Everything You Need to Know About Erotic Asphyxiation

What is it?

Erotic asphyxiation (EA) is the act of depriving someone else of their life by preventing them from breathing. It’s a form of homicide and usually occurs when one person intentionally kills another with the intent to cause death through suffocation.

The term “sexual” refers to any activity involving sexual stimulation or gratification. Sexual activities include all forms of sexual contact between two people regardless of whether they are married or not.

How does it happen?

It happens when one person puts their mouth over another person’s nose and/or mouth and inhales the victim’s exhaled air.

Why do people like it?

People often enjoy the feeling of being choked or suffocated because it feels good. Some people may even enjoy the sensation of having someone choke them while others may prefer to have someone take care of them in other ways such as giving head or receiving fellatio. People who engage in this type of behavior believe that they are doing something pleasurable for themselves and that they will feel better if they continue to participate in this activity.

You can do it to yourself or to a partner.

The most common way that people use EA in a sexual manner is to choke themselves. They do this by placing their hands around their neck and then moving their hands together so that the airway gets smaller and smaller causing them to begin to lose consciousness. This can also be done with scarves, ropes, bondage equipment or even the arms of a chair wrapped around the neck.

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