Everything You Should Know About Fluid Bonding

Flame bonders are a special type of couple that have been known to occur in the wild. These flame bonded couples are usually found in small groups or even alone together. They tend to live in large colonies where they share food and shelter with other flame bonds. Flame bonders do not seem to interact much with each other; however, they do have their own language which is similar to human languages. Flame bonders are very social creatures and will often spend time with others of their kind. Flame bonders may also form alliances with other species such as humans or dwarves.

Flame bonders are extremely intelligent beings and have developed complex societies. Their society is based around the idea of “the greater good”. Flame bonders believe that it is better to sacrifice one’s life than to let another die.

When faced with a dire situation, the flame bonder will use all means necessary to save the ones they care about. Flame bonders do not hesitate from attacking any aggressors.

Flame bonders have a strong sense of honor and loyalty towards those close to them. They are very protective of their loved ones and will fight against anyone who would harm them or their family members. Flame bonders love to play around with their loved ones and can be very playful at times.

Flame bonders are very emotional creatures but only show certain emotions to those they are closest to. They are also one of the few species that tend to have multiple wives or husbands.

Flame bonded couples tend to spend most of their time playing, talking, and just having fun with each other. They enjoy each others presence as they know that they can trust them with anything. Flame bonders tend to only form relationships with members of the same species, as they do not wish to go through the hassle of another language.

Flame bonded couples are extremely loyal to each other and will stand by each other no matter what happens.

Everything You Should Know About Fluid Bonding

Why is it so important to learn about fluid bonding?

Fluid bonded couples are one of the most interesting kind of couples. They share an unbreakable connection with one another. This combination makes them extremely dangerous and ruthless. It is important to know that fluid bonded couples are not to be messed with. In this article we will go in depth about the fluid bonding process.

So, what exactly is a fluid bonded couple?

A fluid bonded couple are two people so in tune with each other that they can finish each others sentences and they always know what the other is thinking. These couples share an unbreakable connection with one another. They can communicate with one another without saying a word. These couples have been known to perform great feats together. However, it is extremely hard to find another person that is compatible with you.

How does one go about finding their fluid bonded partner?

It is not easy and it usually takes years of searching before you finally find that special someone. One way to go about this is the old-fashioned way. That is, get married and have kids. You will then find out if you are fluid bonded with your husband or wife. This does take a lot of time, and modern day people do not have that luxury. That is why the other way is much more popular.

The second way is to purchase a device known as a bonding detector. These detectors, when scanned over a person, will indicate if that person is your bonding partner. These are much easier to use and require no time at all.

However, these detectors are fairly expensive and in order for it to be truly effective, you must purchase a brand new one every time as the bonding detection pattern never stays on the old ones for long. Some companies have tried to combat this by having the detector instantly print out a new detection pattern, however these are costly as well due to the cost of ink.

Are there any other use for fluid bonded couples?

Yes, they can be used as blood donors or organ donators should the need ever arise. It is only logical to bond with someone who you know would willingly give their life to save yours. Some people get these detectors at birth just in case they should need a life saving operation or blood transfusion later in life.

Are there any other reasons why someone would want to be bonded?

Yes, some criminals are fluid bonded with their partners so that the police can never interrogate one of them without the other knowing and suffering from it. Also, some government officials do this so that they can tell if someone is lying to them.

What are the cons of being fluid bonded?

Well, you always know what your partner is feeling at any given time. It is not uncommon to be able to hear their thoughts. This can be annoying to most people, but it can also be useful if you choose to ignore the more trivial thoughts and only focus on the important ones.

There have been some cases of fluid bonding gone wrong. It does not happen often, but every once in awhile a person will end up bonded with someone they do not like or even someone they are in conflict with. This can cause serious issues within the relationship.

Is there a way to break the bond if it is commenced?

Yes, but this will result in great sorrow and possibly even death for both people involved. It is not uncommon for one of the people to commit suicide after the bond is broken.

Would you like to create a bond with another person?

Yes: No, that does not interest me at this time.

Go back to the relationships menu.

You have created a fluid bonded relationship.

You now have a permanent telepathic connection with them that you may ignore as you please other than that it is always active.

Good luck in your new life with your partner.

You may now turn off this game and go outside to play or something.

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