who are you married to?

How did you end up in bed with someone?

Stumbling out of bed, you look around the room and see no trace of either Jacob or Crasnick. The room is clearly decorated for a woman’s taste, and there are clothes everywhere. You don’t recognize any of these outfits, but it’s apparent that they belong to you.

At this point you’re freaking out. You had a good night last night, but this is a bit too much.

Who are you? What’s going on?

Getting dressed, you rush out of the house and immediately notice something is a bit off. Everything looks different…there are no cars, there’s no fossil fuel plants in the distance, and most strangely of all, the sky is dark purple.

What the hell is going on?”

you mutter to yourself.

An unfamiliar voice says “You tell me, I found you on my porch.”

You turn to see a strange man walking towards you. He looks normal enough, but you’ve never seen anyone like him before.

Are you real?”

you ask.

Excuse me?”

“Well, this all feels like a dream right now. Maybe I’m dreaming and none of this is real.”

If you’re dreaming, then what’s the point of anything?”

“I don’t know, I’m just saying this all feels surreal. I don’t know what’s going on. I don’t know who I am, I don’t know where I am, and I’m wearing women’s clothes…”

The man stares at you for a few seconds before replying.

Man: “…

You got ID?”



Do you have any?”

“Yeah, it’s in my back pocket.


The man pulls out his phone and takes your ID photo. A few seconds later, he’s on what you know as the “dark web”. After a few minutes, he’s found some information about you. He looks up at the sky for a second before replying to you.

“OK…your name is Dawn Williams.

You’re 27 years old, you’re from Miami, and you’re an accountant.”

How do you know all that?

Tell me what’s going on, dammit!”

“OK, take it easy. From what I can tell, you work as an accountant for a guy who makes fake IDs. You must’ve found out something he didn’t want you to, so he drugged you and made it so you would lose your memories.”

Why? How?”

“I dunno, it’s all pretty technical from what I can tell. The point is, you’re in trouble. You’re in a fake world that he created for you. Fake family, fake friends, fake job, the whole shebang.”

You don’t say anything. You just grab his phone and look at the screen. He’s right.

Everything he says seems to be true, it’s all written right here in front of you. But it doesn’t make any sense.

Why would he do this? If I was in on it, then why take this all away from me? Why not just keep me drugged and prevent me from ever waking up?”

“I have no idea. Maybe it wasn’t ever really about keeping you in line, maybe it was about control. He wants to be able to observe you. To see what you do when you think nobody is looking. This way, he can watch everything you do. Maybe he gets off on it, I don’t know.”

You begin walking around the neighborhood. The man follows close behind. Everywhere you turn, everything you see, it’s exactly as the man said.

There are no cars, only horse-drawn carriages. The houses are all from the Victorian Era, or rather, a perfect replica of them. Everyone is dressed in old-timey clothing, and the whole town has an eerie silence.

Where is everyone?

This place is like a ghost town.”

Man: “Most of the people are in their houses. The rest are probably in the village, but it’s hard to say.”

What’s the village?”

“Kind of like the town square. There are usually events going on down there, festivals and celebrations. It’s where everyone goes to see what’ going on in the world. Mainly in Karn.”

Who’s Karn?”

“It’s the name of this realm. Some people,” here he gestures towards a group of kids flying colorful kites in the park, “prefer to call it Dawnland, after you apparently.”

You shake your head. It still doesn’t feel quite real, but accepting this as a dream would be much easier than accepting it as reality. But if this is a dream, then…

Is this about you?”

you ask, pointing to a large statue in the center of the town square. The man looks over at it and grins. It’s not a flattering grin though. More of a “here’s something I’m proud I was a part of, but I’m also glad it got destroyed” grin.

“Yeah, that’s me,” he replies. “At least, it’s based off of me.”

Why does it say ‘Eternal’ on it then?”

“Because that’s what we were. The Eternal Dominion. Hundreds of us. Maybe even a thousand, before Karn’s government finally wiped us out.”

Who’s ‘us’?”

“The Eternals, dipstick. Us. I’m an Eternal. You’re an Eternal. We’re all Eternals.”

“I’m not a Eternal.”

“Not biologically, but you were born into the doctrine of the Dominion, and you believed in it. You still do, or else you wouldn’t be here. We all believed, which is why they considered us a threat.

They brainwashed you into the way of thinking of the weak, and we were born into it. We were destined to rule.”

You stare at the statue in silence.


What is this place?

This doesn’t look like any town in America.”

“It isn’t. Or, well, it is, but only because the American citizens were the ones who lived here. This is what’s left of a town called Castletown, in the country of Ireland.”


That’s half a world away from where I live!”


Nice, isn’t it?”

You stare at the statue again. There’s… Something about it that makes the back of your mind tingle in a bad way. Like when you knew, without a shred of doubt, that something your dad told you was a lie, but you couldn’t prove it.


It’s terrible.

What happened here?”

“Well, to understand that, you need to know a bit of Irish history, and how the country came to be divided…”


“It all started when the Celts first came to Ireland…”

Ireland: The Celts

The Celts were a group of people from the Eurasian continent who, around 700 BC, began crossing a land bridge between Spain and France and settled in Britain. Around 300 BC, a group of them migrated to Ireland, which was at the time sparsely populated by a race of people called the Fir Bolg, also from the European continent. The Celts and the Fir Bolg never really came into conflict, probably because the Irish were living in a primitive society, so the two groups peacefully co-existed on the island.

Then, another group of people crossed the same land bridge, this time between Britain and France: The Belgae. They landed in Britain first, where they lived for a few centuries, making steady but slow progress in the art of civilization. By 100 BC, they had grown tired of their less-advanced neighbors and sought new lands.

The Belgae crossed the channel and shortly arrived in Ireland, where they immediately came into conflict with the Celts and the Fir Bolg.

The Celts realized that they needed a more stable government if they wanted to stand a chance at repelling the Belgae, so they did what most people do: They set up a monarchy. By 100 AD, their system of government was more or less stable.

The Belgae had the upper hand in the beginning, but the Celts were better prepared for a drawn-out war. The two races fought each other to a stalemate by 200 AD, and both had territory that they controlled. The island of Ireland essentially consisted of two halves: Celtic Ireland and Gaelic Ireland (what the Celts called their territory), and Belgian Ireland (for the Belgae).

The Celts were the more “civilized” of the two groups, as they had a system of writing, while the Belgae still relied on a system of pictograms.

The two sides continued to wage war on each other for the next couple centuries. Neither side was gaining nor losing ground. This period of the war is known as the “Piercing Times”, due to the long periods of stalemate.

By 400 AD, however, a chink in the Belgic armor emerged: A new wave of people called the Saxons began crossing the channel from Britain to Ireland, but instead of landing in Belgium, they landed in Celtic territory, and started pillaging, plantations, and enslaving the Celts. This period of the war is known as the “Saxon Times”. The Celts were caught off-guard and disorganized, but managed to unite under a single leader named Aillil, and together they drove the Saxons out of Celtic territory by 500 AD, continuing the push until all of Belgian territory was retaken.

Nevertheless, the damage was done: Belgium was left in a devastated state that it would never recover from. Most of the land was ruined by the vicious Saxon raids, and those that weren’t destroyed were left uncultivated, as the Celts needed all the manpower they could get to fight the Saxons. By the time 500 rolled around, Belgian Ireland was a shell of its former self.

With the Belgic threat essentially gone, the Celts were able to concentrate on driving out the Saxons.

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