Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Getting Kicked in the Balls

The Facts:


What is a Kick in the Vagina?

A kick in the vag is an injury that occurs when someone kicks or hits your privates with force. The term “vag” refers to both the external opening of one’s reproductive organs (the urethra), but also refers to the internal structure which houses these organs. The word “vaginas” comes from Latin, meaning “mouth.” A kick in the vag is generally considered to be a violent attack against the female genitalia.


How Common Is It?

Kick in the Vagina injuries are quite common. According to statistics, approximately 1 out of every 20 women will experience one at some point during her life. However, there is no way to predict if you’ll get one or not!


When Does It Occur?

According to the National Institute of Health, a woman is most likely to suffer a kick in the vag during her teenage years. The incidence increases as she ages until it reaches its peak around age 45. Thereafter, the rate begins decreasing again. Some experts believe that kicking in the vag may even have been reduced due to modern medicine and hygiene practices. However, there are still cases where women continue to suffer from them into their later years.


Who Does It?

The person who commits the kick in the vag is usually someone who has a grudge against the victim. Some experts believe this action is motivated by deep-seated hatred or anger towards women. Others believe that this is a form of sexual assault and the attacker derives pleasure from causing pain to a woman in that manner. However, some men claim to have kicked a woman’s vag for a much more innocent reason: self-defense.


Where Does It Usually Happen?

In most cases, the kick in the vag occurs outside the home of the victim. Some women have reported being kicked in the vag while walking down a street or even in their own backyards. However, some women have been attacked in their own homes and even at work!


What are the immediate consequences?

The immediate consequences of getting a kick in the vag can vary from woman to woman. Some will feel almost no pain or injury at all! Others will suffer severe internal bleeding and even death. A woman’s age has also been known to play a role in determining the consequences of a kick in the vag. Younger women are more likely to suffer from these types of kicks, as well as women who have already given birth or undergone menopause.


What are the long-term consequences?

While some women fully recover from getting a kick in the vag, others are left with life-long consequences of this violent act. These consequences can range from the obvious (unpleasant bodily functions) to the not-so obvious (sexual dissatisfaction).


How Can You Prevent It?

Unfortunately, there is no sure way of preventing a kick in the vag. However, there are some things that can be done to decrease your chances of suffering from one. Women who lead a healthy lifestyle free of drugs and alcohol have been found to suffer from kicks in the vag at a much lower rate. Practicing safe-sexuality methods has also been known to prevent many kicks in the vag. Wearing layers of clothing, especially a thick pair of jeans, has also been known to prevent kicks in the vag.


How Do You Treat It?

If you or someone you know has suffered a kick in the vag, it is very important that you seek medical attention immediately. If it was during a crime such as a mugging or a robbery, you should report the attack to the police and have them investigate the crime. Doing so may help catch the culprit and prevent them from harming others in the future.


How Do You Prevent Others From Doing It?

As mentioned before, kicks in the vag can be caused by deep-seated hatred or anger towards women. As such, the best way to prevent others from doing it is to not let misogyny spread. Many activists are fighting hard against misogyny through the #EndMisogyny hashtag to create a safer world for both men and women. Other ways of preventing kicks in the vag is to teach young children about misogyny and feminism in hopes of creating a world where misogyny doesn’t exist.

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