Everything You Need to Know About Water Sex

If you want to know everything about water sexual activities, then you need to read this article. Here are some things you might like to know:


What is Water Sexuality?

Watersexuals have been known since ancient times. They were considered as one of the most popular types of human beings in history. There was a time when they had many different names such as “water lovers”, “sea-people” and even “oceanic people”. Some of them believed that it’s very easy to become a watersexual if you just try hard enough.


How Do I Become A Watersexual?

There are several ways to become a watersexual. One way is through your own actions and thoughts. Another way is through the environment around you. For example, if you live near a body of fresh water, then chances are that you will develop feelings for the water itself rather than any person who lives nearby.


Is Water Sexuality Dangerous?

No, not really. Watersexuals tend to be more open minded and accepting of others than other types of humans. However, there are still certain dangers associated with being a watersexual. Watersexuals are usually very adventurous and enjoy new experiences so they may get themselves into trouble while trying something new.

Watersexuals tend to become depressed during the winter months when their bodies try to hibernate. This can cause them to lose interest in love and relationships altogether.


Where Can I Find A Watersexual?

As mentioned earlier, you can become a watersexual with your own volition. If you would like to give it a try, then you should move next to a body of fresh water such as a lake or an ocean. Then you need to start fantasizing about the water and think about it as much as possible. In fact, its okay if you start to identify the water as being a living creature.

However, if you do not want to go through the trouble of finding a watersexual to pursue a relationship with then you can always visit an online forum or website that caters to watersexuals who are looking for love. This is where you can meet other people who have similar interests. In addition, you can also go to a regular dating website or forum and look for other watersexuals that way.


Can I Really Identify A Watersexual?

You may have heard the urban legend about how one can identify a watersexual simply by seeing what type of car they drive. This is only partly true. While it’s not the make of the car that matters, it’s the condition it’s in. A watersexual will always take good care of their vehicle.

Other telltale signs that someone is a watersexual include the types of bumper stickers they have on their car. Watersexuals tend to have bumper stickers that support ocean conservation and similar causes.

There’s really no way to know for sure if someone is a watersexual just by looking at them, but when you see a person who has a car with a “Clean Ocean” bumper sticker, that is probably a watersexual.


Should I Tell Someone That They’re A Watersexual?

Only do this if you really want to ruin that person’s day. You see, watersexuals tend to be very in touch with their emotions and they are very sensitive as well. Most of them do not like being told that they are watersexuals mainly because it is widely looked down upon in many cultures.

In our culture, it is widely accepted to have feelings or even engage in sexual activities with other people. However, if one has feelings for something non-sentient such as a river or a mountain then that person can be labeled as a freak or worse. Many watersexuals have experienced trauma in their life due to ostracization and they don’t need anymore grief from people that they are close to.

However, if you really think that someone is a watersexual then you should definitely let them know since there is help available to watersexuals that want to stop feeling the way they do.

Another urban legend is that watersexuals are more likely to engage in bestiality. While there may be some watersexuals who also engage in bestiality, just because someone engages in bestiality does not mean that they are also a watersexual.

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