Essential Oils to Help Heal or Prevent Stretch Marks

What are the Benefits of Using Essential Oils For Stretch Marks?

There are many benefits to using essential oils for healing or preventing stretch marks. These include:

1) Healing and Protecting Your Skin from Harmful Elements

The skin needs protection against harmful elements such as sun rays, pollution, chemicals, bacteria and viruses. When these elements enter your body through your pores they cause damage to the cells of your skin which leads to stretch marks.

2) Improving Skin Health and Moisture Retention

Essential oils have been used for centuries to improve skin health and moisture retention. They also prevent dryness due to their moisturizing properties.

Essential oils can also help keep your skin hydrated when applied topically. This helps with keeping the skin supple and pliable so it doesn’t break down easily after exercise or other activities.

3) Antioxidant Protection Against Free Radicals and UV Rays

Antioxidants protect your skin from free radicals, which are substances that cause cell death. When free radicals enter the body through the pores they damage cells causing them to die off.

Essential oils have been shown to reduce inflammation and prevent premature aging of skin. Studies show that essential oils can decrease the risk of developing cancer, heart disease, diabetes and arthritis. They also increase longevity in mice.

Which Essential Oils Are Best For Stretch Marks?

There are many different essential oils that can help with healing and preventing stretch marks. They are:

Vitamin E Oil: Vitamin E is an all-natural skin care product that is used to prevent dryness, roughness and other effects of aging. It has been proven to rejuvenate the look and feel of the skin.

It also helps to soothe the look of scars and stretch marks.

Coconut Oil: This is one of the best oils for healing stretch marks. Massaging the skin with coconut oil helps stretch marks by increasing the elasticity and flexibility in the area, preventing the formation of new stretch marks and helping current ones fade faster.

It also has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that fight off the types of skin bacteria that can lead to breakouts and other skin problems.

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