False Teeth: What You Should Know

False Teeth: What You Should Know

What Are Fake Teeth?

Fake teeth are artificial or non-natural teeth made from materials such as plastic, metal, wood, bone or other substances. They may look like real teeth but they have no natural function and do not provide any benefit to your mouth. Some fake teeth are made with dental fillings which contain a mixture of chemicals that harden over time and cause tooth decay. Other fake teeth are made out of materials that will break down when exposed to the air. These include shellac, clay, rubber and even hair.

How Do Fake Teeth Affect Your Mouth?

The main reason why people use fake teeth is because they want to appear younger than their age. If you have ever heard someone say that they were “fake young” then it means that they don’t really feel old enough to actually be saying something like this! Fake teeth can affect your health in many ways.

When you wear them, you could potentially damage your gums and/or jaw bones if you chew gum too much. Gum disease is one of the most common causes of tooth loss among children and adolescents. When wearing fake teeth, it might make it harder for you to eat properly because chewing food into small pieces would be difficult.

There is also the problem of bacteria building up in your mouth. When you have a lot of food stuck in your teeth and you don’t clean them, the bacteria will begin to excrete a toxic waste product called volatile sulfur compounds. This waste product could lead to bad breath, and no one wants to smell that!

Wearing fake teeth can also cause speech changes because they may vibrate when they are placed in the mouth. This could lead to lisps, stutters and general speech issues.

How To Care For Your Fake Teeth

Your fake teeth need to be cleaned just like real teeth in order to prevent disease and keep them looking clean. You will need to take out the dentures at night and soak them in a special cleaning solution for 15 minutes to a half hour. You can also brush your dentures with a soft toothbrush and proper toothpaste.

Cleaning dentures is not always an easy task because the person could have trouble reaching their back molars, especially if they suffer from arthritis. Elderly people who wear fake teeth should be sure to have a comfortable recliner or easy chair in order to make things easier.

Make your mouth feel fresh by using a tongue cleaner to get rid of the bacteria and other materials that cause bad breath. Don’t forget to also brush and floss your real teeth!

Some dentists may recommend using a mouth guard when sleeping in order to prevent the teeth from moving out of place when you are not wearing them. You can make your own mouth guard at home or visit your dental professional to have one crafted specifically for you.

Another thing people may be interested in is using implants to replace their missing teeth.