Everything You Should Know Before Getting a Clitoris Glans or Hood Piercing

What Does a Clitoral Piercing Look Like?

Clitoral piercings are very common nowadays. They have been around since ancient times, but they were not really popular until the 19th century when they became fashionable among women. During the Victorian era, clitoridectomies were performed on young girls to prevent them from becoming promiscuous and having children out of wedlock. Nowadays, clitoridectomies are no longer done because they are considered barbaric and unethical. However, some women still choose to have these procedures done so that their genitals will remain private.

The most common type of clitoral piercing is called a hooded clit piercing. A hooded clit piercing is one where the tip of the glans (head) of the clitoris is covered with a piece of jewelry such as a ring or barrette. The term “hood” refers to the fact that the jewelry covers up part of the head of the clitoris while “clit” means that it’s located near or inside the clitoris.

A ring clit piercing is one where only a small portion of the glans is covered by jewelry. A barrette clit piercing is one where all or most of the glans is covered by jewelry. There are other types too, but these are just two examples.

Are There Different Types?

Yes, there are. The hood piercing can either be an inner or outer hood piercing. An inner hood piercing is one where the jewelry goes through the hood of the clit and through the ridge at the top of the glans. An outer hood piercing is one where the jewelry goes through the hood of the clit and through part of the glans itself.

A ring/barrette clit piercing can either be a short or long barrette style. With the short barrette style, only part of the glans is covered by jewelry. With the long barrette style, more of the glans is covered by jewelry.

Does it Hurt?

If done correctly, a hood piercing shouldn’t hurt at all. It should just feel like a quick pin-prick sensation. However, if there is excessive swelling or an allergic reaction to the jewelry, it can become quite painful. A clit piercing can also become quite painful after it’s been done because the clitoris is packed with a lot of nerves. Some women even find that their clits become more sensitive after the piercing.

What is Done During the Procedure?

A hood piercing is usually done with a needle. The piercer will clean your genital area, mark where they are going to pierce you, apply a taper, stretch the area, and then do the actual piercing.

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