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Epididymal Hypertension Pictures: How Long Does it Last?

The first time I saw a picture of an old man with blue eyes and a white beard was in my grandmother’s house when she had just died. She lived in the same neighborhood where I grew up. When she passed away, her body didn’t look like hers at all. Her face looked older than her years, and there were no wrinkles or crow’s feet around her mouth or forehead. Her hair was still perfectly straight and gray, but her skin wasn’t wrinkled or pale like mine.

I remember looking at the picture of her and thinking “That must have been what it felt like to see someone die.” That image stayed with me because I’ve always known that death is permanent. You never get back your youth or beauty, only time does.

When I was in college, I went to visit my family. My grandfather had dementia and could barely walk anymore. His mind would wander off into strange places and he’d say things like “You’re not going anywhere” or “Don’t worry about it.”

One day while walking through the woods behind our house, he suddenly stopped dead in his tracks. He then turned to me and asked if I knew where my sister was. I told him she was working at the grocery store and he seemed relieved.

“Tell her I’ll be back later then,” he said, before turning around and walking deeper into the woods.

His mind wasn’t always gone, but he suffered a great loss when my grandmother died, so dementia found a place to settle in his mind. He got lost in the woods one time too many and stepped on a copperhead.

When my mother called me to tell me the news, I didn’t cry. A part of me already knew he was dead, and I was okay with it. Death isn’t always a bad thing.

Sometimes things just need to end.

That’s why I was able to write my book about dying. The beginning was hard. Thinking about life and death made me feel empty inside.

But then, it was like a weight lifted off of my chest. I could take a breath again and said to myself, “I need to finish this book for myself.”

When people read it, they say it’s beautiful. The words flow and take them on a journey through life and death. Death isn’t scary when you know life will continue afterwards.

It’s just a new journey in a different place.

Why am I telling you all of this?

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