Eating Raw Potatoes: Healthy or Harmful

Eating Raw Sweet Potatoes: Healthier than Cooked Ones?

It’s not just humans who like to snack on raw sweet potatoes. Dogs love them too! They’re good for your dog’s health and they taste great too!

So why don’t you give it a try?

You’ll see that there are no negative effects at all! If anything, these delicious treats may even help keep your pet healthy. Let’s get started…

Why Eat Raw Potatoes?

If you want to feed your dog raw sweet potatoes, here are some reasons why:

They’re delicious. These tasty treats contain less sugar than cooked ones and they provide a whole lot more nutrition. They’re natural. There’s nothing artificial about these treats; they come from the earth, which means they have vitamins and minerals that will keep your pooch healthy. They taste great!

Your dog will enjoy chewing on them and licking them clean. They’re easy to prepare. All you need is a few ingredients (and maybe a little elbow grease) to make these treats into something delicious for him.

So why aren’t dogs allowed to eat cooked sweet potatoes? Why are they only allowed to eat raw ones? Is it because cooking destroys their nutritional value? Are there other reasons behind this rule? What do you think about the issue of feeding raw sweet potatoes?

Let’s find out…

Why Aren’t Dogs Allowed to Eat Cooked Sweet Potatoes?

Dogs are allowed to eat raw sweet potatoes, but they’re not allowed to eat the cooked kind. The reason why has to do with something called “anti-nutrients”. These are natural compounds in these types of plants that can prevent certain elements from being absorbed by the body.

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