Everything You Should Know About Poikilocytosis

Poikilocytosis: What Is It?

The word “poikilocytosis” means “cellular parasite”. It refers to a group of parasitic organisms called roundworms (Dictyostelium), which are transmitted through contaminated food or water. They affect humans mainly in developing countries where sanitation systems are poor and there is no effective treatment for diarrhea caused by other infections. Roundworm infection can cause severe malnutrition, even death.

What Are Elliptocytes?

Elliptocytes are a type of protozoan parasites that infect the liver. They cause acute hepatitis and cirrhosis. There are two types of elliptocyte: A and B. Elliptocytes that infect the liver usually do not cause any symptoms; however, those that infect the gallbladder may lead to inflammation of the bile duct leading to jaundice (yellowing) of the skin and eyes.

How Do Elliptocytes Affect the Liver?

The hepatomegaly (large liver) syndrome is one of the most common complications of elliptocyte infection. The hepatomegaly occurs when the body’s immune system attacks the liver, causing it to enlarge beyond its normal size. The disease progresses rapidly and leads to death within months. Sometimes the disease is so severe that it can cause death within weeks or even days.

What Are Dacrocytes?

Dacrocytes are white blood cells that help the body fight infection; however, in some people the dacrocytes may increase and form liquid clusters in the blood (dacrocytosis). This can cause a range of symptoms, such as fever, fatigue and enlarged spleen and liver. This condition is rare and usually goes away by itself in time; in a small number of people, it may need to be treated with medication.

What Are Elliptocytes Associated With?

As explained above, dacrocytosis can be caused by several factors such as drinking fluoridated water or taking some drugs.

What Are the Target Organs of Roundworms?

The liver is the main target organ of most roundworms, although some may infect blood cells, lungs, kidneys, and brain.

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