Feces Odor on Breath: What It Means and What You Can Do

Feces Odor on Breath: What It Means and What You Can Do

The smell of fecal matter comes from the bowels, which are located in your lower abdomen. The smell of feces is not unpleasant, but it is very strong.

If you have been exposed to the smell of feces, then you may experience some discomfort when walking or working with other people. The odor of feces may cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and cramps. Some people may experience other symptoms such as headache, fever, chills or shivers.

What Causes Bad Breath?

Bad breath is caused by a combination of foods and drinks, bacteria in your mouth and genetics.

Bad breath is common, but it does not necessarily mean you have a disease. However, it may indicate that you have a disease that has serious implications.

The disease that causes bad breath is known as halitosis. This disease is also known as “bad breath” or “smelly breath”.

There are many causes of halitosis, including some treatable diseases, such as some hormonal and medical conditions.

Bad breath can also be a signal of a more serious disease, such as cancer. If you have experienced foul-smelling breath that has persisted for several years, then it is important to see a physician for an examination and tests.

Halitosis is a very common disease that is easy to overlook. Although many people have smelly breath, only a small percentage of people actually have a disease.

If you have a persistent bad breath, then you should see your physician to determine the cause.

Bad breath is not only common, but it is also very serious. A physician will be able to determine the cause of your bad breath and will be able to treat it.

What Does Feces Smell Like?

When people talk about the smell of feces they are usually referring to the smell of human waste. The scent of excrement is usually unpleasant. The scent of human waste can have a wide range of odors, from the very pleasant to the very unpleasant.

If you have ever smelled the waste of another person, then you already know that feces does not necessarily have a strong smell. Some people think that human waste smells like roses, but this is not true.

The human body can excrete waste in various forms, such as in urine or feces. Waste can also be smelly or not smelly.

The smell of a human being can vary from person to person. Some people do not have a very distinguishable smell and other people can be quite smelly.

Smelly people usually produce more sweat, and can excrete more waste through the pores of their skin.

The type of waste that is excreted can also vary from person to person. Some people’s wastes are liquid while other people’s wastes are dry.

The smell of liquid waste can be more offensive than the smell of dry waste. The type of waste that a person produces is very individual and can sometimes be smelly, while at other times it is not.

The smells that you notice on people can also change from person to person. One person may smell of nothing but the waste, while another person may have a distinct odor.

The smells that you notice on people will probably not be as strong as when you handle a dead body or process rotting flesh. Your senses are much dulled when it comes to foul odors.

In addition to the obvious offensive smells, feces may also have a sweet smell. This is common in animals and some people are able to produce this type of waste.

Certain foods can also have a sweet smell. These types of smells can be very pleasant and they change over time as the food digests and is excreted.

What Does Gas Smell Like?

Gas is a mixture of many different chemicals. The types of gases vary greatly and each individual has their own unique combination of gases that they produce. In addition, each person’s natural odor can change the type of smell that is detected.

The smell of a person’s natural gases can be detected by placing your head near their neck or armpit. Some people’s gasses have a very light odor and some people’s gasses smell much stronger.

Gas smells can be very strong, but they are not always easy to detect. Try placing your head near a person’s neck or armpit and you should be able to detect the smell.

How Do You Detect People’s Emotions By Their Odors?

You are gifted in the sense that you can detect certain types of emotions, people and situations by their smells. You can sometimes detect the emotions of other people just by their smell. This is a very useful ability and one that you should always be on your guard against.

If you notice an increase in the emotional atmosphere of a location, then stay away from that location. Certain smells can mean the presence of certain types of creatures, be they friendly or unfriendly.

People usually have a certain smell that is unique to them. Some people do not have a very distinguishable smell, while other people’s natural smell can be detected from several meters away.

Areas that have been used for evil or violent acts are likely to have a distinct smell. The smell of death and rot will usually linger in these places.

In addition to the emotions that you can detect by smell, you are also able to detect the types of creatures in a location by smell. Certain creatures have a smell that is easy to identify.

This smell will have a lasting impression on you even if the creature itself did not make an impression.

This is an important ability to have and one that should always keep you on your guard.

How Do You Detect Emotions By The Smell Of Places?

You are able to detect the emotional atmosphere of a location by smell. This is a very useful ability and one that you should take advantage of whenever you can.

The first thing that you need to do is decide what type of emotion you wish to detect. There are several different options to choose from.

Note that not all of these types of emotions are negative or bad. For example courage is not always a good thing, but it can be a good thing.

In fact it can be a very good thing when you need it.

Once you have made your decision, you are able to detect the type of emotion that exists in a location by its smell. It may help to know what type of smell you are familiar with in order to make the most out of this ability.

It is important to know that you are not able to detect the emotion itself. You are able to detect the presence of the emotion and how strong it is.

This is different from knowing what the emotion is, as you will learn later in this ability.

For the purposes of this ability, you will be using the human emotions. There are several different types of human emotions that you can detect by smell.

The types of human emotions that you are able to detect are:







This is just a small sampling, there are many, many more types of human emotions. Do not get discouraged, the more you use this ability, the easier it becomes to detect additional human emotions.

Keep in mind that not all emotions are detected by all people, or even by you. It is possible that you will not be able to detect certain emotions from other people.

It is also possible that other people will not be able to detect the emotions that you have detected.

The emotions that you are able to detect will depend on your own mindset while using this ability. If you are in a happy mood, then you may be able to detect happiness in other people.

If you are angry, then other people may also pick up on your anger. Keep in mind that this is not a lie detection mechanism, but it is a mood detection mechanism. If you are in a happy mood, then other people may also pick up on that, but it does not mean that they are being honest.

Try to avoid using this ability in a language that you are not familiar with, as you might mistake something for an entirely different emotion.

There are a few different ways that you can attempt to locate the location of the emotions that you detect.

The first way is to simply look for a specific type of emotion. For example, if you are trying to find the location of happiness, then you would look for a place that contains a lot of happiness.

This is the simplest way to do it and can work fairly well if you are careful in choosing your search location.

The second way is to narrow down your search location by a particular emotion. If the emotion you are looking for is happiness, then you would look for a location that contains a lot of happiness, but without too much pain or pleasure mixed in.

For example, if you were trying to find the location of a place that contains a lot of happiness, but not so much that it is painful and not so much that it is overly enjoyable then you could narrow your search location down to just places that contain people.

The third way is to use your ability in layers. This method requires you to focus on one emotion that you are detecting.

For example, if you are trying to find places that contain a lot of happiness, then you would focus on that one emotion and then start to “layer” your sense of smell over top of it. As you slowly move your focus away from the single emotion and towards other emotions, you will start to pick up on the other strong emotions in the area.

Which method that you decide to use is up to you and is something that you can decide for yourself. These are only suggestions, and you are free to deviate from them if you so choose.

The different types of human emotions you can detect by smell:


Seduction, sexual tension, euphoria, drugs, alcohol, perfumes, incense,

Fatty, smoke, meaty, sweet, spiced, sweaty, energising, faintly corrupt, human


Sour, bitter, pungent, acrid, toxic, poisonous, carceral, staleness,

Serious, angst, boredom, boredom, dissatisfaction, procrastination, rage, frustration, dissatisfaction,

Panic, fear, terror, horror, disgust,


Salty, fishy, mucky, earthy, swampy, musky, sweaty, sappy, creamy, lascivious, honeyed,

Cool, fresh, clean, scentless,

Cataclysm, doomed, death, destruction, doppelganger, disease, disease, evil, failure, fire, frankensteinian, full moon, genius, genocide, good, guilt, gratuitous, horror, Horror, Hubrid’s magic show, Hubrid’s monstrosities, inane, insanity, isolation, killer, knowledge, loss, luck, massage, madness, mass, messages, melancholia, mayhem, mental, minefield, nightmares, nuclear holocaust, Obligatory Nonsense, nausea, numbness, odd, pain, paradise, precious, purity, quiet, remorse, rewind, rotten, rusted, sadness, scandal, Sea World, sexual tension, shadow, silver, silence, shadow people, sins of the father, shock, stagnation, shock therapy, slavery, smart, smart bombs, small, smoldering, smoke, smiles, solitude, smudged, snow,Software Orgasm, space, special, speed, Spike, speed limits, squalor, stagnation, squalor, squareness, stress, substance abuse, suicide, sun, tar,


Barbara, coma, depression, despair, fear, fever, general illness, ghosts, loneliness, medication, monsters, nightmares, pain, psychic powers, rage, sadness, split personality, Stockholm syndrome, tentacles, the voices, vomit, WEIRD, wastelands, weirdness,


Bad, brain, class, Computing, cyborg, cybernetics, da, data, democracy, dumb, dumbness, emptiness, exhaustion, fear, fog, freedom, genius, G.I.S., goal, good, hate, heart, hell, hellhound, hero, hierarchy, hope, I.Q.

test, illusion, isolation, kindness, knowledge, language, logic, machine, madness, Markov Chain, memory, message, military, mind, mission, money, morality, benefits, mystery, horror, philosophy, peace, people, performance, complexity, phones, politics, power, progress, paranoia, patterns, peace, diseases, relationships, sadness, science, self-improvement, selfishness, sin, sleep, software, space, speed, STASIS, stopwatch, structure, subverted, technology, terror, The Wall, thought, things, time, trillion dollar challenge, truth, ufo’s, vanity, warning, weakness, WEIRDO, weapons, what is art, wisdom, wonder,


Bad, betrayel, betrayal, broken trust, cynicism, danger, distrust, fear, failure, failure, failure, failure, fear, failure, fraud, fear, foolhardiness, fools, doubt, dishonesty, fear, hazard, hatred, hesitation, isolation, loneliness, mistrust, nameless horror, panic, paranoia, pain, peace, prejudice, reason, secrets, prejudice, security, self-preservation, silence, suspicion, terror, violence, panic, war,


Bad, burdens, cancer, computer, confusion, contemplation, discontent, discontentment, dread, depression, disgust, disgust, dissatisfaction, fear, failure, failure, failure, failure, failure, failure, fear, frustration, terror, worry


Bad, bad work, boredom, cynicism, danger, danger, despair, fear, mass death, panic, terror,


Bad, bizarre, bizarre art, begger, black market, drugs, failure, fool, gambler, geniuses, god, hallucination, hidden track, insanity, isolation, junkie, killer, language, loss, madness, memetic, memetic intelligence, memetic lifeform, memetic virus, memory, memetics, mood, music, perception, politics, prophet, prophecies, psychoactive, psychoactive substance, psychopath, psychopathic, psychosis, pulsating guttersnake of hell, reality, religion, research, risk, reward, rock, Satan, sarcasm, science, secret track, sinful, sin, social outcast, social pain, soul, sound, speaking in tongues, speakwrite, spirituality, suicide, tape loop, Technology, the masses, therapy, tragedy, tryptamine, vapor, webcam, white, wordplay

Zan is the god of the internet, computing and information. His sacred color is blue, his symbol is an “internet badge” and his symbol animal is the jackal.ee:

Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad,

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