Everything You Need to Know About Getting a Vertical Lip Piercing

Vertical Labret Piercing Pros & Cons


You can get a new piercing every 6 months without any problems. (It takes 2 weeks) If you want to have a longer lasting piercing, it is recommended to get your piercer’s attention after 3 months.

However, if you are patient and follow their advice, you will definitely not experience any complications during the whole procedure. You can wear rings or other jewelry while getting a vertical labret piercing.

You can choose a labret that fits perfectly to your lips. You don’t need to worry about the placement of the piercing since they are made with the same materials as regular piercings.

They can even be placed at different angles so you can enjoy a variety of looks. There is no need to remove them before going out or wearing clothes because they won’t affect your comfort whatsoever.

The horizontal part of the piercing doesn’t hurt when you eat, drink or smoke. The vertical part only hurts if you do something strenuous like running around.

You can still enjoy your favorite activities such as reading books or watching TV.

There is no need to buy expensive jewelry just for a vertical labret piercing. All jewelry is available from most stores and online retailers.

You can use the jewelry from your other piercings and ensure that they fit perfectly. The jewelry is compatible with regular earrings.

You can find a vertical labret piercing studio in most states of the U.S.

As long as you have an idea of what you want, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a piercer who can meet your needs. Most artists are happy to help if you provide them with clear instructions.


It doesn’t look good if you don’t know what you are doing and you end up missing the piercing. Sometimes, you need to take a few days off from work in order to keep the area clean.

It is important that you maintain a healthy diet with proper nutrition because your body will heal more quickly when it is getting everything that it needs.

The jewelry can fall out or get stuck in certain foods. This can be a minor inconvenience, but the professionals can easily fix it for you.

You just need to see them within the week. You can also buy different kinds of jewelry that are made out of stronger materials.

It might be a bit expensive if you aren’t on the ball. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to spend a fortune, but you might need to pay extra for certain things such as shipping or an appointment.

You will also need to spend money on fresh fruits and vegetables since you need a healthy diet.

You can’t just go to any random tattoo parlor or piercing shop if you want to get a vertical labret piercing. This is because not every place has the right tools or experience for it.

If you don’t properly maintain your vertical labret piercing, you can experience serious complications in the future. (1, 2)

How Much Does a Vertical Labret Piercing Cost?

The average price of a vertical labret piercing is around $40 – $200, however this can vary from place to place. For example, the cost can be lower in an independent studio than it would at a larger salon. Just make sure you do your research and read online reviews before settling on a location.

At most places, the piercer should be able to provide you with aftercare instructions and show you how to change the jewelry yourself. They might also be willing to give you some spare jewelry incase anything happens to the originals.

Regardless of where you decide to get your piercing, you should be able to find a place with a good reputation and a qualified piercer who can answer all of your questions.

If you are worried about the cost of a vertical labret piercing, remember that many tattoo and piercing studios offer discounts if you have a group of friends who also want to get pierced at the same time. Check online or ask the staff if they have any special promotions going on.

If you’re still feeling a bit apprehensive about the price, it is better to hold off on getting your piercing until you can afford it. Vertical labret piercings aren’t necessary and you should never get one if money is a concern.

Regardless of your financial situation though, it is very important that you maintain proper hygiene if you decide to get your piercing. If you can afford your piercing but don’t properly care for it, the jewelry might have to be removed, and this could result in complications.

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Stretching Your Labret Piercing

Although these types of piercings tend to heal quickly, it is always best to give it at least three months before attempting to stretch it. Even if you are eager to change the size of your piercing, going too big, too quickly can result in damage to your jewelry and your skin.

A labret piercing is a vertical piercing through the lip underneath your lower teeth. In order for this to be comfortable, it needs to be a certain size.

It is very easy to stretch your piercing too quickly or too much, especially if you do not take the proper steps beforehand.

Make sure to follow the aftercare instructions that your piercer gives you to ensure your piercing stays healthy and does not develop an infection.

Stretching from a labret to a lip hoop is a common procedure and should be done slowly over time. This is so your skin has the chance to adjust to the size increase and heal in between.

It takes dedication and patience, but it is definitely worth it in the long run!

What is the Cost of a Labret Piercing?

The cost of a labret piercing can range from $40 – $200 depending on where you get it done and the type of jewelry used. Although the jewelry can be changed, it is best to purchase high quality labret jewelry that is right for your mouth.

The best jewelry choices are either curved barbells or circular barbells. They should also have a large ball on either end to make them easier to remove when cleaning and they should go through a minimum of two holes in your lip so that they can’t slip completely out accidentally.


Where Can You Find an Experienced Piercer?

Unfortunately, not many piercers are experienced in piercing the labret. If you decide to go to a tattoo and piercing shop, you may have to settle for whoever is available. However, if there isn’t anywhere close to you, you may be able to find a reputable piercer on the internet by doing a bit of research. (4, 5)

These piercers are not only able to give you an accurate estimate on the price of your piercing, but they are also more experienced in placing the piercing and will be able to give you an honest answer if you can safely get a labret piercing.

You should also be aware that they are most likely to give you aftercare instructions and can inform you the best practices for cleaning your new piercing.

Most reputable piercers will have a wait time since they won’t pierce you on the same day that you want it done unless there happens to be an opening. This is for the safety of your new piercing and for them to make sure that you are taking the proper steps to care for it.

How Should You Care For Your Labret Piercing?

Caring for your labret piercing is relatively easy since you just need to keep it clean. Be sure to wash your hands before doing anything with your piercing or touching it in any way.

Use warm water and a mild, fragrance-free soap to wash it. You can use a small amount of rubbing alcohol on a q-tip to help clean any crusty discharge from the piercing, but don’t insert the tip too far into the piercing.

You should soak your piercing in warm water mixed with a bit of salt after you wash it. This will help with healing and fight off any potential bacteria since the warm water will open up your pores.

You should also let the piercing air dry after this process. Be sure that it is completely dry before putting anything in it or covering it.

Any time you put something in your piercing, like food or drink, you need to make sure that it’s food grade quality and safe for putting into a body piercing. This includes lubricants and saliva.

You should only use a lubricant that is safe to eat, like water based lube. Saliva can introduce bacteria and cause infections so you should never use it.

These are the basic steps for cleaning your labret piercing. You can find more information online or in books about caring for various piercings.

Always follow the instructions given to you by your piercer and if you have any questions, ask them right away!

What If I Have Trouble With Healing?

The trouble with healing any lip piercing is that it can be quite tender to touch and food can get caught in it. If you don’t take proper care of it, you can easily develop an infection.

If this happens, you need to make an appointment to see your piercer or your doctor right away since you want to make sure that the problem doesn’t get out of hand.

If your piercing feels tender to the touch, you should only handle it as necessary and try not to do anything that would cause you to bump or rub it.

If you develop a crusty discharge, you should clean it with rubbing alcohol on a q-tip. Be very gentle while doing this since rubbing too hard can cause more trauma to your piercing.

Salt soaks can also help with healing.

If your lip starts to swell up or an area feels more tender than usual, you also want to limit your activities until the swelling goes down. This includes eating and drinking since you don’t want to choke if the swelling gets severe.

What Are the Benefits and Drawbacks of a Labret Piercing?

The main benefit to this type of piercing is that you can have it done nearly anywhere in your lip. This includes the very top or bottom, outer edges, or even in the middle. It all depends on where you would like it placed and how much jewelry you want to wear. Some piercers can even do surface piercings that go through just layers of skin.

There are a couple of drawbacks to this piercing though. The main one is that it can be quite painful and may bleed a bit.

You also need to take care of it properly or you run the risk of getting an infection. You must also be careful with what you eat and drink as you heal since choking is a possibility.

If you’re careful in choosing your piercer and follow aftercare instructions, you should have no problem with your labret piercing.

Do I Need to Wait Before Participating in Sports or Other Physical Activities?

In most cases, you’re going to have to wait at least a few weeks before participating in any contact sports or other activities that could cause your labret to knock around a lot. This will give it time to heal and reduce the risk of it getting infected or requiring removal.

If you want to wait a little longer, that’s fine too but don’t wait too long since there are risks of not wearing any jewelry at all. Be sure to follow the aftercare instructions provided by your piercer exactly to avoid complications.

Does It Matter How My Labret Piercing Is Pierced?

Yes, it matters a great deal. Not only is it important that you go to a good quality body art studio, but it matters who does your piercing and what equipment they use. Your health and well-being are at stake after all.

Only get your labret done by a trained and licensed piercer. While this does not rule out doctors since they have the medical training, it certainly rules out those offering to do it in their kitchen or parking lot.

There is no governing body that oversees these types and it’s incredibly easy to buy cheap equipment on the internet.

You can ask to see the set of instruments they use as well as how they sanitize them before and after use. Ideally, you want them to be single use with a thorough cleaning in between customers but at the very least, you want them to be sterilized regularly even if they are for multiple uses.

It’s also recommended to get a labret piercing with an 18- or 20-gauge needle instead of a thicker one. The smaller the gauge number, the thicker the needle.

This is mostly personal preference though since some people can handle the thicker needles just fine.

Allergies are fairly common so it never hurts to ask if they use individual packets for each customer or if they use the same tray for everyone. The packets are the safest bet since that’s one less way for germs to get into your wound.

What Are My Labret Piercing Costs?

The average cost of a labret piercing is $45 to $65, however, you can easily pay more at high end studios. When it comes to paying for body art, you usually get what you pay for so try to find a place that’s recommended and has good reviews online.

While those cheap sticker price places may seem like a good deal, they’re not necessarily using the best equipment or following the best practices which can put your health at risk. The piercer should also be licensed and have CPR training in the event of an emergency.

Keep in mind that these are just average prices and may vary depending on your location. In fact, the cost of a labret piercing near you may be completely different from the ones listed above.

If you’re curious about the cost of a piercing near you, you can look online or ask someone at the studio.

What Are My Options for Jewelry?

Your piercer should tell you how long you can keep your jewelry in before it needs to be replaced. This is typically around one year but there’s no set time. It just depends on how your body reacts to the material.

Some people like to change their labret jewelry for styles vary so much today that there’s always something new to try. You can buy disposable jewelry or buy permanent jewelry to use.

Since you’ll have this piercing for quite some time, it can make sense to buy the permanent jewelry. Keep in mind that this does not always mean you’ll get a discount though.

As far as the style of labret jewelry, there are some universal preferences. The ball and barbell styles are most popular since they give you the most options for decorating the jewelry, however, the ring is very common too.

You can even find decorative ends to add onto these styles if you’re looking for something different.

What to Expect From a Labret Piercing

If you’re nervous about pain when getting your labret pierced, it’s best to prepare yourself. Afterall, no one likes to be caught off guard.

That said, everyone’s pain tolerance is different and some people don’t find the pain unbearable while others describe it as torturous.

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