Fast Foods You Can Eat on a Low-Carb Diet

What are Fast Food You Can Eat (FYO) Restaurants?

Fast food restaurants serve only one thing: burgers, fries, shakes and sodas. They’re usually located inside malls or shopping centers where they offer cheap meals to their customers. These places often have many different types of food items available including pizza, tacos, chicken strips and other kinds of sandwiches.

Why would I want to eat at these places?

The main reason why you might want to eat at fast food restaurants is because it saves money. However, there are some disadvantages too. For example, if you don’t like the taste of certain foods then eating them may not be good idea. Also, you may get sick from eating unhealthy foods. So, the next time you decide to go out to eat, make sure that your choice is healthy!

How do I choose fast food restaurants?

There are various ways how you can select fast food restaurants. One way is by location. Another way is by type of restaurant. There are also several options when choosing fast food restaurants based on price range and number of choices available.

What are some of the places that I can find fast food restaurants?

One specific place where you can find fast food restaurants is at shopping centers. When you shop for clothes or groceries, you can also buy fast food from the same place. This makes it easier for you if you don’t have time to go out somewhere else to eat. There are also fast food restaurants inside or near movie theaters. If you’re in a hurry to catch the movie, then getting something to eat at the same place can save you time. Fast food restaurants are also located near sports arenas or stadiums. When you go to these places to watch a game, it’s easier to get something to eat at the same place.

What kinds of foods do fast food restaurants offer?

Fast food restaurants offer different types of foods such as hamburgers and chicken sandwiches. Pizza restaurants are also popular among those who like to eat fast food. Some places, such as coffee shops, offer pastries and sandwiches along with coffee. Other types of fast food restaurants include Mexican, Chinese and seafood places. No matter what you’re hungry for, you’re sure to find something that appeals to your taste buds.

What kinds of side orders are available at fast food restaurants?

Most fast food restaurants have French fries and sodas available as side orders. Some restaurants have onion rings or boiled potatoes instead of French fries. The most popular drinks available are colas, root beer and orange sodas. No matter what you order, it’s best to avoid drinking the sodas since they contain a lot of sugar.

How can I save money when I go to fast food restaurants?

One great way to save money at most fast food restaurants is with their value meals. These are combinations of a sandwich, a side order and a drink that are sold for a cheaper price than if each item was ordered separately. You can also save money by sharing meals with your friends or ordering an appetizer as your meal.

What kinds of drinks do fast food restaurants offer?

Most fast food restaurants provide soft drinks, which contain high amounts of sugar. These drinks can cause health problems in the long run so try to avoid drinking these. Unsweetened iced tea is a healthier alternative to most soft drinks. Some restaurants also have milk or juice available as options. It’s best to drink water with your meal since it’s the most healthy drink of all.

What are some of the side effects of drinking soda?

Too much sugar can cause diabetes. This is a serious problem in which the person’s blood sugar level is too high. It can also cause damage to the person’s eyes, kidneys and nerves. Not as serious but still unwanted, soda causes tooth decay and weight gain. It is best to avoid drinking soda altogether.

What are some examples of meals you can order at fast food restaurants?

Many fast food restaurants have a value menu with several options. You can order a hamburger or cheeseburger, which come with French fries and a soft drink. You can choose to substitute the fries for apple slices or a small salad. Other choices include chicken nuggets with French fries and a soft drink, or three pieces of chicken with no sides and a soft drink. Most places have a section on their regular menus for kids that offer smaller versions of their most popular dishes.

What are some popular fast food chains?

The three most popular fast food chains in the U.S. are McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Burger King. McDonald’s is the leading fast food chain in the world and was founded in 1940. They are known for their hamburgers and fries. Wendy’s was founded in 1969 and is notable for their square hamburger patties. Burger King was also founded in 1953 and is known for their Whoppers.

As the leading hamburger chain in the country, McDonald’s sells more than one billion burgers every year. The McDonald brothers originally opened a restaurant called McDonald’s Bar-B-Q in 1940. The original building is still in use but has been altered over the years. It is the oldest building still in use by the company.

The population of the U.S. grew quickly during the 1930s and 1940s, which allowed fast food restaurants to become more common. Many different chains opened during this time, including McDonald’s.

The McDonald brothers reimagined their restaurant in 1948 as a way of adapting to the post-war marketplace. This new restaurant had a streamlined menu with the focus on hamburgers, French fries and soft drinks.

Their basic model is still in use at all McDonald’s locations today. The company had grown to have more than 37,000 locations worldwide by 2016.

The first Wendy’s was opened in Columbus, Ohio in 1969 by Dave Thomas. This store was modeled off the McDonald’s restaurant across the street, which can be seen in the background of the original photo above. The building has since been razed and a new Wendy’s built in its place. The old sign is currently being restored for display inside the new Wendy’s location.

Dave Thomas opened the first Wendy’s as a single location with the help of a bank loan. He named the restaurant after his daughter Melinda, who was nicknamed Wendy. Dave Thomas later bought out the McDonalds that was adjacent to his restaurant so that it wouldn’t be a distraction for his employees. The original building was razed in 1985 and a new building constructed in its place.

The first Burger King was opened in Miami, Florida in 1953 by Matthew Burns and Keith J. Kramer. The pair had previously failed in their attempts to open a restaurant called the Insta-Burger King. The company was originally founded in 1954 as Insta-Burger King, but was renamed Burger King two years later.The original building was demolished in 1979 despite the protests of the Miami Heritage Museum.

Burger King now has more than 11,000 locations around the world. It is now owned by a group of private investors in addition to its parent company, Restaurant Brands International.

The first Quiznos was opened by Rick and Suzanne Greco in Denver, Colorado in 1981. The pair had previously bought and operated several Subways together before deciding to open their own restaurant. They chose to open a sandwich shop rather than another restaurant because they believed the market was becoming too crowded with pizza places.

Quiznos now has more than 5,000 locations around the world. The company filed for bankruptcy in 2013 and was sold to an investment group. It was purchased by private equity firm Apollo Global Management in 2016 and is still expanding its locations today.

Quiznos was briefly the largest restaurant chain in the U.S. in 2008, but was overtaken by Subway that year.

The first KFC (formerly known as Kentucky Fried Chicken) was opened in Corbin, Kentucky in 1930 by Harland Sanders. Sanders had previously operated a gas station and service center that sold chicken dishes but decided to specialise in selling just fried chicken after realizing how labor intensive it was to prepare the food.

The first KFC was a small building with just four tables. After it was forced to close, it reopened as a stand within the service station. The stand did so well that Sanders had a special building constructed for it that was large enough to seat 112 people.

KFC is now the world’s largest chicken restaurant chain and has more than 18,000 locations around the world. It is now owned by Yum! Brands, which also owns Pizza Hut.

The first Pizza Hut was opened in 1958 by two graduates of Wichita State University. The pair had become friends and decided to pool their resources together to open a pizzeria. The original Pizza Hut was located in a converted gas station in the town of Wichita, Kansas.

It was not until 1977 that the company changed its name from Pizza Hut to just Pizza Hut. The company now has more than 7,000 locations around the world.

The first Subway was opened in 1965 by then-17-year-old Fred DeLuca and family friend Peter Buck. The pair had met when they were in school and Buck had learned that DeLuca was trying to raise the money to open a sandwich shop. Buck offered to be his business partner and proposed that they could obtain a loan from his mother to fund the venture.

The first Subway shop was opened in the middle of the night so that Buck’s boss would not see them and they used the family living room as their business premises. It was not until a year later that they had raised enough money to open their own proper store.

Over the years, Subway has grown to become the biggest chain of fast food sandwich restaurants in the world with more than 43,000 locations in more than 100 countries.

The first Taco Bell was opened in 1962 in Downey, California by Glen Bell, who had previously operated a drive-in restaurant there. His famous “Bell Burger” restaurant had become so successful that he wanted to expand his operation and open another restaurant that focused on a Mexican style food to attract a different clientele.

The menu at the new Taco Bell consisted of 19 cent tacos, 19 cent enchiladas, 19 cent hamburgers and a variety of other items. The new restaurant was an immediate success and the first franchise opened in 1966.

In 1978, McDonalds attempted to buy the chain and turn it into a more upscale restaurant but Glen Bell declined the offer. He continued to run the company until he retired in the early 90s and died in 2010 at the age of 82.

Today there are more than 6,000 Taco Bell locations around the world.

The first Wendy’s was opened by Dave Thomas on November 15, 1969 in Columbus, Ohio. He had been working at a restaurant called the Kenneggy Fried Chicken but it was forced to close when the franchise owner died so Thomas opened his own restaurant. The restaurant specialized in salads and baked potatoes and Thomas himself working as a cook.

The first location was very small and after a year Thomas had saved enough money to open a second location. He chose a better location this time where he felt there was more business. He was right and the second location did much better than the first one.

The company continued to grow over the years eventually merging with Tri-arc who owned Arby’s. The two companies were later purchased by Wendy’s/Arby’s Group and then spun off again into a new company called the Wendy’s Company.

Dave Thomas continued to work for the company, in a variety of positions, until he was forced to retire in the early 90s due to health issues. He died on January 8, 2002 at the age of 69.

Today there are more than 6,000 Wendy’s restaurants around the world.

The first location of the Hardee’s Food System was opened in 1960 in Tennessee by Joe Rogers, Jr. and Willard Smith. It originally specialized in steak sandwiches but they started to introduce a menu of hot dogs, hamburgers and french fries after seeing the success of their competitors, including McDonald’s.

The pair then bought the company from their original partners and continued to expand by purchasing the location of the Biscuit World, a restaurant chain that had struggled under its own corporation.

The company merged into the Roadside ACME Company in the 1980s and then the duo bought that company as well, forming the conglomerate Roadside Corporation.

They changed the name of all the restaurants to Hardee’s in the late 1980s and sold the company to a British company in the 1990s but retained control of it until they finally sold it in the 2000s.

A second major competitor to McDonald’s, Bojangles’ was founded in 1977 in North and South Carolina by a man named F. Ray Combs.

The company started as a small operation serving only chicken salad sandwiches but their star item, fried chicken, was not added to the menu until several years later. It proved to be a popular item though and they began to expand into other states. A partnership with Pepsi in the late 90s proved to be beneficial and increased the number of Bojangles’ restaurants until the early 2000s, when they became independent once again.

The company has continued to expand and today there are over 535 locations around the Southeast. The chain is particularly famous as a favorite place for musicians to grab some food while on tour in the region.

McDonald’s may have been the first to come up with the idea of a fast food restaurant but there were definitely others that followed.

These two were the major competitors to McDonald’s in the fast food game and both had their pros and cons.

Which do you think was the better chain? Why?

You could also say that these two chains were not as successful as McDonald’s.

Why do you think that is? Was it the food? The locations? The originality?

Let me know what you think! Check out the next post for the last two items on the list: Hard Times Cafe and Sizzler Restaurants!


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